A Discussion On Different Types Of Sexual Dysfunction In Females

Different Types Of Sexual Dysfunction In Females

Female Sexual Dysfunction problems have become a big issue in recent years. When a person suffers from any sexual disorder, they don’t experience the effects.

They cannot feel satisfied, and other issues like problems with arousal, orgasms, etc. might occur. The issues a female goes through, their reasons, and their symptoms differ from person to person.

This blog will discuss different sexual dysfunction in females in detail. So, if you also suffer from sexual dissatisfaction and doubt that your body might also be suffering from any sexual issue, then read the blog thoroughly. So, let’s get started.

How Many Females Are Suffering From Sexual Dysfunction?

If we see the statistics from 10 years back, only 10-15% of women suffered from sexual dysfunction, but now the percentage of women suffering from sexual dysfunction is very high. In these numbers, most women have ever had an accident or genetic disorder. They used to suffer from a chronic sexual disorder that takes time to treat.

Also, the role of a physician in such cases is very high because they suggest a treatment and look after you to see if it is working properly. But the case is not the same anymore.

Now the percentage of women suffering from sexual dysfunction is very high. Almost 40% of women worldwide now suffer from one type of issue.

Even today, the number of women suffering from issues due to an accident or genetic disorder is the same. The rest are females who suffer from dysfunction from their acts and habits.

Such sexual dysfunction is temporary and can be cured easily. But if a female doesn’t try to improve the root cause of the issue, then the problem also increases. Soon it will turn into a long-lasting chronic issue.

In the next part, we will discuss issues, and you will learn what those human activities leading to sexual dysfunction are.

Different Types Of Sexual Issues In Women

Here are the four different types of sexual disorders in the body of a female. Here are the details that every female should know about these issues-


It is a situation in which the female is unable to have an orgasm. Even after a good performance by a male partner or proper masturbation technique, the woman cannot have an orgasm. At this point, the female cannot get an orgasm, due to which sexual dissatisfaction starts rising in their body. Along with that, their partners also start feeling dissatisfaction. This is when a female should see a physician. There are three different types of anorgasmia-

  • The first is a type of orgasm in which a female has never experienced an orgasm in their whole lifetime. This is known as primary or lifelong anorgasmia.
  • The second type of anorgasmia is acquired or secondary. In this issue, a female used to be normal and experience on-time orgasms. But due to some issues, they started facing problems with orgasms.
  • The third anorgasmia is situational, in which a female reaches orgasms according to the situation. With some specific partners, they get an orgasm, but with others, they face a problem.

Symptoms Of Anorgasmia Issues

Symptoms of the issue of anorgasmia are-

  • There are chances that a person never gets an orgasm during their sexual encounters.
  • In a few cases, females get an orgasm, but they are equivalent to zero and take a lot of time.
  • The libido levels in the body of women decrease as the issue of anorgasmia advances. It happens because most females think there is no benefit in even trying when they will not get an orgasm.

Causes Of Anorgasmia

Following are the reasons why a female suffers from the issue of anorgasmia-

  • There are a few trauma and injuries in the lower pelvis why a female might notice the issue of anorgasmia. Some examples of issues are straddle or bicycle injuries.
  • The issue occurs if a female has undergone surgery that has affected the pelvis.
  • During childbirth, a female might suffer from intense injuries and pain. In such a situation, the issue of anorgasmia happens.
  • Spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis can also be a reason for the occurrence of anorgasmia.
  • Females who are continuously using opiates can notice this problem commonly.
  • Alcohol and antidepressant users can also notice issues of anorgasmia happening in their bodies. In such cases, a female first notices that the problem is not regular. Sometimes they get an orgasm, and sometimes they don’t. With time the issue increases and becomes serious.

How To Treat Anorgasmia Problem?

If you are looking for treatment for your anorgasmia issue, the following are the ways-

  • A few basic lifestyle changes and moving towards a healthy life can help a female improve the issue of anorgasmia.
  • Sometimes the problem is in the technique of having arousal. Such females should keep trying various methods of arousal and see if any of them works.
  • Performing kegel exercises can also be helpful for a person.
  • A female can also try couple counselling. If there is any issue related to a relationship, then the psychotherapist can help the person.
  • Sometimes the issue happens because of problems with the levels of estrogen. The physicians suggest hormone therapy for such females. It increases blood flow in the vaginal area, making it sensitive. In a few situations, a female needs testosterone instead of estrogen. The physician provides these hormones to women in the form of a tablet.

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder(HSDD)

The problem of HSDD is commonly known as low libido levels in females. It means that the desire in the body of women to have sexual activity almost dies. It is the most common sexual issue in the female’s body. Such females have no fantasies about having sexual activity with anyone. The levels of HSDD increase in the body of females with time.

Symptoms Of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

When a person suffers from an issue of HSDD, then they notice the following issues-

  • There is no arousal in the body of the female.
  • Females will not get attracted to anyone, no matter what their sexual orientation is.
  • A decrease in spontaneous thoughts no matter how sexually stimulated they are.
  • They start avoiding situations where they might notice that they have to go through a sexual encounter.

Causes Of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Following are the reasons of happening of HSDD in the body of a female-

  • Problems in a relationship lead to decreased interest in sexual encounters.
  • Stress and tiredness that a woman is going through in her day-to-day life.
  • Decrease in estrogen levels in a female’s body.
  • Medical issues like diabetes, heart issues, bladder, etc. The blood supply is obstructed when such issues happen in the female body. This starts causing problems with arousal activities.
  • Those using antidepressants and BP medicines can notice low libido levels.
  • Events of recent pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding, and menopause can lead to HSDD in females.

How To Treat Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder?

Following are a few tips that can help a person treat the issue of HSDD –

  • Females can use porn and take the help of intercourse toys to feel sexual pleasure. It might help them to know their interests which they can discuss with their partners.
  • If you are facing relationship distress, talk to your partner. Share with them the issues, your likes and dislikes. If you are facing the issue, you can take help from a physician and marriage counsellor.
  • You should stop using alcohol and marijuana when suffering from issues and be involved in kegel exercises. It will improve your blood flow and provide strength to lower the pelvis’s arousal.
  • You can also get involved in exercise and meditation to improve your libido levels.
  • A few medicines also help a female improve their libido levels. They are Flibanserin, estrogen, and Bremelanotide. They are available for people with a prescription that a registered physician will provide you. These medicines are available in the form of tablets, rings, and creams. The physician will see what medication suits you the best and provide you with a prescription.


Dyspareunia is an issue in which a female experience pain while having intercourse and sexual encounters. The pain that a female is going to experience will last for a few hours after happening of intercourse.

When you are suffering from the issue, we suggest you consult your physician asap. But before visiting the physician, you can look for the following symptoms that might happen in your body.

Symptoms Of Dyspareunia Issues

  • You are going to notice pain when your partner is going to penetrate your body.
  • With pain, you might also notice a burning sensation in your body.
  • The pains that will occur in your body can be unbearable sometimes. It is going to last for a few hours.
  • With every penetration, a female will notice pain. It will happen when you are even inserting and removing a tampon.

You should see a physician if these symptoms occur in your body regularly. Share every single detail with your physician when meeting them. It will help them understand your issue better and help you correctly.

Causes Of Dyspareunia

There can be several reasons why a female will notice pain when having intercourse. Those reasons are-

  • When a person is not involved in proper foreplay, then lubrication is absent. It also happens due to low estrogen levels. In his case, when a male inserts his penis, pain is common. When this pain happens again and again, libido levels decrease.
  • Sometimes infections in the genital area, like eczema, can lead to a problematic and painful penetration. In such a case, a person should wait to have intercourse until the issue does not improve completely.
  • Accidental injuries in the pelvic area or any cut during childbirth can also lead to painful penis entry. One should see a physician in such situations for sure.
  • Sometimes the vagina of a female is not completely formed due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Such issues can also lead to problems during penetration, like immense pain.
  • When issues like spasms happen with the vaginal wall, then penetration becomes very painful. Such problems are known as vaginismus.
  • Sometimes when a female is under stress and anxiety and has a fear of intimacy then, also the coitus becomes painful.
  • Females who have a sexual abuse history often find the penetration activity painful. It happens because they have developed such a mentality.

How To Treat Dyspareunia?

When you visit the physician, they will perform a few tests to diagnose the level of the issue. They will do it by physical observation, pelvic examination, and ultrasound.

An instrument that might help a physician in testing is known as a speculum. It helps separate the vaginal walls so that the gynae can properly examine your inner walls.

After proper checking, the physician might suggest you one of the following solutions for the treatment of Dyspareunia-

  • If pain is due to less lubrication, you must use proper lubrication while having intercourse.
  • The physician might suggest an estrogen supplement. When you take it, your vagina’s natural lubrication will return. According to the FDA, Osphena salt is best for this task in Ospemifene medicine. It is an oral medicine. One more drug is named Intrarosa, which you can insert into your vagina regularly to improve your issue.
  • When the issue is due to any emotional reason, consulting an intercourse therapist is the best choice. If you have a past event or intimacy issues with your partner, you can open up with your physician. They are going to help you out in improving the issue.
  • There is a therapy that can help people with the issue of Dyspareunia. It is known as desensitization therapy, in which you should do exercise that relaxes your vagina. This way, the pain from penetration starts decreasing and turns into pleasure one day.
  • Changing your way of leading to penetrating sexual activity can also improve the situation. Longer foreplay before penetration can help a person. It will increase the amount of lubrication.
  • There are a few positions that can be painful. You can change your regular position and make yourself comfortable first. It can help in regulating the pain you feel.

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD)

FSAD is an issue in which the female body cannot feel and respond to arousal. Their sense of arousal decreases due to a lack of blood supply to organs where a female feels arousal. The symptoms, causes, and ways of treating the issue are present below.

Symptoms Of FSAD Issues

The following are symptoms that might happen when a female is suffering from FSAD issues-

  • The sexual desire in the body of female decrease in these situations, and their thoughts about having sexual activity also decrease.
  • When a female with FSAD has sexual activity, they cannot feel intimacy.
  • The pleasure that a female feels during the penetration of sexual activity also decreases. It feels like they are not enjoying the activity in their vagina.
  • The sensations in the body from non-genitals and genitalia decrease. They will not feel any arousal, even during foreplay activities.

Causes Of FSAD

The cause of FSAD is related to blood flow to the pelvic floor tissues. When the blood supply in the vaginal portion is inadequate, females notice the issue of FSAD. There are several reasons why blood does not reach the vaginal portion –

  • When a female has a poor body image in their mind and has low self-esteem, then this issue might occur.
  • Negative and depressing thoughts can also lead to this issue happening.
  • A feeling of guilt and problems in a relationship can also lead to the issue of FSAD.
  • If the woman has undergone any trauma-causing situation, it also causes FSAD.
  • Changes in hormones in the body can also decrease the blood supply in the vagina, decreasing the feeling of arousal.
  • Using birth control pills can also cause FSAD if you use them in more amounts than recommended.
  • Nerve damage in the pelvis can also cause this problem. Due to this, the brain cannot convey arousal feelings to the vagina.
  • A decrease in vaginal tissues or any infection also leads to the problem of FSAD.

How To Treat FSAD?

  • If the reason behind FSAD is hormones, then hormone therapy is the best way to treat the issue. It will help improve females’ overall health because hormones also take part in other body functions.


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