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Effective Ways to treat erectile dysfunction naturally at home

We all know that for erectile dysfunction, many drugs like PDE type 5 inhibitors are available on the market. Such pills help improve the situation but for a short time frame.

They are no permanent cure for the issue. The only treatment for the issue available in this world is either implants or adopting natural home remedies.

Physicians suggest that a person adopt home remedies before getting an implant because they can benefit the ED and their overall lifestyle.

In this blog, we will discuss the top natural home remedies that can help you permanently cure the problem of ED from its roots.

Effective Ways to treat erectile dysfunction naturally at home


Exercise regularly

People who are suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction say that one reason behind it is their lack of physical activity.

It not only makes their body weak and decreases stamina but also leads to obesity, high cholesterol, heart problems, etc. When all these issues happen in a person’s body, then ED is a widespread activity.

In 2018, American researchers found that if people with erectile dysfunction are involved in a highly intense session of aerobics and a bunch of other lower pelvis exercises for only 40 minutes a day, they can reduce the problem to an endurable level. Also, they only have to take 4-5 such sessions in one week.

With aerobics, a person should be involved in exercises like pilates that strengthen the core and pelvic floor muscles. Read the complete blog here to know more details about how and what exercise can cure ED.

Switch to healthy food

We have noticed that people today are more dependent on junk food. Such food items might taste good today, but if you consume them daily, it will lead to erectile dysfunction in the body.

That is why we suggest you switch your diet and be more dependent on healthy food that provides energy and nutrition that boosts your sex drive.

Apart from that, some food items can help naturally cure the ED issue. We have discussed those food items and how they help in curing the issue below in detail-

·        Garlic

We have noticed that more and more people are becoming patients with high cholesterol levels nowadays, which can be a precursor of ED. That is why a person should consume one bulb of strong-smelling garlic.

Performing this task regularly for a few weeks makes your artery walls clean, which improves blood flow in the body. When it comes to romancing the bones, a good blood flow to the penis will only help you with a more rigid and firm erection.

·        Drumsticks

An article in the American Journal of Neuroscience states that Drumstick has some aphrodisiac properties. It means that Drumstick helps people improve their libido levels and makes them sexually stimulated easily.

Also, its regular consumption controls the blood sugar level, which is beneficial for people with both issues. Using it with hot milk every 48 hours shows amazing results within 2-3 months.

·        Oyster

The oysters contain Zinc which is a micronutrient required by the body. Those who don’t know about Zinc should know that it helps produce testosterone in the body.

T-levels in the body boost when you use a sufficient amount of Zinc regularly. It is one of the issues which causes ED in the body. You will also notice a great sex drive after using oysters.

·        Dried fruits

If we talk about dry fruits, it is a huge source of arginine. It is an amino acid that helps people produce nitric oxide in the body, a vasodilator. They also carry Vitamin E, fibres and folic acid, which is good for your overall health.

You can add a few dry fruits to your daily breakfast and then see the results. We suggest you use them in moderation because they are high in calories.

·        Peppers

If you add peppers to your diet, then you will get various benefits. It is going to lower the blood pressure, maintain healthy cholesterol levels and prevent the occurrence of blood clots in the body. It also relaxes your arteries, easing the blood flow to the penis.

·        Pomegranate

Pomegranate is known in the world for its antioxidant qualities. When you regularly consume the fruit of its juice, you will notice a rise in nitric oxide levels in your body.

This nitric oxide is going to impact people with erectile dysfunction positively. Their blood vessels carry more blood, causing a firm erection.

·        Watermelon

Watermelon is the food that most people find refreshing and sweet. But very few people know that the effect of watermelon on the blood vessels is the same as that of ED drugs.

Using it regularly can work as an antioxidant in the body, helping the heart and prostate. If the oxidants in the heart are cleared. It starts functioning normally, which means blood supply can become normal.

·        Coffee

People commonly use coffee to start their systems in the morning and to provide their bodies with a boost. But little do they know that regular use of coffee can also boost their love life.

According to research, men who use 2-3 cups of coffee regularly have fewer chances of suffering from ED than those who use one cup or no coffee at all. This is because coffee helps a person improve their blood flow and boosts it by a bit. It happens because of caffeine.

·        Chocolates

In chocolates, especially dark ones, caffeine is present, and in the case of coffee, we have studied how it helps people. Apart from that, chocolate is also rich in a plant nutrient named flavanol. The task of flavanol is to decrease the blood pressure in your body and improve your blood pressure.

It does so because flavanol boosts natural nitric oxide production in the body as Sildenafil does. If you want such results, you should consume an ounce of dark chocolate a couple of times a week. It is good for your heart also if taken in moderation.

One should remember that taking these food items for a couple of days or weeks will not help. They need to develop a habit of consuming these healthy and healthful food items regularly.

Apart from that, don’t include all these foods suddenly in your diet in an absurd amount. It would help if you consisted of healthy foods in your diet individually and in moderation because excess nutrition can also be a problem for your body.

Take care of your sleeping pattern

A person’s sleep cycle is also very important for erectile dysfunction patients. Physicians have reported that people who regularly get a regular sound sleep of 7-8 hours have very few chances of erectile dysfunction.

Also, 47% of youngsters suffering from ED are working a night job, due to which their sleep quality is worse. Sleep directly affects the hormone secretion in the body.

If you don’t sleep properly, your chances of suffering from a low-T level increase by 200%.

Also, problems like diabetes and high BP might happen in your body. That is why we suggest that ED patients improve their sleeping patterns and have a good night’s sleep. This way, their ED symptoms will show some improvement.

Focus on weight loss

The chances of an obese person who has erectile dysfunction are very higher than that of a normal person.

Fat people who have already fought the issue of ED and obesity together state that when they have dedicated themselves to their fat loss journey, their ED automatically starts improving.

A strict diet and proper workout can help any obese person lose weight easily and notice an improvement in the problems linked to erectile dysfunction.

Stop using alcohol and cigarettes

Alcohol and cigarette smoking today has become a huge part of the lifestyle of people. Some people adopt it because of social acceptance, and some adopt it to relieve stress and pressure.

Statistics show that 73%of males working in multinational corporations smoke more than four cigarettes daily. Also, their alcohol consumption level is very high. Both of these activities weaken a person’s body from the inside.

A direct effect of alcohol and smoking can be seen anytime on blood vessels if you use them regularly. The smoke accumulates inside the inner walls of your blood vessels, and alcohol can be harmful to your stamina and will bring you out of your senses.

That is why a physician asks an ED patient the first question about smoking and drinking. They suggest that you should decrease your dependency on them slowly with time and adopt good habits instead.

After doing it for a couple of months, you can see a change in your erection firmness and sexual drive.

Stress reduction

Stress can be the biggest foe of a person sexually. When a person keeps stressing over small matters regularly, it impacts their mood and libido levels.

Also, it becomes the most prominent precursor of depression which directly causes erectile dysfunction in your body.

That is why when you visit the physician, they suggest you participate in some stress reduction programme. It will help relax your mind and show a positive impact on the issues of erectile dysfunction.

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