Why should you avoid alcohol with Tadalafil?

Anyone who is consuming alcohol and needs to consume Tadalafil for their erectile dysfunction issues only has one question in their mind. The question is can we consume alcohol and Tadalafil together? The answer to this question is NO. Consuming both can be dangerous for your health and cause major side effects in your body. In a few serious cases, we have noticed that people even faint because of consuming both elements together.

That is why you should avoid alcohol when using Tadalafil; otherwise, you might face major consequences. Common side effects that a person might notice when using Tadalafil might turn into serious issues. That is why you should either avoid alcohol or switch to safer ED treatment.

The side effect of Tadalafil increases if you mix it with alcohol.

  • A combination of alcohol and Tadalafil can decrease your blood pressure to a serious level.
  • You might notice dizziness and lightheadedness in your body.
  • You might notice issues like headaches and flushing.
  • A mixture of Tadalafil and alcohol might lead to heart palpitation and fainting.

Tips for you: If you are addicted to alcohol

If you are addicted to alcohol, we suggest you start decreasing your consumption with every passing day. If you stop consuming alcohol abruptly, your body might show withdrawal symptoms. All you need to do is stop alcohol eventually and keep an adequate time difference between alcohol and Tadalafil consumption.

Alcohol and ED study

According to the studies, there is a great link between alcohol and erectile dysfunction. Now there are several reasons why alcohol can be a reason behind erectile dysfunction. Let us discuss all of them one by one-

  • When you consume alcohol on a regular basis, then it starts affecting your brain. The brain will not send signals to fill the blood inside your penis. Due to this, you will not gain an erection which is a symptom of ED.
  • Regular consumption of alcohol can also lead to a decline in testosterone levels. It can also be a reason for erectile dysfunction.

ED treatments that aren’t affected by alcohol

  • Vardenafil is a type of PDE type 5 inhibitor class action medicine that stays unaffected by alcohol.
  • Some of the Vardenafil tablets are Vilitra 60 mgVilitra 10 mgZhewitra 20 mgand Zhewitra 40 mg.
  • Alcohol does not impact the penile pump treatment that helps suppress your symptoms.
  • If you have penile implants, then also alcohol will never impact your treatment.

How is alcohol bad for your health even if you consume it alone?

  • Alcohol can lead to an increase in high blood pressure in your body.
  • People who consume alcohol in high amounts also have a risk of heart disease.
  • Consuming alcohol in unlimited quantities can lead to liver disease.
  • People also have a risk of stroke because of using excessive alcohol.
  • Digestive problems might even develop in the body of people consuming excessive alcohol.
  • People are also at risk of different types of cancer, like the liver, mouth, head, neck, and breast.
  • Excessive use of alcohol can also lead to issues like pancreatitis.
  • Alcohol is also going to interrupt your sexual life completely. It decreases your sex drive, shrinks your penis, etc.


How much alcohol can you drink with it?

If you are used to drinking alcohol and can not resist it, then you can have one or two drinks. Also, keep in mind that you should keep adequate gaps between alcohol and Tadalafil salt consumption.

How much time after taking Tadalafil can I drink alcohol?

If you are thinking of consuming alcohol, then at least wait for Tadalafil to stop showing action in your body. It means that you must consume alcohol around 20 hours after using the medicine. After consuming alcohol, we suggest you skip the medicine on that particular day.

How much time after drinking alcohol can I take Tadalafil?

When you drink alcohol, then it is going to stay inside your bloodstream for 6-7 hours on average. That is why you should consume tadalafil salt after this period. This is going to reduce all chances of any interactions and side effects in your body.

What should you do if you mix alcohol and Tadalafil?

If you have mixed and consumed alcohol and Tadalafil, then you should not panic. All you need to do is rest and monitor your body closely. If any side effects happen in your body that are getting serious, contact your physician. They will help you in getting rid of the side effects appearing in your body.

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