Frequently Asked Questions

We have enlisted the frequently asked questions by the clients of MedzPills in different categories below. We have tried to list all the questions below that a medicine buyer might have in mind. So go through the category for which you might have the question of. Also if by any case you don’t find your question below, and then drop the question to our support team. We will be replying to you within 24 hours.

Queries Related To Your Account

When you are setting up a new account then setting a password that is unique is very important. That is why you should remember that don’t put up a common password that you use for various platforms and it should not be related to you so that people can guess it. An advice to set a password is to keep your password with at least one small case letter, one large case letter, one numeric number and one special character. This will make your password strong.

For opening a new account you have to provide your full details about yourself, which consists of your full name, address, date of birth, and medical issues that you have. Along with that the website will demand an ID from you just to check that all the details you have provided are legitimate or not. Also you have to provide your contact information and email. You will receive an OTP so that you have to provide for confirmation that you are the owner of that contact information.

Yes, a person can change the password that they have initially set. Moreover it is suggested that you should not save passwords in your laptops and phones and keep changing them. After 2-3 months one should keep changing the password in order to maintain the security of the account.

Whenever you order from MedzPills then that information will be saved in the account. You can visit the section of my orders and check what you have ordered in the past. It will help you in navigating the order easily and re-order again. Also we will help you by notifying you that you have ordered this medicine in the past, don’t you need it now. This way you never miss the dose of your medicine.

It is the choice of the customer that they want to sign-up for the newsletter or not. You will initially receive one when you make your account but you can unsubscribe to the newsletter. But if you unsubscribe then you will miss out on the offers that we have for you which help you in saving money. Also we send reminders about your medicine. That is why we recommend signing-up but it’s your choice.

Although we have ensured that all the processes happening on the website are smooth and you face no issue. We have made the website navigable but if you face any issue then our support team is always there to help you. You can send your query where you are facing the issue and within 24 hours the team will help you in opening the account.

We are very sad to hear that you have thought of closing the account. Yes, it’s possible to close your account permanently. You can raise a request to close your account and it will be processed by our team as soon as possible. But before that if you are facing any issue due to which you want to close your account then discuss the issue with our representative. They will help you in resolving. But if you still want to close your account then you can proceed.

Queries Related To Your Order

The main difference between the local pharmacy and MedzPills is the quality and pricing. Also, people have a trust issue that their disease will be disclosed if they visit the local pharmacy, but if you get the medicine from MedzPills then such things never happen. All the medicines are manufactured by renowned manufacturers around the world and we also provide you discounts on the medicine you buy. Moreover, there is a privacy policy that protects the information that everyone enters on our website.

Based on the location you are ordering the medicine in, the brand name might change. That is why some people don’t find the medicine they are looking for. In this case you should look for the salt that is present in the tablet and the amount of salt that you are suggested with. If you still don’t find the medicine you are looking for then you can raise a request for your medicine. Our support team will contact you soon whether we can make the medicine salt available for you or not.

Back-ordering of the medicine means that the medicine you order is not in the stock of the website but will be delivered to you. The date that we provide to you in this case is calculated according to when we will get the medicine back into stock. But if our expected medicine delivery date does not match your requirement then you can cancel the order and list the issue of cancellation.

Yes, you can order for multiple people in the same order. But here you have to take care of one fact. You have to provide all the prescriptions that are linked to that order. After approval it will be noticed that all the medicines you have ordered can fit in one package or not. If the size is big then your order might get split into two parts.

When you visit the physician then they will suggest you with the medicine dosage. Also they will give you a time period for which you need to consume the medicine. If your prescription says that you have to take the medicine for 3-4 months then you can get those supplies. All you need to do is upload your prescription and get the supplies easily.

We at MedzPills are registered with the government around the world which gives us rights to sell the medicine around the world. So, this makes the receipts we provide legit. So, you can upload your receipt on the insurance company website and get the refunds according to your insurance policy.

When you order the medicine from our website then the receipt generation is an automatic process. You will get it through email and your website order section also. But if you want to get printed one then you can download it and get it printed.

Questions Regarding Working of MedzPills

MedzPills is a new and revolutionary website in the online space which started one year back in 2021. Currently we have 13 fulfillment centers around the world which helps us in catering the needs of people around the world who want medicine treatment but are unable to get it because they are costly. We and our team are determined to serve every customer to our best and make the process of medicine buying online fluid and smooth.

If you want to check that the website MedzPills is legitimate or not then you can check our registration number. Also you can check the reviews of the website and medicine you are ordering on the website itself. It will help you in building confidence in the website and when you order medicine for the first time then you will see the results of that trust itself.

As a buyer you will notice that the website is 256- bit encrypted which will save your payment details and personal information from hacking. Apart from that there is a privacy policy of the website. A suggestion to every consumer is that before making the decision of buying the medicine, go through that privacy policy first.

Yes, there is a confidentiality clause we have on MedzPills. All the information you have entered in your website will be confidential and we promise not to share it. Still, if you find any breach of your information then you have an option to take legal action against the website.

The process of medicine ordering is very simple. You have to check the medicine prescription and see what medicine is suggested by the physician. You should search for the medicine with the salt quantity. After you choose the medicine then the next comes the quantity you want to order. After that in the next step the consumer has to fill up all the personal details, contact information and address. If it is the same as the registered address then it will be easy for you. Now the next step is uploading a prescription. Once the prescription gets approved then we start process of packaging and shipping once the payment confirmation is received,

The process of prescription sending is very easy. You can simply click a clear image of your prescription and upload it on a website while ordering the medicine. If it is not possible then you can scan the copy of the prescription and mail it to us. You can get the email from the support team.

Yes, we for sure value the customers who spread the name of MedzPills and also reward them through the affiliate program. For knowing more about the affiliate program you should contact our customer care and they will provide you with the details. In most of the cases, the compensation is provided in the form of gift hampers and discount coupons.

Once we approve the order you have placed with us, then we bring out the medicine and start the packing. After that we contact our delivery partners and see that which will help in efficient delivery of your medicine package. We place the order of shipment and then the delivery partner collects your parcel. After that they give it a unique ID which we use to track the orders. As soon as possible, the delivery partner also dispenses your order and we can see the whole process through tracking ID.

We at MedzPills have committed ourselves to serve the customers to the best. We want that everyone who is unable to buy medicine thinking about it prices should stop doing it today itself and buy the medicine for their treatment. The main secret behind low prices is keeping our profit to minimum and having the mindset of serving the audience.

Delivery Related Queries

When we are shipping the medicine then there is a restriction of the weight and size of the package that we can pack. That is why we package your order into two parts. Also when the order is in a large package then the chances are high that they don’t pass the immigration. That is why the parcel is divided into pieces.

Until the time, the medicine is not handed into your hand, we are responsible for it. Now it is the understanding between MedzPills and the delivery partner who is responsible. At no point of time you have to take the medicine responsibility until it is delivered at your doorstep.

There are a few cases when a parcel is delivered to the wrong location or does not reach you. In this case we consider the parcel as lost. In this case the customer has nothing to worry about. It is completely the responsibility of MedzPills to pack a new parcel for you and deliver it to you safely this time. Although we demand a little patience from the customers in such cases.

If any such thing happens with your medicine order then you can raise the complaint with us. We will inquire with the delivery partner that at what address they have delivered the parcel. That is why during the delivery of the parcel the companies take signatures from the person on the receiving end. If you or your family members have not signed then you will get your medicine through another parcel.

Order Related Queries

Usually it only takes a few hours to approve the order. All we need to do is check the prescription and inquire about the physician a bit who writes it. This will take a few hours only and you will receive the confirmation of the order. But in case we are busy or a lot of orders are lined up then it might take upto 24 hours. We demand your patience and suggest that you wait for 24 hours. Even after that there is no confirmation of your order then contact customer support.

After you have placed the order and made a payment, your part of the work is done. Now we will first check the prescription and approve your order. After that the order will go to the packaging section where the medicines are packed with proper protection and bubble wrapping. After that the delivery partners pick the order and provide a tracking ID which we will provide to you.

If the product is out of stock then we check when it will be back in stock and provide you with a backorder delivery date. If you feel comfortable with the date we have provided, then you can continue the order. In case you want the medicine on an urgent basis then you can also cancel the medicine. It is a choice of the customer.

If you are placing your order on the check payment then medicine might take longer to dispatch. The reason behind is first we will receive your check within 5-7 days depending on location and the courier service. After that we will apply for a clearance which takes 1-2 days. On approval we will place the order in process and start the process of packaging and dispatching. Once we dispatch the order then it can take anywhere between 5-6 days to reach you. On an average you can consider 15 days. That is the reason why we prefer payment through cards.

When we dispatch your order then our delivery partner will give a tracking code. We will provide you the name of the delivery partner and the tracking ID also. When you open their website and enter the tracking ID then you will get complete information. Although we will provide you the information of dispatch and successfully delivered via email also.

There are a few reasons that can lead to cancellation of your order. Those reasons are-

  • The payment you have made has not reached our end. In this case we put processing and if we don’t receive the payment then we cancel the order.
  • If the prescription you have provided us is not from a genuine and registered physician.
  • If the medicine in prescription and your order does not match.
  • If the medicine you are ordering is banned from being sold in your country.
  • If the delivery address is not serviceable.

In case of a canceled order you should check the reason first. If you find that there is some mistake on our end then you can raise a complaint with the issue. If the reason is correct then you can correct the thing that is going wrong and then place order again. You should not worry in any case because your money is safe with MedzPills.

Payment Related Queries

We at MedzPills accept all the internationally accepted cards. If you are paying with a visa, MasterCard or American Express cards then you are good to go. We also accept payment through an internationally accepted wallet that is PayPal but the fees can be higher. We also accept checks and wire transfer but they may take some time to process. Right now the option of cash on delivery is not available.

Yes, it is possible to pay through these ways also. But you will notice that the order takes time to process if you pay through checks and wire can place this tipe of order via email 

For finding the CVV/CVC number you should look at the back of your card which you are using. You will find a three digit number which is your CVV.

If your payment is successful and we have accepted your order then you can expect the order anytime between 5-7 days. It depends on the area of the fulfillment center and the location of the delivery.

If you make a double payment for the same order then we will refund one payment to the place of origin. Still if you don’t get a refund, you can contact the support team. They are going to ask you for the payment details and order you place. We will check into the matter and will initiate the process as soon as possible.

Sometimes a few payments take 24-48 hours to reflect in the bank account of the receiver. In this case you should wait for 2 working days. If payment is still not processed then contact us and we will look into the issue and help you out.

If you’re is a case of refund then first of all we apologize that we are unable to serve you. It takes 3-4 working days to process the refund back to the method of payment initiation.

First of all you should check that the card comes under the category of accepted cards or not. Right now we do not accept country’s local cards like Rupay. If you have an international card then in the next step you should check that the card is allowed to make international transactions or not. If not then allow them to make international transactions.

When you visit the MedzPills website then you will notice that the website has a 246-bit protection. This means that hacking the website is not possible. Apart from that we have a strong privacy policy which you should go through. This means that it is safe to put up sensitive information on the website.

In case of any fraudulent activity, you should report us immediately. We condemn any kind of fraud and will take strict action against the activity. Also you should contact your card company and bank and mark the transaction as fraudulent activity. They will help you out in refunding your payment.

Shipping Queries

After you have made a payment for the medicine, your order will be confirmed within a few hours. After that we initiate the process of packaging and give the order to the delivery partner. Within 24 hour you will get the tracking ID which means that we have shipped your order.

You can choose the method of delivery as standard or express according to your needs. If you need the order faster than by paying a few extra bucks, you can choose express delivery and get the delivery faster.

If you find that the packaging of the product we have shipped is damaged then you have the right to return the order. We suggest that you don’t accept such orders and we take responsibility that we will ship a new package as soon as possible.

In some cases, the custom clearance stops the order from proceeding further. They find it suspicious sometimes due to which they might stop the package and open it up. Although MedzPills is a registered company and after seeing the company logo, the order gets easily cleared at the custom.

Until the medicine reaches your hand, you are not responsible for anything. If the medicine does not clear the customs then we will pack and send you a new order as soon as possible.

In case of the order refusal the time for reshipment time can be 3-4 days. We expect some patience from your side during this period because we are working to find the issue of reshipment.

The shipping of the medicine is totally discreet as we pack it in an opaque packing with a bubble wrap. This way no one will get to know what is inside the package and your privacy will be maintained.

Queries Regarding Returns and Refunds

The policy clearly states that if the mistake is of the customer due to which medicine returns the origin then the customer gets only medicine in exchange like getting a different dose. But if a mistake happens from the side of MedzPills then a person can get a refund for the medicine also along with an exchange.

If the mistake is from the side of MedzPills then you are liable to get a refund or can buy medicine in exchange. But in case the order returns because of the mistake of the person itself then they only get the medicine in return.

If you cancel your order then you are liable to justify the reason for canceling the order. In some cases, if we find your reason justified then we will offer a full refund, otherwise you will get no refund for the medicine or we will deduct some amount.

If you have asked for a refund for any medicine then it will take 4-5 days to process the refund. It will reach the place from where the payment originated.

Other Questions

In case, the medicine you ordered is not correct then you have complete right to return the medicine. Within a week we will deliver the right dose and medicine to your address and pick up the wrong dose back,

If your site is crashing continuously then you can write to our support through email address. We will appreciate this step because it will help us find that there is any fault from our side. If fault is not in our system then we will find where the issue is in your ID and resolve it. Within 24-48 hours you will be able to access your ID on the website again.

You will require all your personal information like name, date of birth, address and also a government ID. It is important to cross check that all the information you provide is correct or not. After we verify your details your ID will be ready to use.

No, we don’t sell prescription based drugs without a prescription. When you place the order then we need prescription for verification if the drug is prescription based. If you fail to provide us the prescription then we will cancel your order.

If payment is deducted from your account and your order is processed then we demand a time of 24 hours at least. In this time the money will either be credited in our account or yours. If in 24 hours the payment doesn’t clear then contact our

If you want to get regular information about the new products and offers we have, you must sign-up for the newsletter. Through emails we convert all the offers and discounts we are offering and also the new products in the market. But it is not mandatory to sign-up.

Toggle ContentYou should choose MedzPills over any other medicine due to three major reasons. The first one is the quality of medicines. We are dealing with vital body organs and in this case we cannot compromise with the quality of medicine. The next reason is the pricing at which we offer you the medicine. It will decrease the burden on your pockets which is very beneficial in the long run. The last reason is that on your website you will find a detailed privacy policy which you do not find anywhere else. Our policy is to protect the rights of our users and protect their information. If you find any breach then you can take legal action anytime.


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