Male Sexual Hormones- A Detailed Analysis

Male Sexual Hormones- A Detailed Analysis

There are various glands in a person’s body that releases plenty of chemical messengers in the body. These chemical messengers are known as Sexual Hormones and help the body with pre-decided tasks. The task of hormone release is done by one organ, which generally acts on other body organs.

In the human body, a hormone needs the help of blood to travel from one organ to another. These hormones that the body releases help a person in growth, well-being and reproduction tasks. If the hormone levels become unbalanced, it can lead to various issues in the body.

In this blog, you will find important information about male sexual hormones, their importance, and how they affect the body. So without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the pool of information about male sexual organs.

Different Types Of Male Hormones

In the human body, the testicles produce male sexual hormones. They are two oval-shaped glands in the scrotum below the lower abdomen. In these testicles, you will find different compartments called lobules.

In these 200-300 lobules in the testicle, you will find seminiferous tubules and Leydig cells. These Leydig cells help in the main production of male hormones. Let’s discuss all these hormones one by one in detail.


Androgen is a sexual hormone or a group of hormones that plays a very important role in the onset of puberty in the person’s body. Although females also make androgen, but the levels are very low.

In the male, the interstitial cells of Leydig are going to fulfill the task of production of androgen. These Leydig cells make up around 20% of the testis, ensuring that androgen production continues at an appropriate level.

Along with the testis, adrenal glands also help in the production of an androgen which is testosterone.

Different Types Of Androgens

As we have discussed above, androgens are a group of hormones. It means that androgen consists of 5 different types of hormones. Those hormones are-

  • Testosterone
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone i.e., DHEA
  • Dihydrotestosterone
  • Androstenedione
  • DHEA sulfate

Role Of Androgens In The Body

Androgens are going to help a person with the following tasks. A list of those tasks are-

  • Androgen hormone helps a person in increasing their bone density. If the levels are in moderation, you will see that bone density is good. On the other hand, if the levels decrease, then bone density also starts to decrease.
  • The androgens also help a person with the development of muscles. It is going to help a person by providing masculine looks.
  • As discussed above, the puberty of a male happens due to androgens. If the androgen doesn’t release properly in the body, puberty might also delay. On the other hand, puberty comes in the body of a male at the age of 9. It happens due to high levels of androgen in the body.
  • These hormones also control the sexual desire of the male and sexual activity drive. An increase or decrease can lead to issues with the sex drive of a person.
  • Red blood cell production is also the responsibility of androgens.
  • Androgen in the body of males helps in hair growth, deep voice development and sperm development. It will happen in those people who are assigned male at birth.

What Happens When The Androgen Levels Decrease In The Body?

There are many cases when the androgen levels in the body decrease. There can be various reasons for this issue. But first, the physician needs to check whether androgens are low.

They are going to check it by performing a blood test. In that blood test, physicians are going to check the following –

  • Levels of testosterone in the body. If the levels are between 300-1100 ng/dl, then the levels are normal.
  • They are also going to check the levels of free testosterone.
  • The physician will also check the intercourse hormone-binding- globulin in the body. They are proteins that help carry androgens in the body from one organ to another.

When a person compares all these three levels in the body, they can estimate the levels of androgen in the body. After that, they will decide whether levels are normal or low.

If the levels of androgen in the body of a male are low, then the following issues might happen-

  • If levels of androgen are low, then the cases of bone fractures increase. A small pressure on the bone carries a higher risk of fracture.
  • A person with low levels of androgen in the body will notice unnecessary fatigue.
  • The intercourse drives in males with lower androgen levels also decrease.
  • Low androgen levels are also going to give rise to a risk of anxiety and depression. It will also decrease the concentration of the person and decrease exercise tolerance.
  • Low androgen levels in a male’s body will lead to breast development in males. A person should discuss this issue with a physician and find a solution. Otherwise, the problem can also lead to permanent infertility.
  • The chances of issues of Erectile dysfunction also increase in this case. If you also suffer from the issue, we suggest you go through the details of Erectile Dysfunction. You will find the best ways to get rid of the issue here.

Problems Due To Androgen Level Increase In The Body

A decrease in androgen levels is not the only issue in the body. The male body also faces problems when the androgen levels increase. Some problems that will happen commonly in your body are –

  • Acne will happen on the face of the androgen levels increase.
  • You will notice the growth of hairs on areas like chins and upper lips where they do not grow normally.
  • The hair starts thinning due to the increase of androgen in the body.

The growth of androgen can indicate serious issues like tumors in glands like the adrenal gland and testis. You must ask your physician to check your body properly and get tests done so that they can diagnose the issue easily and treat it.

Role Of Androgen In Female’s Body

When a fetus is assigned female at birth, then androgen will convert into estrogen hormone. The estrogen hormone is going to help by dining the following tasks-

  • The hormone will ensure that the process of menstruation in the body of a female happens timely. If hormone secretion is not proper, then menstruation will not happen properly.
  • The hormone is also going to help pregnant women and conceiving. It ensures that the womb holds the pregnancy properly and the fetus won’t face any problems.
  • The issue of osteoporosis in the body of females is very common in which the bone density of females decreases. It happens when the levels of androgen decrease in the body post-menopause. It means that when the androgen is sufficient in the body, the bone loss cases are much less.
  • The hormone also helps in the growth of pubic hairs. It happens to protect the vagina from any infection.

If androgen levels increase in their body, then issues like acne, missed periods, infertility, ovarian tumors, etc., might happen. A female also starts gaining weight in this case.


Testosterone is the male intercourse hormone fully responsible for developing male characteristics in the person. An adequate level of testosterone levels in the body also helps maintain male characteristics they have developed.

The Leydig cells in testicular interstitial tissue are responsible for testosterone production in the body. When required, the testosterone also converts to a hyperactive hormone named dihydro testosterone, i.e., DTH.

Role Of Testosterone In the Male Body

Following is the role of testosterone in the body of males-

  • The most important task is testosterone will help maintain libido levels in the body.
  • The task of fat distribution and muscular strengthening in the body is always completed by testosterone. If testosterone levels are not proper, then you can notice it with the help of your body mass.
  • Testosterone is also responsible for increasing the memory strength of the person. That is why people start losing memory with age because the levels of these hormones decrease.
  • Testosterone is the main source of energy in the body of the male.
  • It also ensures that the sleep cycle of the person is normal.

What Happens If The Levels Of Testosterone Decrease?

There are hundreds of reasons why the testosterone levels in a person’s body decrease. When this happens, the following are the issues that will happen in your body-

  • When testosterone levels decrease, a person might suffer from issues of erectile dysfunction in the body. It means that a lack of hormones can turn a person impotent.
  • The sexual activity drive of a person suffering from issues might also decrease.
  • People will notice baldness issues when the levels of testosterone decrease in the body.
  • Depression and sadness can also be an issue due to decreased testosterone levels.
  • The confidence of a person who is suffering from issues with low testosterone levels also drops.

Do The Levels Of Testosterone Varies Throughout The Day?

Yes, the levels of testosterone throughout the day also decrease. Testosterone levels are at a peak during the first half of the day. After noon, the levels of testosterone in the body start decreasing. That is why the physician suggests that if you want to have tests for levels of testosterone, then you must get it done before noon. It would help in the proper estimation of levels of testosterone in the body of the male.

You should visit here if you want more details about the testosterone hormone.


Although the levels of estradiol, the hormone, are very low in the body, it plays a very important role.

The Leydig cells produce the estradiol that helps in the maturation of sperm in the body. Along with that, it will also help a person with bone strength.

If the Leydig cells fail to produce the estradiol, the sperm will not mature. Such sperm will lose fertility, and there is no meaning in releasing such a component from the body.

That is why if you are facing the issues of infertility, then discuss it once with your physician. They will check the levels and provide you with a few to improve the estradiol levels in the body.

Anti-Mullerian Hormones

These hormones are present in a person’s body, which helps differentiate unborn males and females. In a fetus, the process of Mullerian duct formation happens. But if the fetus turns out to be a male, then its testis develops, which releases this anti-mullerian hormone.

It will stop the growth of these Mullerian ducts in the body. It will convert the Mullerian ducts into the epididymis, seminal vesicles and vas deferens. If this hormone does not release in a male fetus, it can also affect the person’s orientation.

Inhibin B

When you look at the human reproductive system, you will find some Sertoli cells. They are present in the seminiferous tubules in the testis. The inhibin B hormone plays a very important role in activating a hormone known as a follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

The pituitary gland of the body helps in the production of FSH in the body. The primary role of this FSH is to help in the production of sperm and control it. The levels of FSH increase with the increase of age earlier and then start increasing.

Before puberty, the levels of FSH are low, which will increase after a male hits puberty. After age 35, the levels again start decreasing in the body of a male. It is very important to keep the levels of Inhibin B in control, and the body does it with the help of a negative feedback loop.

The main task of the FSH is the production of sperm. When the sperm count in the testis exceeds a limit, it will signal the pituitary gland to temporarily stop FSH production. It will again signal the seminiferous tubules to stop the production of Inhibin B. When the sperm count drops, a positive feedback loop will work in the body and production of Inhibin B will start, and the cycle activates.

If the levels of inhibin B start declining abruptly, then there are issues with the gland secreting the hormone. You should see them and share the issue with them. They will get a few important tests done and then share what you should do.

Ways To Balance Your Hormones Naturally

When you are going to see the physician with the issue of hormone levels, then they will do a few tests. If they find that testosterone levels are lower, they suggest you undergo testosterone therapy. It will maintain the levels of testosterone in the body properly.

But there are a few natural ways also that you can apply to ensure that the balance of hormones in your body remains proper –

  • The protein you consume in your everyday diet is very important for producing hormones. That is why we suggest you take proper protein levels in your diet.
  • Weight can also be a reason behind the decrease or increase in hormone levels in the body. That is why we suggest you check your weight and BMI levels. It would be best if you also were involved in regular exercise and physical activities to maintain proper hormone levels.
  • You must always take care of your sugar intake. Sugar is a high-level complex carbohydrate that dissolves very slowly in the body. That is why it deposits in various forms in the body that cause issues with hormone production. That is why we suggest that you always check the sugar levels in your body.
  • Stress and depression in the body can also cause problems in the levels of hormones. Physicians suggest that a person should always try to manage stress. If they face stress management problems, they must see a psychiatrist. They will help you resolve any mental issue you have been facing.
  • According to experts, people who consistently get proper sleep every day have proper hormone production levels. An average sleep of 7-8+ hours is sufficient to maintain normal tasks of the body. If you sleep less consistently, you will notice a decline in levels of androgens in the body.
  • A Mediterranean diet can help a person with lower androgen levels in the body. The diet consists of cruciferous vegetables, legumes, whole grains, feed, seeds, etc.

We suggest that you should follow all these points regularly. They will help you maintain proper health because male sexual activity does not only contribute to the sexual health of the person. It will also help in the proper functioning of normal day-to-day tasks of a person and maintain proper health.


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