Erectile Dysfunction- What It Indicates If It Happens In Your Body?

Erectile dysfunction, a common sexual problem among males, is spreading like wildfire. When we study the topic of erectile dysfunction then we get to know that We discover that various reasons may cause its occurrence. Also, there are more than possible ways to treat the ED issue that has happened in your body.

Based on the reason for occurrence, the method of treatment you use changes. But did you know that erectile dysfunction could be a sign of other issues? Here are some of the issues Here are some issues that erectile dysfunction might indicate.

Low Testosterone Levels

If you are suffering from the issue of erectile dysfunction then it might indicate that the testosterone levels in your body might be low. There are several cases in which a person who has erectile dysfunction shows the symptoms of low testosterone.

If your testosterone is low, your libido levels are also low, and you don’t have a good sex drive. It is imperative that if you have erectile dysfunction, you should check the testosterone levels in your body.

If those levels are low, you have to face various consequences in the future, and the biggest one of them is the inability to conceive. It happens because testosterone in the body is responsible for the maturity of sperm and semen.

Also, if your T levels are low, there will be no benefit in treating ED because, eventually, the issue will stay constant. For testing testosterone levels a physician can do blood tests in the first half of the day.

If they find that levels are low then they will suggest treatment accordingly. You can read complete details about the low-T levels and treatments here.

Heart Disease that might occur in your body

In a few cases, erectile dysfunction can be an indication of a heart disease that might happen in your body. Now people must think about how related erectile dysfunction and heart disease are.

The link between both problems is very straightforward. The heart of our body is the main blood-pumping system that supplies blood to every body part. If the heart is facing any issue or its health is deteriorating, it won’t be able to complete its tasks properly.

Now one of its tasks includes sending blood to the penis for an erection. When sufficient blood doesn’t reach your penis, then the erections you will experience are not firm.

In this case, the blood will also recoil faster because more important bodily functions require blood that can’t wait. That is why we suggest to everyone that if you have erectile dysfunction, ask your physician to scan your heart.

Maybe you diagnose and prevent an upcoming issue in your body that can be fatal. When the situation of your heart increases, your ED situation will also improve.

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Increasing Cholesterol Levels

The rise in the issue of erectile dysfunction also indicates the increasing cholesterol levels in the body of people seeing the situation today.

People are more dependent on junk food items that contain bad fats. When the levels of bad fats increase in the body, it leads to two problems: fatty liver and deposition of oil droplets in the inner side of blood vessels.

It is going to narrow the blood vessels causing problems of erectile dysfunction. If a physician diagnoses you with this problem, you should change your diet and undergo surgery if required.

It will remove the cholesterol blockage from the blood vessels, making the blood supply to the penis proper. But a person has to take precautions. If an issue has happened once in the body, it can happen again. That is why after surgery, a person has to be very strict with their eating habits otherwise face the consequences.

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Whenever you are diagnosed with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction then a physician will check your blood sugar levels.

When a person is suffering from the problem of type 2 diabetes mellitus then the excess sugar in the blood starts damaging small nerves and blood vessels initially.

In 10-15% of cases, people with ED have a problem with type 2 diabetes. It mostly happens in men below the age of 45.

This damage will directly relate to the sexual stimulation of the person. The response to any stimulus and ability of a person to have a firm erection starts fading away, which contributes to ED.

If you fail to bring your blood sugar level down, the problem of ED will worsen, and any treatment you do for ED will not work properly. That is why we suggest you work towards reducing blood sugar levels and consume Vitamins and natural supplements with the advice of a physician to strengthen your nerves and blood vessels. It will show improvement in your issues of erectile dysfunction also.

Depression And Stress

Erectile dysfunction in the body of young males can be a huge indication of depression and stress.

According to a survey done by World Health Organization, the cause of erectile dysfunction in the body of 61% of males below 40 years of age is severe depression and a stressful lifestyle. If you want to understand the link between both problems, then you have to learn about the phenomenon of erection and how it happens.

When we are sexually stimulated, chemicals in our brain stimulate blood flow toward the penis. Blood starts entering the blood based on stimulation, and a person gains an erection.

But when a person is suffering from depression, then this procedure gets interrupted. The chemicals in the brain are not in the balance due to depression, which means that external sexual stimulation cannot excite the chemicals inside the brain to act.

The higher the level of depression, the lower will be the libido. A lower libido means levels of ED become high. In such a situation, a person should take the following steps-

  • First, a person should try to bring small changes in their lifestyle on their own. They should try to divert attention from overthinking to something positive.
  • If it is not helping, you should talk with your partner, and both of you should see a psychiatrist. An expert can help you with ways to decrease the issues of depression in your body.

When depression increases, you will notice that your body starts responding to sexual stimulation. With time, the issue completely heals, and you can enjoy your sexual life again.

Past Trauma

Sometimes erectile dysfunction happens in a person’s body due to fears of a few past activities or trauma. If a person has any horrible experience sexually or in a bad relationship, it can traumatize their life.

In such cases, a person starts fearing getting into sexual closeness with any person. When a physician observes the body of such people, then they notice that all the physical aspects of their body are working great.

Even if they are not dealing with any mental issues. But when it comes to excitation then, there is some fear in their mind which is not letting the chemicals in the body excite.

In such problems talking with your partner is the best solution. You must first share the issues with your partner about the reason behind the trauma causing ED in your body. In most cases, a trustworthy partner’s support cures the patient’s trauma with time, and their erectile dysfunction problem fades away.

If a partner cannot handle the situation, then relationship Counseling and a psychologist can help a person. They can change aspects of the patient towards sexual intimacy, which can make them forget their past experiences and be a part of a sexually happy life.

Partners of such patients curing such issues can take time and lots of patience. But eventually, the fruit they reap will be sweet.

Parkinson’s Disease

The problem of erectile dysfunction in a person’s body can also be a sign of Parkinson’s disease. It is an issue in which the central nervous system is directly impacted.

In such cases, when a person gains an erection, they are not firm, and the brain sends signals to the penis for ejaculation soon. In such an issue, no matter what changes you make in your lifestyle, the issue will remain unaffected.

Some people find that Sildenafil might help in this issue because Sildenafil decreases their need for antiparkinson’s drugs.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is another issue towards which the onset of erectile dysfunction in the body indicates.

In this issue, the immune system starts eating the upper coating of the nerves. Due to this, the quality of overall and sexual life that a person leads decreases.

The nerves start dysfunctioning after the removal of the upper coat. Due to this, the brain is unable to convey the signals for erections and ejaculation properly.

To cure ED, in this case, a person has to stop the immune system. The nerves heal themselves when the immune system stops and develop a new covering. After that, the nervous system will start functioning correctly, and the issue of ED will be resolved.


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