Heart Health and Sildenafil: Exploring the Link

We all know that people very commonly suffer from erectile dysfunction issues. Due to this, their physician suggests they use the FDA-approved Sildenafil citrate salt. It is an effective salt that helps people spice up their sexual life, but it does not benefit heart patients. The functioning and changes made by salt in the body are such a way that the medicine is not safe for heart patients. We all know that using Sildenafil lowers the blood pressure in our body by dilating the blood vessels. Due to this, people who are already suffering from low blood pressure issues might be in danger.

Apart from that, the consumption of Sildenafil increases the chances of heart attack and stroke if your heart health is not good. That is why you should not consume the Sildenafil citrate medicine if you have any kind of heart problem. Moreover, if you have any issue which is now stable, you need to get yourself checked by the physician. If they mark you safe, you can use the medicine. To know the detailed link between your heart and Sildenafil medicine, go through the detailed blog below.

What is Sildenafil citrate?

Sildenafil citrate is a medicinal salt that falls under the medicine’s PDE type 5 inhibitor class action. The main aim of this salt is to help erectile dysfunction patients temporarily suppress the symptoms of the issue. You can use this medicine to enjoy your sexual life despite erectile dysfunction. The medicine will suppress the symptoms for 5-6 hours on average, and during this period, you can enjoy your intercourse.

The medicine is favourite among ED patients globally and has helped thousands of males get their body image and sexual satisfaction back. The salt is sold in the market under various variants ranging from 25 mg to 200 mg.

How does the medicine work inside your body?

The medicine will enter your body and dissolve in the blood vessels. There the medicine will start its search for PDE type 5, which has stopped the release of cGMP and contracted the blood vessels. After finding it, the salt will attach to it and will not let it produce actions any further. Due to this, the cGMP will again rise, and you will notice dilation of blood vessels. With sexual arousal, adequate blood will flow inside your penis, which will induce a very hard erection.

Now, the salt will block the blood that has entered the penis. When you are performing intercourse, the salt will not let the blood come out easily. Due to this, you will enjoy long-lasting intercourse. One round lasts for 40-50 minutes on average. It means you can have intercourse multiple times if you wish to.

What are the effects of medicine on blood pressure?

As studied above, the main task of medicine is to dilate the blood vessels. Due to this, blood pressure inside vessels decreases because of the availability of more surface area. This is why physicians don’t let you consume the medicine in case of low blood pressure. It can be dangerous for your body.

Interactions of Sildenafil citrate with heart medicines

The Sildenafil citrate salt directly interacts with one of the heart medicines that are nitrate-based tablets. A few examples of nitrate-based medicines are Nitroglycerin, Isosorbide mononitrate and Isosorbide dinitrate. Both medicines interact with each other because they perform the same task: lowering the blood pressure inside your body.

If you take both medicines together, the blood pressure declines to a dangerous extent. At this point, it can be deadly for a person. You should not take one medicine if you are already using the second.

Can the medicine cause a heart attack or stroke?

We have seen that medicine lowers the blood pressure of a person. In a normal person, it will not be an issue because their body can handle it. But in some cases, the issue gets out of control. In this situation, low blood pressure in the body can decrease the oxygen levels in the blood. This can lead to severe damage to the heart of a person. Some people also get a stroke for this particular reason. That is why you should never consume the medicine without proper consultation with the physician.

Potential Sildenafil side effects bad for the heart

        Sildenafil citrate salt can lead to a decline in blood pressure to an abnormal amount.

        In some cases, the Sildenafil salt also increases the rate at which the heart is beating. It happens because the heart wants to fulfil the oxygen supply of the body part, which is low because of hypotension.

        If a person has risk factors that indicate a stroke, the medicine can enhance those risks. This can lead to a stroke in the body of a potential patient.

Why is following your dose important?

Following the dose that your physician suggests for Sildenafil is very important. They suggest the dose by checking the levels of your issue, your body type, how much it can accommodate and many other factors. If you consume salt in more than the suggested amounts, you might experience low blood pressure, which also carries a bunch of other problems. That is why you should only take one dose if your physician suggests you take one.

Can I take medicine in case of a stable heart condition?

This is a very commonly asked question if I have had any heart issues in the past, which is not relevant now, can I use the medicine? Our suggestion to you is that you should take no step without consulting your physician. They will check your body and the potential risks it might have. They might decide whether you can take medicine based on the potential risk-to-benefit ratio. That is why the FDA has kept the medicine in the prescription-based category.


To conclude the blog, we suggest that people with any existing heart problems or at risk of stroke or heart attack should not use the medicine. Still, the physician you consult plays the most important role in the case of Sildenafil consumption and safety. They need to make all these crucial decisions, which is why you should always be transparent with your physician. If they decline your request to provide you with a prescription, don’t use the medicine and start finding any alternative method.

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