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Erectile Dysfunction – Information You Should Know About This Issue

Do you know the fact that there is an issue that has affected over 150 million males around the world since the year 1995? Moreover, it is projected that the same issue can affect around 320 million males worldwide.

This issue we are talking about might not be life-threatening but it for sure takes the fun out of the life of not just the male but the whole couple. Now you must be astonished at what this issue is and how it happens in the human body. The name of this issue is erectile dysfunction and it basically affects the primary sexual organ in the body.

In this issue, the main problem that a person faces is that they are neither able to gain an erection properly nor sustain it for longer. When a person is suffering from erectile dysfunction then they notice two major issues in their body that are premature ejaculation and softer erections.

The first issue means that when a person is having sexual intercourse then their erection will lose easily within no time. The second one means that the erection that a person is going to gain will be very soft which brings out the pleasure of having sexual intercourse. People suffering from this issue are not the only ones affected as the partner also has to go through sexual dissatisfaction.

The nature of erectile dysfunction is very different from other issues because when it starts happening in the body than people commonly do not notice it. Once it reaches a level that it starts causing major issues, and then people notice that there is something wrong their body is going through.

Amid research and consulting the physician, they derive the conclusion that their body is suffering from erectile dysfunction. If you are also one of them who are suffering from the issue then you are at the right place. We will be discussing all the ins and outs of this issue which every human male should know about.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Whenever a person is suffering from any issue then it is simply noticed with the help of symptoms that their body is showing. The symptoms that will be shown by your body when it is suffering from erectile dysfunction are-

  • The person suffering from the issue will notice an effect on the erection that they gain. If a person is in the initial stages then the election will feel softer than it used to be. On the other hand, if the level of issue is advanced then the erection might not even happen. If this issue is happening occasionally then it is not a medical issue. But if one is noticing the same issue on a regular basis, it is time to visit the physician as soon as possible.
  • If a person gains an erection during this issue then it will not be active for a longer period. Some people ejaculate very soon during sexual intercourse while it is not tested that a few people do not even ejaculate and lose their erection. Such a situation should be reported to the physician as soon as possible.
  • A person suffering from erectile dysfunction will notice that their desire to have sexual intercourse is decreasing gradually. Along with that they also stay irritated commonly.
  • People suffering from this issue also show emotional symptoms like shame and embarrassment. This happens because they start feeling less of themselves and are not able to satisfy their partners sexually.

What erectile dysfunction in the body indicates?

If your body is showing erectile dysfunction then most commonly it is perceived as a normal sexual issue. But the issue also indicates a few other medical issues which can be dangerous for your body. Issues of which erectile dysfunction might be an indication is-

  • If your body is suffering from erectile dysfunction then it might be an indication that you are suffering from diabetes.
  • Erectile dysfunction may also be an indication that your body is suffering from major heart disease.
  • In some cases, erectile dysfunction in the body is also a sign of depression and stress. Physicians might also ask you a few psychological questions to know if you are suffering from depression or stress.
  • Erectile Dysfunction also means that your body is gaining weight at a higher rate and requires it to be controlled.

These can be really deadly issues that are why it is suggested to the patient that they should get themselves checked to that the issue is normal or is an indication to some other disease.

How is Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosed?

There are a few ways of diagnosing erectile dysfunction that might be used by physicians. Some people might be diagnosed with the help of only answering a few questions to the physician but in most of cases, the physician suggests other tests discussed below-

Physical exam-

  • The physical exam is the most commonly used method by physicians. In this method, they are going to examine your penis and scrotum area. They will also check the sensations of the nerve that they are working or not. If the penis is not erected properly during the session then the chances of erectile dysfunction are very high.

Urine Tests-

  • As we have discussed that due to diabetes also erectile dysfunction happens in the body. Through the urine test, the physicians are looking forward to checking the levels of sugar and a few other underlying health conditions. If your sugar level is high in your dream then your body is suffering from both diabetes and erectile dysfunction.


  • Ultrasound test for ED is also known as Penile Doppler Ultrasound. It is a very unique technique that is used to check the blood vessels carrying blood to the penis. A few sound waves are generated and sent through the blood vessels via a transducer. On the basis of the motion of sound waves in the blood vessels, it is derived whether a person is suffering from the issue or not.

Psychological tests-

  • These tests are done only if a person is suffering from depression which becomes a reason for ED. A few psychological questions are asked by physicians who will clarify the issue easily.

Blood tests-

  • Blood tests can be done to check signs of low testosterone, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. If any of these issues is positively diagnosed in the blood test then a person is suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can happen in the body of a person due to various reasons. These reasons can involve mishaps with the brain, hormones, muscles, emotions, blood vessels or nerves because all of them are involved in the process of erection.

Now it is not necessary that erectile dysfunction can happen due to a combination of a few issues or maybe issues that have been discussed below in detail.

Psychological issues

We all know that in the arousal process the brain plays a very important part. There are a few things that can interfere with the process which have been discussed below-

  • If a person is suffering from any sort of anxiety or depression issue then it is a sign of erectile dysfunction.
  • There are times when a person is in stressful situations. In such conditions also erectile dysfunction might happen.
  • Sometimes a person suffers from relationship issues for some problems with their work. In such situations also ED might happen.

Physical issues

The physical issues a person might suffer from erectile dysfunction have been discussed below in detail-

  • People who have issues with clogged blood vessels have higher chances of suffering from ED.
  • People who have been suffering from the issue of high blood pressure and cholesterol issues might be suffering from the issue.
  • If a person has diabetes then also there are high chances of erectile dysfunction.
  • Lower levels of testosterone in the body can also be an issue for ED.
  • If a person has continuous sleep disorders then they might face issues with erection.
  • People who have been suffering from the issue of the spinal cord can also notice issues of erectile dysfunction.
  • Cancer in the lower abdomen area especially the prostate can also lead to the issue of Ed.
  • If a person has developed a habit of drinking regular alcohol that is alcoholism, then they might suggest from ED.
  • It is noticed that a few people developed scar tissue inside their penis. This can also become a reason for erectile dysfunction.
  • The use of tobacco can also be a factor leading to erectile dysfunction.
  • If a person is obese then the chances of happening of erectile dysfunction increase manifold.
  • Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease can also lead to the development of erectile dysfunction.
  • Heart disease in the body of a person is one of the biggest causes of erectile dysfunction in males. With the increase in the number of people suffering from heart disease the causes of erectile dysfunction also increases proportionally.

Treatments Suggested For Erectile Dysfunction

Following are the treatment methods that a person can adopt in order to get rid of erectile dysfunction either temporarily or permanently.


Drugs are the most commonly suggested treatment by the physician if a person is willing to enjoy their sexual life normally. It is a temporary treatment that can be taken along permanent cure to that issue so that a person can at least enjoy their sexual life.

The medicines available in the market for ED are PDE type 5 inhibition class action of the medicine. This category of medicine inhibits all the actions taken by PDE causing erectile dysfunction and helping a person gain erection.

There are four types of medicines available in this category and all of them are suggested to be consumed 40 to 60 minutes before sexual activity.

All these medicines can be taken only with the prescription of the physician which you are also required to buy. For that, you have to visit the position and discuss the issue you have been facing in detail.

Medicines we have discussed last for 4-5 hours in the body except for Tadalafil which stays active for 24 hours. All these medicines have a common set of side effects that you need to take care of-

  • Abnormality in visual capability and cloudiness in front of eyes.
  • Issues of indigestion, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Headache and nausea
  • Weakness in the body and lightheadedness.
  • Change in the pattern of hearing
  • Elongated and painful erections
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Sore throat

These are some common side effects that a person can easily control by resting and not involving in any activities of driving and machine operation. In a few cases if the side effect increases beyond control, then one should consult their physician.


A few exercises are suggested to people who have been suffering from erectile dysfunction in order to permanently get rid of the issue. Those exercises are-

  • Kegel exercise is suggested to the person in which a person had to hold and squeeze the pelvic floor muscles 2-3 times a day. In each rep, a person should do 10 to 20 Kegel exercises. It is best done in the standing position.
  • A person can also try Pilates in order to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.
  • Exercise like pelvic curl and supine foot raises can be beneficial for erectile dysfunction.

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps are mechanical devices that include a pump to suck blood and a friction ring. In this process, a hollow cylindrical pump is placed on the penis and turned on. The blood is brought into the penis with the help of that suction pump and after the erection is gained, the pump is removed.

Now a person has to maintain the erection for which the friction ring is placed at the base of the penis. It will not allow the blood to exit the penis easily increasing the sexual intimacy period.


Surgery is a permanent treatment of erectile dysfunction that is offered by the physician to males. In this method, inflatable implants are placed at the sides of the penis with the help of surgery. 

After a person has undergone surgery, they can inflate the implants and gain an erection. But this type of treatment is suggested only to those people who are unable to get results from drug-based treatments.

Preventive Measures of Erectile Dysfunction

It is suggested to every person that they should not wait for erectile dysfunction to happen in the body and start taking preventive measures today.

Some of the best preventive measures have been discussed below –

  • If you are consuming regular alcohol then you should stop it and control your urges to consume alcohol.
  • You should limit the number of cigarettes you smoke and eventually stop it.
  • If you are taking any illegal drugs you should stop their consumption as soon as possible.
  • You should take control of your sleeping patterns and try to have at least 8 hours of healthy sleep every day.
  • Regular exercise can be very helpful to keep your overall body fit and increase your stamina.
  • If you are suffering from diabetes then you have to control your sugar and regularly consult the physician.
  • People suffering from heart issues should take measures to control it. Also, regular checkups and screening should be done by your physician.
  • You should consult your psychotherapist in order to get over the issues of anxiety and depression you have been facing.
  • You must have control over your diet and only consume healthy food only in order to prevent ED from happening.
  • If you are suffering from any kind of relationship issue, discuss it with your partner and try to resolve the issue.

Summary – Coping with Erectile Dysfunction

The issues of electoral dysfunction can be valid and distressing for couples, especially the male partner. That is why it is suggested to every couple that they should talk with each other about the issue and try to resolve it at a personal level if possible.

If it is not possible to resolve the issue on a personal level then one should visit the physician. Every female partner is suggested that they should support their partner in this time of distress and always try to boost them because most people are already feeling embarrassed.

Also when it comes to visiting the physician then you should always go as a couple and remember that with the collaborative efforts of both of you the issue can be easily resolved.

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