How To Improve Your Sexual Life In Your 50s?

How To Improve Your Sexual Life In Your 50s?

If we see the mechanism of a male body, a person’s body starts slowing down after 45 or 50 years of age. Many conditions in the body will impact your sexual life and performance badly. That is why males start turning sexually inactive after the age of 50s.

It is a typical mentality in the mind of most that they can not enjoy their sexual life now. So, they stop discussing such topics and only remember the past days of beautiful sexual life.

But have you ever thought about why your body cannot perform sexually when you age? It is due to an issue named erectile dysfunction that happens in your body at this age.

It is an issue in which males start facing issues with gaining an erection and holding them for longer when having intercourse. Some people know about this issue, and some blame it on age.

There is an announcement for all such people who have turned 50 or are about to enter their 50s. You can also enjoy a sexual life even after hitting age. There are a few ways through which you can again get the sexual life that you are missing.

In this blog, we will discuss nine such ways through which you can improve your sexual life. Read them individually and apply them to get the best out of them.

Talk With Your Partner

When you start getting old, then your relationship with your partner becomes more of an emotional one. People stop talking about sex and intimacy with their partners at this stage of life. This is why sexual differences come between a couple, and the libido levels decrease.

That is why we suggest to both partners that if they are not sexually satisfied, they should talk openly with their better half. Both should talk and understand the needs of each other’s bodies.

If you talk about the issues, you will also know what your partner’s desire is. Sometimes talking alone is very effective for the libido of both parties.

One should regularly give some time to sexual activities so that the spark can stay alive. If you do so regularly, then maybe your sexual life will get better than what you used to have in your adult age.

Get Your Testosterone Levels Checked

When a person in his 50s is suffering from the issue of erectile dysfunction, then low testosterone levels can also be a reason for it.

With age, our body decreases the production of unnecessary hormones. In the case of testosterone, when a person gets sexually inactive, then it decreases. That is why we suggest to people in their 50s who want to improve their sexual life to get their T-levels checked. If the levels are low, you know it is stopping you from having a fantastic sex life.

Now you have to focus on improving the testosterone levels in your body. One is testosterone therapy. There are different types of testosterone therapy which you can read here in detail.

The second way out is eating food items that can increase Testosterone production in your body. You can consult your physician about the list of such food items, and they will help.

You should know that the second method will take a long time to improve your T-levels. That is why you must choose the first option for short-term goals and the second for long-term permanent improvement.

Know If You Are Using Medicines That Causes Erectile Dysfunction

A few medicines are known to cause sexual problems in your life, mainly erectile dysfunction. Some medicines are anti-depressants, medicine for high blood pressure, medicine for ulcers, antihistamines, and drugs to control your cholesterol levels.

In this case, only your physician can provide you with the best solution. We don’t suggest anyone stop using any medicine for good sexual activity because it can affect your body badly in the long run.

Exercise Is Very Important

With age, the habits of a person become lousy. They start thinking that after a whole life of working, now it’s time to have a rest and move through life at a slow pace.

Most people become lazy and stop having any physical activity in their daily life. Such people can see the negative impacts of lousiness and inactivity on their sexual life.

According to research, people who are active from a young age and regularly work out even in their old age enjoy life better than others.

But you are never too late to make a change. If you start even today, then within a few months, you will notice excellent results. Exercise is known to positively affect your sexual life because it improves your mood and provides strength to your muscles which is good for having a wonderful sexual life.

Three types of exercise will help you in your sexual life: Kegel exercise, Pilates, and Aerobics. To know the details, it would be best to read a complete blog on how exercise improves erectile dysfunction here.

Take Care Of Your Diet

The diet a person consumes regularly is also very important from a sexual point of view. Suppose you regularly consume junk food that is full of fat, then how can you expect a good sex life? Junk food and bad fat consumption have even ruined the sexual life of young people.

After 50, if you take such foods regularly, then it can be harmful to your overall health. You should pivot as soon as possible and start having healthy food.

Also, in your diet, you must add food items and Vitamins that are better for improving your sexual life. You can find a whole list of those Vitamins that can improve your ED and food items from which you can get those Vitamins here.

A suggestion for you is to consult your physician about these food items and then start using them.

Sexual Life Should Be More Than Having An Intercourse

People in their 50s must understand that the sexual life they have been living until now is not only a way. Having penetrative sex anytime in the mood is much easier for people in their 20s respect to those in their 50s.

But they should understand that at this stage, a person has time, and they can also try other forms of sexual arousal. They are-

  • They can try intimate kissing and sensual touching that can arouse them.
  • Oral sex is also a good way to gain satisfaction which needs a little technique and time.
  • A couple can give each other sensual massages, which can benefit their closeness.
  • There are various sex toys also available in the market that a person can try. But before using them, you need a mindset shift. Vibrators and sex toys are not a competitor of a man. They should consider them friends who can help you make your task easy.

Try To Spark Things Up By Trying Something New

After the 50s, the life of people becomes bland. They forget the meaning of interest in their life, losing interest in their sexual life.

We suggest that when you turn old and retire, you have more time to spend with your partner. You should use it to be innovative with your sexual life. This will show your efforts to your partner and attract them more towards you.

A few examples of something new that you can try are-

  • Choose a new place to have intercourse instead of that old common bed. A change in environment can also give you a new power to have sex.
  • You must try new sexual positions to find out what excites your partner the most. Try to plan a romantic date set up before you have intercourse. An emotional connection can make you a better and more passionate lover.

Try Erectile Dysfunction Medications

If you are diagnosed with the issue of erectile dysfunction, then one of the best options is to use the PDE type 5 inhibitor category of medicines. Four different medicines are available in the category, Sildenafil citrateTadalafilVardenafiland Avanafil.

These are FDA-approved medicines that help people with problems getting an erection or holding them for longer. The results that the ED drugs will generate are temporary.

But they can provide you with the sexual improvement you are looking for. When the medicine is active in your body, you will have a window in which your body will perform like an average person.

With continuous use of medicine, the complaints of sexual dissatisfaction of a couple will go away.

Relationship Expert Counselling

Talking to an expert and discussing with them the issue you are facing is also a great option. You should choose this option if you have tried other things and cannot get the good results you are looking for.

The expert will help you know the root cause of the issue and help you resolve it so that you can consummate a remarkable sexual life.


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