How To Tackle Erectile Dysfunction As A Couple?

Erectile dysfunction is the biggest sexual issue that is not fatal and still turns the whole person’s life upside down.People experience erectile dysfunction, which can cause a range of symptoms, so they cannot perform well sexually.

When a person is alone, their sexual life is not very active. In this case, a person cannot easily recognize whether or not he is suffering from an issue. The primary diagnosis of erectile dysfunction happens when a person gets a partner with whom he is sexually engaged regularly. When a couple learns that the male partner has erectile dysfunction, it can be a devastating moment.

Not just the male but the female who is in the relationship gets affected due to this problem. They also have to go through the issue of sexual dissatisfaction when their partner cannot perform well.

Such problems create differences among a couple physically, mentally, and emotionally. In some cases, erectile dysfunction becomes the reason for the end of the relationship.

But the female partner must understand that erectile dysfunction is not permanent. If a couple’s willpower is strong, the issue can be resolved easily.

If you are also a couple reading this blog and want to hold onto your partner in erectile dysfunction, then this blog is for you.

In this blog, we have discussed a few points about how a couple should deal with the issue together so that the male can easily get over it and have a perfect sexual life.

Provide Support To Your Partner In This Sensitive Situation

The fact that a male has erectile dysfunction can be very sensitive and heartbreaking for the couple. Males struggle to process the information because they suffer from the issue.

Also, they start thinking of themselves as inferior because they cannot satisfy their partner in the way they deserve.

On the other hand, the female finds it heartbreaking because, due to ED, she won’t get sexually satisfying activity. In such a situation, both partners need to support each other.

While erectile dysfunction can often be treated with smart decisions, it may not always be curable. A person in this situation should understand what their partner is going through and be courteous.

Also, don’t try to make the male partner feel that they are suffering from something very serious due to their whole life being ruined. The issue is as serious as you want to make it.

Empathize With Them And Don’t Blame Them For Not Satisfying You

This point is especially for the females who are part of a couple. If your partner has erectile dysfunction, then please don’t blame them.

The sentence can be corrected to “Sometimes partners may blame each other for the sexual dysfunction, which can be detrimental to the relationship. In such cases, the male’s self-confidence drops significantly, and the issue, which can be easily cured, will become severe.

In such a situation, all males need support from their loving partner and understanding. If you understand them, the issues may decrease, and they gain confidence, making the problem easy to treat.

Relax, Talk And Try To Reach To The Root Cause

After empathizing, now it’s time to talk. Talking is very important when an issue happens in a person’s body. To all the couples, we request that they should gather the courage to talk about this issue.

The main motive of this talk should be to understand the root cause of the issue. We recommend that one do such talk alone and stay calm during the process.

If you start panicking, your goal of talking to each other won’t be achieved. Start with when you are suffering from this issue and with the severity of it.

It would help if you also started digging into the reasons that might lead to it. You must understand that what looks like ED may not be erectile dysfunction. It can be a severe problem rising in your body like heart issues, diabetes, etc.

Read the blog here to know if your issue is erectile dysfunction. You should also see the bad habits that might lead to issues like smoking, regular alcohol consumption, lousy eating regularly, not having any physical activity, etc. When you start to understand what can be the reason, take the next step.

Resolve Any Internal Matter That Can Be An Issue

Sometimes a person is not suffering from ED, but their libido is too low. It commonly happens due to unresolved matters between a couple.

If you are one of those having continuous fights, we suggest you resolve it quietly as a mature couple. Sometimes due to longer fights, the libido of both partners decreases, which can also be behind the problem.

If you cannot handle it on a personal level, you should take the help of a marriage counsellor. They are professionals who handle such cases on an everyday basis.

They can help you eliminate your relationship issues so you can live happily again and enjoy the sexual experiences you have been missing.

Talk To A Physician Together

After you as a couple have talked personally, it’s time that you should take your problem to the physician. Such couples should make one rule that they should go together whenever they want to see a physician.

This way, females also know entirely what’s happening in their partner’s body and its severity. For males, it can be a gesture of full support, which is best in such a situation because their confidence is already hitting rock bottom.

The physician will run a detailed test and share the reason for ED in your body. In 70% of people, the reason is bad habits that are normalized with every passing day.

They will suggest many PDE type 5 inhibitor medications and a list of healthy habits you should adopt. While healthy habits will cure the issue of ED permanently, the medicine they suggest is a temporary solution.

Physicians understand that relying solely on natural treatments may not always be effective in treating erectile dysfunction, and may also recommend medications. That is why they suggest you take medicine every time before sex and live a satisfying life while fighting ED.

Don’t Give Them Pressure Of Performance

When you have visited the physician, and they have provided you with a solution, you should start it as soon as possible. But remember that things might take a few days or weeks to improve in the starting.

It would help if you were a bit patient with everything happening. Even after taking Viagra, you should be calm and focus only on having intercourse.

If you create an impression that you want to perform well and take performance pressure, then anxiety might hit you, and medicine won’t work.

You have to be calm and trust the process. The females should also not pressure their partner to have an outstanding or extraordinary performance. Just go with the flow and keep boosting your partner. Eventually, you will see an outstanding performance delivered by your partner with the medicine.

Try To Bring Variations In Your Sexual Life

A couple, when suffering from erectile dysfunction should try to do something new. A lot of times, it happens that a couple is always involved in one single boring sexual position. It can also be a reason behind the issue.

That is why I always try to spice things up. It would help if you always kept trying something new. This way, you will keep discovering new things about yourself and each other, and the heat between you never fades away.

Encourage Each Other To Get Healthy Together

It is a very important aspect that a person has to understand if they want great results in the longer run. As discussed, most cases of erectile dysfunction are due to bad habits.

Now when a male is trying to quit these bad habits, the female should support and quit them alone. It can be hard to quit any bad habit initially, but if you both are accountable for each other, then things can become manageable.

All you need to do is encourage each other and take one step at a time. The slight 1% improvement every day will make you 37 times better at the end of the year, and you won’t come to know about it. Also, don’t try to take significant steps all at once. It will make your journey hard.

Keep track of The Situation And Take Medication On Time.

As a couple, you should ensure that you always use the medicine suggested by the physician on time. Also, try to keep a record of your sexual activities, your health activities, your bad habits, etc.

This way, you will see how your body shows much improvement in X period of time. Based on the observation, you can conclude whether you are on the right track.

Try To Fulfill Each Other’s Needs with Other Forms of Intimacy In The Meantime

When you cannot have a great time sexually as a couple, then you should adopt some other ways. You should try non-sexual forms of intimacy to keep the lover between you refreshing.

These ways can be kissing, cuddling, going on dates, holding hands, hugs, giving surprises, etc. This way, your relationship becomes more assertive, and your willpower to fight the issue becomes firm.


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