Exercise: A Natural Approach to Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the biggest sexual issue that a person suffers from. It is an issue in which the male penis cannot erect properly and finds it hard to maintain the erection.

In technical terms, these problems are softer erections and premature ejaculation. When these issues are in the initial stages, they are very easy to control. But most people don’t focus on that stage, which can result in the issue worsening over time.

For many years physicians have been looking for ways to prevent and eliminate the problem of erectile dysfunction from their bodies, and the answer has been the same ever since.

In 80% of cases, the reason behind erectile dysfunction is the habits of a person, and improving them is the only permanent and best way out. Although physicians suggest implants and operations for the issue, many people prefer less invasive solutions.

To improve the habits causing erectile dysfunction, the first one is doing exercise. If you adopt exercise in your schedule when you have ED, it can help you get a life that has no erectile dysfunction in it.

Exercise- An Amazing Way Of Curing Erectile Dysfunction

When Does Exercise Work In Case Of Erectile Dysfunction?

In 80% of cases, exercise will help people with erectile dysfunction issues. Everyone who is suffering from ED due to the following problems must include exercise in their schedule –

  • Obesity can cause erectile dysfunction in the body.
  • Regular use of alcohol and alcoholism can be a precursor of ED.
  • If you have any heart problem, then it can lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • People with high sugar levels/ type 2 diabetes mellitus can also suffer erectile dysfunction.
  • If ED is happening in the body due to smoking, such a person should also exercise.

There are two reasons for ED in which the exercise won’t show much benefit in improving ED. Those reasons are-

  • When erectile dysfunction happens in the body due to prostate cancer.
  • If the reason for erectile dysfunction is increasing testosterone.

Still, in these cases, we suggest a person exercise properly because it is a key to healthy living.

Different Types Of Exercise

When it comes to the issues of erectile dysfunction, then three major categories of exercise can help a person out. When you start doing the exercise, you should know that the results won’t appear magically on day 1. You must continuously be involved in the exercise below and physical activities to get the best results.

Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercises are those in which we perform a few activities to strengthen our lower pelvic floor. When a person has sexual intercourse, then the muscles in the pelvic, especially the pubococcygeus, help provide thrust and power to the penis so that it can penetrate properly.

There are three different types of kegel exercises that you should perform regularly.

  • Activating The Pelvic Floor

It is the first kegel exercise in which you will learn to activate your pelvic floor muscles. The steps to perform this exercise are-

    • In the first step, you should lie on the floor with your arms on the side. Now you should slowly bend your knees until your feet get flat on the floor. This is your basic position for starting the exercise.
    • Now it’s time to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles and hold it for 3 seconds. You should do this while exhaling the air inside your body.
    • After three, you should start inhaling and releasing your squeezed muscles. Count till three and repeat.

You should at least repeat the exercise 10 times and then move on to the next. In this exercise, some people contact the muscles of their hips, legs, and stomach by mistake. That is why we suggest you take help from some expert for some time and ask them to help you find your pelvic floor muscles.

If you still find it difficult to find the right muscle, then you should try to stop your urine while urinating. You will notice pressure on a particular muscle when you do this 3-4 times. This is the muscle you have been looking for.

  • Standing Exercise(Pelvic Floor Activation)

You must stand straight with a little gap in your feet for standing exercise. It should be equal to the width of your hips. Now in this standing position, you should squeeze your pelvic floor muscles while exhaling and count to three.

After that, it’s time to inhale and relax the muscle. You should do it for three seconds and then repeat. We suggest that a person do these exercises thrice a day, at least with a set of 10 each.

  • Sitting Exercise (Pelvic Floor Activation)

In this exercise, your basic position is sitting on the floor with your feet flat on the floor and your arms on the side. Now, you must repeat the same squeezing and relaxing process for 3-3 seconds each.

When you start doing these three exercises regularly and find that 3  seconds is now easy, you should increase it to 5 first and then 10 seconds. It will keep challenging your body.

  • Pilates

Pilates is a kind of exercise in which your main focus is to increase your core strength. People with ED cannot hold their erections because their core is weak. When a person’s core gets stronger, they can increase the time of ejaculation a little bit according to their will. Three types of Pilates exercise that can help in case of ED are-

  • Supine Foot Raises

The process of performing the exercise is-

    • First, you should be in a normal sleeping position with your arms on the side and your knees bent.
    • Now you should exhale and engage your pelvic floor muscle.
    • After that, start raising your one foot off the floor. When you are doing it, ensure the activation of pelvic floor muscles.
    • After a few seconds, lower the leg and perform the same with the other leg. Continue it 4-5 times initially. When you feel comfortable, increase the sets.
  • Knee Fallouts

The procedure of doing this exercise is very simple-

    • You must first take the position of lying down as you do in your pelvic floor exercise.
    • Now you must ensure that your spinal cord is in a neutral position. You can measure it by checking that there is a little gap in the middle portion of the back and the floor.
    • Now, you have to squeeze your pelvic muscle while exhaling. Along with that, you must start lowering one of your knees. While lowering the knee, ensure that your pelvic muscle is still active and involved. You must stop lowering the knee when you feel like the pelvic muscle is getting relaxed.
    • Now you should hold for plenty of seconds and then get back to your initial position by bending the knee. Now repeat with the other leg.

In starting, you will be able to do only 3-4, which you must increase to 10 and 15 with time and practice.

  • Pelvic Curl

    • In this exercise, a person should lie in the same position as on the pelvic floor. Arms on the side, knees bent, and spinal cord in a neutral position.
    • Now you should engage the pelvic floor and start tilting your pelvis upward. When doing so, ensure that your back is pressing against the floor properly.
    • In the next step, lift your buttocks by pressing your heels against the mat/floor.
    • Squeeze it until you feel pressure on your lower and middle back. In this situation, all the weight of your body should be rested on your shoulder. Also, remember that you must keep the pelvic floor muscle engaged.
    • Take some breaths while squeezing the butt as much as possible.
    • After that, you should slowly bring your back and butt down. Along with that, you should also put your full feet on the floor.
    • You should do ten repetitions of this exercise and try to increase it with more practice.

Cardio/Aerobics Exercise

Performing aerobics and cardio can also benefit your body when suffering from ED. You must ensure that you do it regularly for 30-40 minutes as a high-intensity workout in which you lose sweat and fats. Examples of exercises are –

    • Running
    • Boxing
    • Spin Classes
    • Skipping
    • Rowing
    • Cycling

If you perform cardio/aerobics for six months, you will notice that the blood supply in your body is proper, with no blockage in the way. Also, it helps build core strength, stamina, and the safety of the cardiovascular system.

When a person has good stamina and blood flow when having intercourse, their performance will be satisfying for themselves and their partner.

Have A Proper Diet

Giving one hour a day to physical activities and performing the exercises properly can help eliminate ED and many other diseases. However, exercise alone may not be enough. Along with exercise, a person should also maintain a healthy diet.

We suggest consulting a physician or a nutritionist for guidance on a balanced diet plan. It will help you with the energy you require for exercising.

Also, you should avoid junk and food with bad fats when on a mission to cure your erectile dysfunction. Also, when you are curing your ED with these natural ways, then it will take some time.

In the meantime, you can use PDE type5 inhibitor medicine like Cenforce 100 mg, Tadalista 20 mg, Fildena 100 mg, etc., to help manage your symptoms. When your situation improves naturally, you can decrease the dose and eventually stop using them.



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