Heart Health and Tadalafil: Exploring the connection

Whenever we think of consuming Tadalafil medicine, the first question arises: “Is the medicine safe to use?” Anyone thinks of it because the Tadalafil salt is directly correlated with the functioning of the heart and blood. When a person consumes the medicine, it causes changes in blood pressure. Due to this, our hearts were direct gets impacted. Now, in the case of people with no heart issues, the medicine does not produce any clinically problematic matters.

But if we consider the case of heart patients, the medicine can be a problem. The medicine has been proven to be potentially dangerous for people who are suffering from clinical hypotension, i.e., low blood pressure. When you use the medicine, in this case, the blood pressure decreases to an unhealthy level. Moreover, the medicine also induces the risk of heart attacks and strokes in the male body.

That is why we suggest that people who have any kind of heart problem should not use the medicine. In case of risk, you can visit your physician and discuss the issue. If they approve the use of medicine, you can move forward. To know more in detail about the relationship between the heart and Tadalafil,

What is Tadalafil?

Tadalafil is an allopathic salt which people suffering from erectile dysfunction commonly use. This is the best salt in the category because once it is active, it stays active for 20-24 hours on average. The medicine will only take 40-50 minutes to produce such action. You can notice that when you use the medicine in case of erectile dysfunction, it suppresses the symptoms. The symptoms that the medicine suppresses are premature ejaculation and a softer erection.

You should know that both of these symptoms when together in the body, cause sexual dissatisfaction. In a way, people use this medicine only to get their sexual satisfaction back. The results generated by the medicine are temporary, and you need to take it again and again for great intercourse. The FDA approves the medicine for use only after getting a prescription. Its main purpose is to filter out people who are unsafe to use the medicine, like heart patients.

How does the medicine work inside your body?

When you consume the medicine, you will notice that the salt dissolves and enters your blood vessels. In the vessel, the salt will block the action of PDE type 5 which gives rise to cGMP. It is a natural vasodilator that will help dilate the blood vessels. More blood will now reach the penis when you are sexually aroused, making your erection hard. After that, the medicine will block every drop of blood that has entered the penis. This way, a person will last longer when having intercourse. The results will last for 20-24 hours and you can have intercourse multiple times during this period.

What are the effects of medicine on blood pressure?

The blood pressure is going to decrease when you consume the Tadalafil medicine. It happens because the medicine is going to dilate the blood vessels. This will increase the area where blood can flow, and pressure will decrease. In a normal case, this decrease in blood pressure is not clinically a problem.

Interactions of Tadalafil with heart medicines

Tadalafil salt interacts with nitrate-based medicines because both medicines have the same task: decreasing blood pressure. When you consume both medicines, your blood pressure decreases to a very unhealthy level. This is going to increase the chances of stroke or heart attack. That is why never take both medicines together.

Can the medicine cause a heart attack or stroke?

Yes, the medicine can potentially cause a heart attack or stroke. But it does not happen in the body of a person who is fit and has a healthy heart. The medicine causes an attack in the body of those people who already have a risk of heart attack or stroke. It happens because medicine lowers blood pressure. Low blood pressure increases heartbeat, which can lead to a heart attack. That is why never consume the medicine if your heart is at risk of an attack.

Potential Tadalafil side effects bad for the heart

  • The medicine’s biggest side effect that is bad for your heart is low blood pressure. In case of hypotension, your blood oxygen levels decrease. Due to this, the heart may not receive adequate oxygen, which can cause harm.
  • An increase in the pace at which your heart beats is also a bad side effect on your body. It is important to note that when the heart beats faster, it can cause friction and other problems. This can cause problems and heart damage.

Why is following your dose important?

When you visit your physician to get the dose, you do a detailed check-up first. The dose they provide is based on your body type, medical history, and the salt your body can bear. If you don’t follow the dose and consume a higher one, you might get in trouble. It will cause major side effects in your body, which can also be dangerous for your heart and body.

For example, with an appropriate dose, the blood pressure decreases but in a limited amount. But if you consume an overdose, the blood pressure increases to a level where you are at clinical risk. That is why you always follow the dose your physician provides. If it does not work, you can visit them again and ask them to change the dose.

Can I take medicine in case of a stable heart condition?

If you are someone who has suffered from heart problems in the past but now their situation is fine, then you might be safe to use the medicine. The person who will ensure your complete safety will be your physician. So, you should visit them and discuss your situation in detail. They will check your current situation and see the level of current risk. If the risk is low, they might provide you with a prescription but use lower salt variants only. With time, if the medicine does not cause a problem, upgrade to what you require.


Ultimately, we suggest to everyone that using the medicine on your own without guidance is not a joke. Whether you are healthy or not or have heart problems, you should always visit your physician first. They will ensure that you are safe to use the medicine despite the issues you have in your body. Above that, if you have any heart problem or risk, you should try to skip the medicine and find any other alternative. It would be better to take preventive measures rather than regret them later.


At Medzpills, it is our mission to provide consumers with the best possible, scientifically-backed, and expert-reviewed information. Parry Stone, an expert in the field has reviewed this article, but we caution you that it should not be treated as a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical professional. It is a source of knowledge, potentially helpful in understanding health conditions, lab tests, medications, side effects, drug interactions, warnings, alerts, and more. To ensure the best experience and outcome, we strongly encourage you to consult with your doctor and discuss any concerns or questions you have about a particular disease or medication. Our services are meant to supplement, not replace, the invaluable relationship between doctor and patient.

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