11 Ways That Helps A Men Last Longer In Bed

If we go around and start asking about their wishes from men, then most of them have one common wish. Most of them want to stay longer in bed because they feel their active time is much less. They feel like they are ejaculating prematurely while having sexual intercourse.

This issue in which a man is unable to stay active for a longer period is known as Premature Ejaculation. PE can happen in the body of a person due to various reasons that can be related to lifestyle and day-to-day activities.

Now, this can become frustrating after a point of time which can be disappointing. According to some experts, the issue of premature ejaculation hits almost every person in their life. It can be in their 30s, 40s, or maybe 50s also. Recently it has been noticed that people who are in their 20s are also suffering from this issue of PE.

Knowing that the issue affects not only their body but also their partners, males start looking for a few solutions. Some people simply suggest that improving relationships with your partner and reducing anxiety can be good solutions.

It can help you gain satisfaction in your sexual life and make your life more enjoyable. But there are a few other ways that a person can adopt in order to increase their bedtime efficiency. So, let’s get started without further ado.

What is the average time a man stays active during intercourse?

Before knowing the ways to improve your average time spent in bed, you should know what is average intercourse time. Various research among couples has proven that the median time of penis-to-vagina sexual activity is only 5 to 7 minutes.

But intimacy and intercourse have to be much more than just penis-to-vagina sex in order to make it more pleasant. We will be discussing the details in the next part with the techniques to last longer in bed.

Let us get started with the techniques one by one.

Exercise to strengthen your pelvic muscles

The first and the most common technique that everyone suggests and adopts is exercise. We have to understand the fact that when we are having sexual activity, then our pelvic floor muscles are engaged. They help in providing the thrust and force to the penis, which it uses to have sexual activity.

Now you should know that with an increase in muscle strength, the time of intercourse also increases. That is why the strength of these pelvic muscles is very important and can be increased with exercise.

First of all, a person has to figure out which muscles are the pelvic muscles. For that, one can conduct a small experiment.

When you are in the bathroom, then you should try to cut off urine flow while being with the help of your muscles. You should do this 2 to 3 times. The muscles on which you feel the most pressure are the pelvic muscles. Now all you need to do is try to expand and contract these muscles with your will. When you contract the muscle,n keep in mind to hold it for 10 seconds. If you practice this exercise every day in 2-3 sets of 10 each, then you will start noticing the change.

At first, it will be very difficult for your body to do even one complete set. But eventually, with practice, you can master it and increase the number of reps with time. This exercise is also known as eagle exercise, which is known to make sexual activity longer, according to a Men’s Health UK report.

Ask your partner for support.

If you are trying to improve your sexual time, then one thing which is suggested to you is to discuss it with your partner. You have to understand that having the support of your partner can be great for your mindset.

This way, they are going to know what you are going through and how you are trying to improve your situation. The best way is to ask them if they are satisfied with the sexual intercourse and, if not, then what changes they want you to have.

You both should understand the feelings and frustration of each other and involve in arousing talks. This way, you will also come to know what triggers your and your partner’s orgasm.

Once you know your partner better, finding ways to improve in bed is easy. Also, your partner can help you in finding what is better for both of you.

Pause and squeeze method.

It is a scientific method that is suggested to all males who are suffering from premature ejaculation.

In this, you have to follow a particular method that has been discussed below –

  • Due to various stimuli from your and your partner’s body, your penis feels like ejaculating.
  • As soon as you get this feeling while having sexual activity, you should remove your penis from the vagina.
  • After the removal of the penis, you have to start squeezing the tip of the penis. It is just to everyone that it should be done gently and for a few seconds only.
  • You should do it until your urge to ejaculate semen goes away.
  • After the urges are gone, you can again start your intercourse.
  • If required, then you can also perform this action more than once during intercourse.

If we see the scientific side of this method, then it tops all the floors out of the penis for some time. It also provides rest to your penis and gives it the energy to start over again. The process looks really simple, but it’s a lot harder than it seems.

This procedure needs a lot of self-control which you will gain over time. Also, it is not necessary that you will be successful in the very first go. But with practice, you can control your penis 2 to 3 times during sexual activity.

Keep changing positions

People who are suffering from premature ejaculation are suggested to change their position during sexual intercourse. This can also help in slowing down your urge to ejaculate hence increasing your sexual time. This happens because when you ,change positions, you take a small break, and your moments slow down.

During that period the simulations break down and your body cools a little bit. This will take you far from your orgasm. There is a little suggestion that you should transit into a position where you are not able to penetrate much deeper.

Such complex positions can be of great help in increasing your ejaculation time. A big spoon can be an example of one such position.

Try masturbating before sexual activity.

This is suggested to every person who is facing the issue of premature ejaculation or not because it can be really helpful. When you masturbate before sexual activity then your body gets less sensitive to sexual stimulations.

Due to this, you can increase the time of your foreplay and focus more on arousing your partner, which can help them reach their climax soon. This way, both of you can get satisfied easily while having sexual intercourse.

But there is one thing that you have to take care of. You cannot masturbate right before sexual activity because that will cause erection issues. Because you have erected and masturbated right before sex, there are chances that you might not erect for sex. That is why you have to find a sweet spot for masturbation.

For that, it is suggested that you masturbate at various times before your sexual activity and notice which one works out the best for you. Most people find their sweet spot 1 or 1 and a half hours before the sexual activity.

Ask your physician for a PDE inhibitor or SSRI.

If you notice that premature ejaculation in your body is due to erectile dysfunction, then you should try medicines. There are two categories of medicines that are helpful in this situation that are PDE 5 inhibitors and SSRIs.

In PDE inhibitor medicine like Cenforce 100 mg. The PDE-5 inhibitor-type medicines can broaden your blood vessels, and cGMP is activated. Due to this, the blood is blocked in the penis for a longer period helping a person with premature ejaculation.

In the case of SSRI, the nervous system of the body is slowed down. It is done by blocking the absorption of serotonin at the synapse. Due to this, the signal of ejaculation does not reach the penis easily, which increases sexual time.

Both of the medicines we have discussed are only available if you have a prescription from your physician. That is why you should visit them and discuss the issues you’re facing in detail. They will run a few tests and provide you with the prescription you need.

While you visit, ask them about the medicine consumption and the issues that can happen due to the medicine in the body.

Involve in arousing activities and foreplay.

A person has to understand that sexual intimacy should not always be about the penis-vagina interaction. The sexual intimacy among the partners can be more than that.

According to a few surveys, less than 20% of women are satisfied with the penis-vagina sex. This happens because the males only focus on the final base and do not touch the other arousing bases in the body of the female, like the clitoris, breast area, etc. Surveys suggest that more than 85% of women reach their orgasms due to clitoris stimulation.

That is why it is suggested that everyone should be involved in some pre-penetration activities that are pleasurable and arousing. It can be done with the help of oral sexual activities before penetration sex. If done in the right way, a few women reach orgasm before penetration is done.

Edging can help

Edging is a process that physicians actually suggest. In this process, the people are first suggested to have sex until they reach their top feeling of orgasm.

Once they reach that feeling, there is a suggestion to stop and let the penis cool. After cooling off, a person can start over again and increase the time of sexual activity.

Edging can be done as many times during sex as you need. It allows in breaking the orgasm stimulation and helps you last longer.

Using a condom

There are various condoms available in the market that help a person to last long during sex. Condoms that are extra thick and have good-quality rubbers can decrease the stimulation your penis feels.

Due to that, the pleasure you are feeling can be elongated. Such condoms are known as desensitizers because it decreases the senses of your penis. You must try different condoms in order to find the best one that helps you.

Use technology and sex toys.

Males think of the latest technology and sex toys as their competition which is not true. They should think of sex toys as partners and crimes, and they should use their penis and toys together to have great intercourse.

Various sex stories can be used on the female body, but some help a person with premature ejaculation too. The male should practice their sexual skills with sex toys so that whenever they are up for a real game, then they perform the best.

Apart from that, using vibrators for clitoris stimulation and penetration on a female partner can arouse them and bring them near orgasm. After that, you can jump in and be the king of the game.

Adjusting your lifestyle

There are several reasons why premature ejaculation happens. It is suggested to the person that they should find the reason why it is happening in the body. After finding they see their day-to-day activities as becoming a reason for that issue.

That is why they should adjust the issues due to which premature ejaculation is happening. Some of the activities that need adjustment are –

  • Eating healthy food
  • Doing exercise on a regular basis
  • Living a life with one percent less stress every day.
  • Give your mind time out of depressing thoughts and think about positivity.
  • Talk with your partner regularly about your feelings and emotions and ask about theirs.

Making these small changes will help you achieve the results in the long run that you desire.


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