Low Libido levels- A detailed discussion

Low Libido levels


Before we start the discussion of the lower libido levels, a person should know what the libido level is. Libido levels are the desire of a person to have sexual intercourse and intimacy with their partner.

From time to time, a person might lose interest in having sexual intercourse, which means lower libido levels. When the levels of libido decrease, a person might also suffer from issues of sexual dissatisfaction. Across males and females, there are different reasons why libido levels decrease.

In this blog, we will discuss those reasons individually and provide a few clinically tested ways to elevate those libido levels. Those methods will be a mixture of natural and chemical ways. So, let’s get started without any further ado.

Low Libido levels in males

The reasons for the libido levels in the body of a male partner are discussed below. If you are also suffering from any such issue, consider the reasons carefully. You may find out why your body’s libido level is decreasing.

Is it due to Testosterone?

Testosterone, the most important hormone of the male body, plays a very important role in libido levels if we see it from a sexual point of view.

This testicle-produced hormone is going to impact the levels of libido proportionately. If the testosterone levels in the body are high, then the sexual activity drive, a.k.a. libido levels, will also be high.

On the other hand, the libido levels decrease when the body is suffering from issues of low T. According to the researchers, the normal levels of Testosterone in the body are 300 ng/dl to 1100 ng/dl.

Due to various reasons, these levels increase. With that, the desire of a person to have intercourse decreases. In case of a low-T, a person should see a endocrinologist or a urologist. They will reach the reason for low T levels and help you resolve the issue.

Effects of chronic diseases on libido levels

When a person suffers from a chronic disease, a person’s priority is getting fit first. Due to this, a person stops thinking about sexual intercourse decreasing libido levels.

Chronic diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, lung and kidney infections, and obesity can decrease libido levels in both males and females. There are some other issues we also count under chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, lung and kidney infection, obesity, etc. These issues also bring the libido of the body down.

In such cases, you should talk to your physician and your partner. Communicate with your partner ways through which you can engage in sexual intercourse without impacting the body. Your physician/ sexual activity therapist can help you in this case.

Can my mental health also affect my libido levels?

Yes, the mental health of a person impacts the libido seriously. Mental issues may include stress, depression, low-self esteem and pressure. We are living a very hectic life nowadays, which commonly encounter such issues.

Due to this, the person’s blood flow is impacted, due to which the libido levels also decrease. Now there can be thousands of reasons why a person’s mental health is hampered. That is why we suggest you consult a psychotherapist in this case.

They will hear you out and help you with the best possible solution. When you apply the solutions, you will notice that your life is getting back on track. Along with that, the libido levels also increase with improving your mental health.

Relation between sleep and libido levels

If you are not sleeping properly, then your libido levels will decrease. There are various reasons for sleep loss, like insomnia, inability to breathe properly, overthinking, etc., due to which a person can not sleep peacefully. This gives rise to tiredness, and statistics prove that a tired man is less interested in having intercourse than a normal person.

You should directly take this issue to your physician and discuss it with them. They are going to help you figure out the issue of your sleep apnea. You should resolve the issue with the help of a physician, and your libido levels will increase with better sleep.

Aging and libido levels

People commonly notice that with an increase in the age of the person, the libido levels of the person decrease. It happens because, with age, the person’s testosterone levels decrease. But it is a natural process as the body slows down the production of Testosterone after age 30 because its requirement in the body decreases. If you want your libido levels to be high again, you should be physically active and have good quality food only.

Emotional reasons that decrease the libido

There are various emotional reasons why the levels of libido also decrease. Emotional reasons might include-

  • Unable to conversate properly with your partner
  • Unresolved fight among couples leads to differences.
  • The feeling that you are unable to satisfy your partner properly. This issue can become a very big emotional issue.
  • Unable to feel satisfied due to your partner.
  • Personal childhood or adulthood trauma due to which you are scared of physical intimacy again.
  • Absence of emotions in a relationship

If you are suffering from any of the above issues, we suggest you open up and talk with your partner. If you cannot do it on a personal level, visit a marriage counselor.

They will listen to the issue of both parties and help you with an unbiased view. Also, they are going to suggest some ways through which you can gain intimacy back in your life.

Low libido levels in females

When a female is suffering from lower libido levels, then they will notice the following symptoms in the body-

  • When a female suffers from lower libido levels, they will notice no interest in any sexual activity. You can also include masturbation in this.
  • Women are even unable to fantasize about any sexual situation when they are suffering from lower libido levels.
  • If a woman involves in sexual activity with low libido levels, then they will not be interested in continuing it. They don’t feel any arousal in their private parts.

Causes for lower libido levels

The lower libido levels in the female body can be way more serious than in the body of a male. We suggest if a female is suffering from any such issue, then they should consult a physician.

They will help out in finding you out that what is the cause of low libido levels in your body out of the reasons discussed below –

  1. Medical diseases

If a person is suffering from any nonsexual disease, their libido can also be affected. A list of issues that can affect the sexual activity life of a female is blood pressure, heart issues and nervous system diseases. These diseases make the blood vessels and nervous system weak. Due to this, the blood supply in the vaginal area decreases, and the libido levels decrease.

  1. Surgery

If a woman has undergone any surgery in which the genital tract is affected, then their libido level will decrease. They may struggle to imagine engaging in sexual activity and lack the desire for it. Such issues will take their own time to resolve.

  1. Sexual Problems

There are several issues in the body of a female in which they might feel pain in the vagina during penetrative sexual activity. It can be a Urinary tract infection (UTI) or another sexual problem.

In such cases, the orgasms are more painful, so a person can not imagine having one to decrease the libido levels in the body. Consulting a physician is recommended to address and improve such issues.

  1. Fatigue

Sometimes the body of a female is not in a situation where they can perform sexual activities. Such situations mostly include taking care of loved ones, handling a career and juggling other things on the side. It can cause fatigue and stress, which will lead to depression eventually.

In such cases, a female should consult a psychiatrist and understand that they must also live their own life with a load of responsibilities. To relieve depression, females should add meditation to their daily life. It will help them in getting relief from all the issues.

  1. Lifestyle

The habits of a female also impact the libido levels of the person. If a female is involved in regular cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking, their libido levels decrease. Also, their body will be unable to feel arousal.

  1. Hormone changes

During the menopause and pregnancy period, the hormonal orientation of the female body changes. A few hormones during menopause will dry the vagina of the female. Due to this, they feel pain while penetrating, leading to decreased libido levels.

On the other hand, when a mother is breastfeeding during the pregnancy, she is completely tired. Also, the vagina is not in a situation to handle any penetration. Due to this, libido levels decrease in the body.

Pregnancy hormones will slowly reach normal levels after a couple of months. After that, a female can have satisfactory coitus, and their libido levels also increase. Various reasons can dump their confidence, and they back out from having any sexual encounter voluntarily.

In such a situation, the male partner should help the female by talking to them and consoling them. Talking is a way out of such issues. Males should try to boost the confidence of their female partners, and within a few days, both of you will notice a change in libido levels in the female’s body. They will start developing a mood of sexual activity on their own.

How do you overcome the issue of low libido?

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We have discussed in detail above the issue of libido and the reasons behind it. Now we will discuss a few ways through which males and females can increase their sexual activity drive.

The following ways consist of both natural and medication methods that work (tried and tested by the researchers) –

  • We notice that problems in relationships and anxiety can affect the libido. For this issue, we always suggest that a couple should talk their way out. There is no issue that won’t resolve as long as a couple is ready to discuss it. Sometimes, males have anxiety because they feel low self-esteem or are unable to satisfy their partner. Females also feel the same about their bodies. That is why we suggest always taking the initiative and talking. Maybe the anxiety you are feeling is unnecessary.
  • If you are engaged in a relationship with someone, you must also understand you have to make time for your partner. People nowadays have intense work patterns and responsibilities, which make them easily stressed out and start entering the stage of depression. In this case, we suggest a person feel less stressed and start scheduling their life. This way, they can easily handle stress and depression.
  • People should always have a good sleep to have a good libido. According to statistics, people who take 7+ hours of quality sleep have the best libido levels. In order, you improve your sleep; you can practice meditation. It is best to provide you with inner peace.
  • You must talk to a therapist if you are facing any emotional issues in your relationship. They will help you resolve the issue and bring you close. It leads to an increase in the libido levels among the couple.
  • You should take proper care of the food you consume. If you depend more on junk food, it is not a good sign for your libido. You must improve your diet and add healthy and sexually stimulating foods to your diet.
  • It would be best if you did not let your relationship grow old. We suggest that a couple must put in the effort to maintain the same spark. It would help if you always tried doing new activities inside and outside the bedroom. It will keep your relationship new and never let the libido down. The special activities you do for each other outside the bedroom will bring you closer inside. Also, keep exploring your partner, their likes, dislikes, etc.
  • The biggest mistake is directly jumping on the final base and having vaginal penetration sexual activity. Due to this, sexual interaction will get boring, and your libido will decrease. That is why we suggest you focus on foreplay. Before jumping onto the final base, you should spend time kissing, touching each other, using toys, having oral fun, etc.
  • According to some research, females always find men skillful with foreplay attractive. The reason behind this is the orgasm of the majority of women comes from sexually stimulating their body and clitoris. It will only happen when you are involved in foreplay.
  • If you are physically fit and have no emotional issues with your partner, then some issues inside your body might bring down the libido. That is why we suggest you take the help of herbal medicines to improve your libido. A few of them are tribulus, ginseng, maca and ginkgo. The best part about these natural remedies is that you don’t need to consult your physician and get approval. They are herbal medicines with no side effects on the body. But we suggest you use them in moderation as they are warm.
  • You should be involved in physical activities regularly. Statistics from the American institution prove that 75% of obese men have a lower libido level. It can be low-self esteem, low-T levels and weak physique. Such people should always be involved in physical activity and healthy eating. When such people shed some weight, then their libido levels rise.
  • People who have low testosterone levels should consult their physician. They are going to help them with testosterone therapy. It will help increase the hormone levels in the body, indirectly impacting the libido levels. We suggest you open up completely with the physician about the issue you have been facing, and they will suggest the best way out.
  • Sometimes males with erectile dysfunction also notice a decrease in their libido levels. It happens because a person cannot erect properly during the issue, and they start feeling inferior. Such people should also consult their physician, and they will help you with a range of PDE type 5 inhibitor medicine. A few best medicines in the category are Cenforce 100 mgTadalista 20 mg, Vilitra 20 mg, Avana 50 mg, etc. You should take these medicines after proper consultation with your physician.
  • Females facing the issues of Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD) can also notice a decrease in their libido levels. They must also consult the physician and get the Cenforce FM or Lovegra 100 mg. These medicines will help you get the best arousal and a rise in libido level.
  • People who smoke and consume alcohol regularly will also find the problem developing the mood to have sexual intercourse. Such people should slowly leave these smoking and drinking habits and try to shift towards good ones. It will help you in improving your libido slowly. If you want, you can consult your physician, who can help you with ways to leave these bad habits easily.


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