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Male Sexual Problems: What You Can Do to Solve Them

A male goes through plenty of sexual problems or sexual dysfunction during their whole life. According to statistics, more than 38% of males worldwide face issues in their sexual life.

They have problems in their body, so they cannot have satisfactory coitus with their partner. These sexual dysfunctions can happen in a person’s body due to various physical and mental issues.

In the case of a few people, emotional problems in their relationship become the reason for these male sexual problems.

In this blog, we will discuss the main sexual issues that a male might face in their body. Also, we will discuss a few ways to resolve the issues so that a person can enjoy their sexual life properly. So, let’s discuss all those issues one by one.

Male Sexual Problems: What You Can Do to Solve Them

Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation is a situation in which the ejaculation of a person starts to delay by a very long period. In a few cases, we have noticed that a person does not notice an ejaculation.

In this issue, a person is unable to achieve orgasms easily. It can happen both while having penetration sexual activity or masturbation. It can easily become a problem in a person’s relationship because their partner won’t be able to satisfy them.

The symptoms of the issue are a person noticing a minimum delay of 60 minutes while having intercourse. It will make the period of coitus longer, and partners of such people might not show any interest in intercourse anymore.

Most people don’t feel that delayed ejaculation is a problem. But when it starts bothering the person’s partner, it becomes an issue.

The reasons why the issue of delayed ejaculation happens in the body of a person are –

  • If a person is using antidepressants or taking high doses of blood pressure medicine, then delayed ejaculation might happen.
  • Recreational drugs can also cause a delay in ejaculation in your body. It will slow down all body functionality, which also delays ejaculation.
  • If a person is having any issues in a relationship, then it can also cause issues of no or delayed orgasms.
  • Problems with the nerves and spinal cord are also going to cause issues in ejaculation. Due to this reason, the message delivery system of the nervous system completely slows down.

You should see the physician in case of delayed ejaculation when you and your partner find it problematic and want to achieve normal orgasms. Apart from that, people willing to conceive and unable to do it because of delayed ejaculation should also see a physician.

The physician will diagnose this issue with the help of urine tests and physical examinations. After that, they will find out the proper reason for the issue and then tell you a way to get rid of the issue.

A few ways for treat Delayed ejaculation are-

  • You must contact a psychologist if your physician finds the issue is due to some emotional problem.
  • Your physician might also suggest some medicines to eliminate the issue of delayed ejaculation. A few medicines are Amantadine and Cyproheptadine. You must take a prescription for this medicine from your physician to buy the medicine.
  • The physician suggests a person stop using drugs and alcohol if suffering from the issue. It will resolve the problem easily.

Dry Orgasms

The issue is also known as Retrograde Ejaculation. In this issue, the semen that accompanies the sperms during ejaculation will enter the bladder instead of releasing during ejaculation.

So, you will notice that your body is reaching ejaculation but will not ejaculate any semen. The issue is not harmful to the body but causes the problem of infertility in males.

It happens because the semen will help deliver sperm to the female body and does not exit the body after ejaculation.

When a person is suffering from this issue, visiting the physician becomes very important when trying to reproduce. You must also visit the physician when you are going to face any underlying problems of dry orgasms. But this happens in a negligible amount of cases.

The symptom of the issue is cloudiness in urine. It happens because the semen enters the bladder and will exit the body when you empty your bladder.

The issue happens in a person’s body when the vas deferens cannot transport semen properly. Normally the muscle which protects the entry of the urinary bladder tightens when semen is released so that it does not enter the bladder. But due to some reasons, the muscle stopped tightening. It leads to the entry of semen into the bladder and happening of retrograde ejaculation in the body.

There is no such treatment for Retrograde Ejaculation but only a few prevention measures. People suffer from these issues commonly due to any injury or surgery.

So, if you are going through any such surgery that impacts the neck of the bladder, you should discuss it with your physician first and ask them to take all possible preventive measures.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the biggest sexual issues in the life of a male. This issue has the potential to alter the whole sexual life of a person. Moreover, the issue impacts the body of a female also seriously.

When a person is suffering from erectile dysfunction issues, then two symptoms occur in their body.

The first one is a softer erection. In this problem, a person cannot gain a hard erection. In some serious issues, a person does not notice an erection.The next problem that happens in the body is premature ejaculation.

In the next part, you will get full details about this issue. When these two issues happen in a person’s body, they face problems maintaining a proper libido level and satisfying their partners.

This way, sexual satisfaction runs far away from the life of both male and female partners. There can be various issues due to which a person might notice erectile dysfunction, and their permanent treatment is also natural.

But a person can also suppress the issues of erectile dysfunction with the help of PDE type5 inhibitor medicine like Cenforce 100 mg, Fildena 100 mg, Tadalista 40 mg, etc.

If you want to cure the issue of erectile dysfunction permanently, then you should take the following steps –

  • Change your junk food habits and adopt healthy food in your daily routine.
  • You must give one hour to physical activity at least every day in which you must do lower floor exercise, pilates, and aerobics. It will help you maintain your weight, strengthen your pelvic muscles and improve your blood supply in your body.
  • If ED is happening in your body due to high blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes, then you should control these issues. Your ED issue will automatically resolve.

To know more details about erectile dysfunction, read the blog here.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is an issue in which male is unable to keep up with the erection they have. They ejaculate very soon when having a sexual interaction with their partner or masturbation.

The issue of premature ejaculation is increasing in the body of more and more males. It is happening due to the following reasons

  • People depend more on alcohol and recreational substances. Due to this, the person doesn’t have the energy to have sexual intercourse, and they ejaculate soon.
  • People nowadays are not living a healthy lifestyle. Due to this, their physical health is degrading. Junk food and no physical exercise has made them a victim of premature ejaculation.
  • Chemical imbalances in the body can also cause premature ejaculation.

When the issue of premature ejaculation starts causing problems in your personal life and relationship, you must see your physician. They will help you in reaching to the roots of the issue and provide you with a solution for the issue.

Loss Of Male Libido

In simple words, when a person lacks interest in sexual intimacy and intercourse, we can call the issue a loss of libido levels. There can be different reasons why a person’s libido might decrease, like low testosterone, anxiety, pain, alcohol, smoking, bad sexual experience, low self-esteem, etc.

If you are also facing the issue, then we suggest you go through the details of low libido levels in males here.

After that, you must visit your physician and seek medical help. They will consult you to find out why your libido levels are low. After that, you need to follow their order, and you will notice that your libido levels skyrocket.

Prolonged Erection

It is an issue in which the erection of a person will last in the body for a very long period. The penis will not come in its normal stage, making it painful after 2-3 hours. This issue happens when the blood is blocked in your penis.

When we see the reason behind the prolonged erection or priapism, we will notice that it is either due to any blood disorder or the use of drugs. PDE type 5 inhibitors cause prolonged erection as a side effect. An injury can also be a reason for prolonged erection.

If you want to treat this issue, then you should use an ice pack on your penis by wrapping it first. It can bring the heat down and mauve erection. But if your erection does not come down within 24 hours, then surgery is an option. You must call your physician and ask for emergency help.

Also, as a precaution, if you are using a drug that causes a prolonged erection, then you must tell your physician. They will prescribe you a lower dose, providing a safe and better erection.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

If a person is suffering from any sexually transmitted disease, then having intercourse can be problematic for them. A few issues like Chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhoea, genital warts, hepatitis B, HIV, etc., happen in a male’s body very commonly.

A few issues spread when a person has unprotected sexual activity with their partner, but issues like gonorrhoea spread even due to skin contact. That is why you should always consult your physician.

Common side effects of any STI are that they cause pain, itchiness, burning sensations, etc. kind of issues in your body during urination and sexual intercourse.

If you have these symptoms, reach out to your physician as soon as possible. They will help you with ways to control the problem and consult you regarding safe sexual activity options.

If the issue you are suffering from transmits if you have unprotected sex, then you can safely have intercourse with the help of condoms. Also, if you practice safe sexual activity when your motive is not reproduction, you can save yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

Deformation Of Penis

We know that every male has a different-sized penis that varies slightly in shape and girth. But a normal penis is straight when erected. But in the body of a few people, the erection gets curved, called deformation of the penis.

This issue is not a problem until a person who has a curved penis experience pain while having penetration sexual activity.

When the physician notices the biggest reason for the deformation of the penis, they find that Peyronie’s disease is behind the issue. In this issue, a fibre scar develops on the penis.

These are non-cancerogenic scars but have the potential to cause pain. In this case, you must visit the physician. They can help you by prescribing you an FDA-approved treatment, Intralesional collagenase injections (Xiaflex).

When you use these injections regularly, then the fibres of the scar break down. Soon you will notice that the curve is decreasing in size. The pain you experience during erection and penetration sexual activity will also disappear.

After some time, when your penis becomes in normal shape, you can stop medicine consumption after consulting your physician.

Low Testosterone

It is a serious issue that might happen in the male’s body. Testosterone is responsible for almost 70% of the sexual tasks in a person’s body.

It is even responsible for the initiation of the production of sperm and semen. Apart from that, it will ensure that the sexual activity drive/ libido levels of the person stay high.

Following are the problems that might happen in the body of a person when the testosterone levels decrease –

  • The sexual activity drive of a person will decrease due to low testosterone levels. They cannot develop a mood to have sexual intercourse with their partner.
  • The erection might not happen if a person’s testosterone levels are low. The only erection that happens in the body will be during sleep.
  • A person might also suffer from infertility issues because sperm and semen will not be manufactured in an adequate amount required for reproduction.
  • The issue might also give rise to erectile dysfunction in the body of males, which means premature ejaculation and softer erections.

If you want to know every single detail about the low testosterone issue and how you can resolve it through testosterone therapy, you must visit the Testosterone blog.

How does Aging Affect The Sexual Life Of A Person?

The ageing of a person will affect the whole sexual life of a person. When a person’s age increases, they will notice a decrease in the levels of hormones. Due to this, the energy levels in the body, libido levels, etc., start to decrease.

Also, a person’s physical health declines with age, due to which they become sexually inactive. But this natural process happens in almost 80% of males.

A few exceptional cases do not lose their sexual spark even after ageing. It happens because they are physically active and have been taking a proper diet for ages.

If you also want that your sexual activity life does not become bland when you age, then you must take the following steps-

  • You should take time every day of your schedule for proper physical activity.
  • Always take a balanced diet so that issues like obesity, blood pressure and cholesterol do not happen in your body.
  • You should not develop habits of alcohol consumption and smoking. These will affect your body in the small term and potentially destroy your sexual life.
  • You can take supplements to make your body perform well. There are many sexually-enhancing drugs on the market that can help you.
  • You can also take help from PDE type 5 inhibitors like Sildenafil, if you want to enhance your sexual life. But you can take these drugs if your body shows symptoms of erectile dysfunction and you have a prescription for the medicine.

How To Prevent Male Sexual Problems From Happening?

People are suffering from sexual problems in their life more than ever today. Earlier, people who had an accident or an injury used to show the symptoms of sexual problems.

When issues happen due to such problems, then physicians treat them with the help of medical science. But the statistics show that today 90% of people suffer from sexual issues because of their habits.

The sudden shift in lifestyle has led to a sudden shift in male sexual health. That is why we suggest to everyone that if you want sexual well-being, then watch your physical activities properly. Don’t adopt a lifestyle that is bad for not just your sexual health but your overall life.

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