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Ayurveda- A Better Solution For Treating Male Sexual Health

For many years, people have been fighting on the subject matter of Ayurveda vs Allopathy. Both parties continuously try to prove that they are superior to the other.

In the case of male sexual health, the same fight is continued. From the side of Allopathy, you will find various drugs available to fight male sexual problems, PDE type5 inhibitor medicines (Sildenafil citrate, Tadalafil, Avanafil and Vardenafil) for erectile dysfunction, Dapoxetine for premature ejaculation, testosterone therapy for low testosterone levels, etc.

On the other hand, several herbs can treat male sexual health problems, like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, etc., which have the upper hand over Allopathy because of permanent curing factors.

In this blog, we will discuss why Ayurveda is better than Allopathy. Also, we will take details of a few herbs that can change your sexual life and experience forever.

Ayurveda- A Better Solution For Treating Male Sexual Health

Why Should You Choose Ayurveda Over Allopathic Medicine Options?

Following are the reasons why you should always choose Ayurveda over Allopathic when dealing with erectile dysfunction issues.

Permanent Cure

When you use allopathic medicines for the issue of erectile dysfunction, then it only depresses the problem. The medicine will not cure the problem no matter how long you use it. The reason behind this is that the medicine works by blocking PDE only to provide time to a person so that they can have sexual activity.

They are not made to stop working on PDE permanently because, at the end of the day, it is working towards the safety of our hearts.

But Ayurvedic medicines are going to provide a permanent cure to a person for the issue they are suffering from. The reason behind this is Ayurveda works toward curing the root reason why erectile dysfunction is happening in the body.

It removes the root cause due to PDE being active in the body. The resolution of the problem might take some time to happen, but it will be permanent.

No Side Effects

No matter what medicine you use and how better they suit your body, a few side effects always occur. With time your body might adapt to them, and the side effects might decrease, but they happen no matter if you have been using the medicine for ten years.

Moreover, some side effects of the PDE type-5 inhibitor can be serious, like high blood pressure, painful erections, increased rate of heart, etc.

But in the case of Ayurvedic medicines, there are no side effects. They are completely natural and are made from extracts of plant roots and stems.

Provide Other Health Benefits Also

The herbs you will use to cure your erectile dysfunction do not only stay limited to this particular issue. The medicine will help you with other issues like mental stress, improvement of blood flow, immunity, physical strength, etc.

So, why choose only one temporary beneficial Allopathic medicine when you can treat the issue with Ayurveda which will provide hundreds of more benefits to your body in the long term.

They Provide Guaranteed Results

In the case of Allopathy, there are hundreds of terms and conditions that a person has to follow if they want their medicine to work properly. Also, the dose of medicine is not the same for everyone.

When it comes to Viagra, then, in some conditions, it does not work. In the case of Ayurvedic medicine, this issue never arises. There is no fixed dosage of the herb you have to use, and the treatment/ herb consumption method is the same for everyone.

A person only has to take the herb without thinking of thousands of rules to follow. Also, the working of herbs under different internal and external environments stays the same. You have to use the herbs regularly and enjoy great results.

Less Expensive

There are two ways of getting the herb when it comes to Ayurveda. The first is that you directly procure them from the plant and then turn it into a form which is easy to consume. In this way, your treatment of erectile dysfunction is completely free. If possible, you can also grow the plant in your house to procure the herb easily.

But in some cases, the plant is not easily available. In this case, a person can opt for the second option of using herbal supplements. This option can be a bit costly but still less expensive when you compare it with the ED tablets available in the market.

Different Allopathic Treatments You Can Opt For ED

Below is a list of six different Ayurvedic components that can help treat your erectile dysfunction. Please read all of them in detail and choose the best one for your body according to your requirements.

All the herbs are available around you easily, and you can convert them into a consumable form. Still, if you cannot find them, they are available in the market as supplements. Also, we suggest you take them in moderation and don’t start using all of them at once.

1. Tulsi Beej

The Tulsi Beej, also known as, the seed that grows up on the top of the basil plant, can be a very great option for getting rid of the male impotence issue.

When you use the seeds regularly, you will notice an improvement in blood flow. Along with that, it is also responsible for improving the strength of penis tissues.

It restores the elasticity which is great for having a harder erection. Libido levels in the body of people using Tulsi beej increase which is great for arousals. The Tulsi beej also does something that allopathic medicines do not perform, improving the person’s stamina. It is going to help them last longer during sexual activity.

2. Safed Musali

The Safed Musali is an aphrodisiac herb which helps resolve the stress-issues and decrease cortisol production in the body. Stress is one of the major reasons why PDE activates in the body because it disrupts the whole process of heart functioning and poses threats.

When the levels of stress decrease, testosterone levels increase and PDE in blood vessels decreases. It is helpful in the overall improvement of erectile dysfunction in the body. The Safed Musali comes from the yellow-white roots of the Chlorophytum borivilianum plant.

3. Ashwagandha

If you use the Ashwagandha herb, you will notice an increase in libido and overall stamina, resolving premature ejaculation. Ashwagandha is available in powder form in the market, procured from the bark of Withania somnifera.

If the powder is made out of roots, it also improves ED from a different angle. It is going to help in stress relieving which can improve the problem of erectile dysfunction easily. This herb is best for those working high-pressure jobs who don’t want to depend on Allopathy for a lifetime.

4. Gokshura

It is a powder which helps in improving the issues of low semen volume and increases the motility of the sperm. In some cases, this powder Gokshura has helped increase sperm count. It resolves the issue of oligospermia by enhancing the process of spermatogenesis.

Testosterone is responsible for these body activities, and Gokshura helps improve these T levels in the body. If T-levels are improved, the issue of softer erections and premature ejaculation also improves.

5. Shatavari

Shatavari is not known to improve the situation of erectile dysfunction only. Females suffering from sexual dysfunction can use the herb and gain benefits.

The tincture of the herb can help in the improvement of blood circulation. Also, people who cannot find inner peace and calmness inside their minds can take help from this herb.

When the mind is calm, only then will it function properly. The Shatavari herb also helps in increasing sperm production, which cures spermatogenesis and oligospermia issues.

Infertile males, when using the herb for a few months, can notice their fertility come back as motile sperm count increases.

6. Maca

Maca is a natural herb famous for improving sperm concentration in the male body. It indirectly means that infertile males can regain fertility due to low sperm count and motility.

A lab test on 69 men who are oligospermia and infertility proves the activity of Maca in the body. The sperm count in the bodies of all males increased after using Maca for four weeks.

It also improves the sex drive/ libido levels in the body of both males and females. If a female uses the maca herb, post-menopause dysfunctions will improve beyond your thought.


The benefits of ayurvedic herbs look very interesting when the body doesn’t have to pay anything for them in the form of side effects. But they also come with a few working conditions. The results that you achieve from the ayurvedic treatment will appear when you use the herb for a longer period regularly.

Also, if you perform exercise or yoga and take care of your diet, the time herbs take to show action might decrease. The results in the latter case are better than those you get only from using the herbs alone. So, use the herbs wisely.

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