Privacy Policy

We have laid a very well defined privacy policy for our customers to ensure their privacy. While doing online transactions the safety of the clients is compromised normally but it won’t happen here. Every online transaction is protected by our privacy policy and our client’s safety is our main priority.

All the customers are requested to go through the privacy policy before they make a transaction on the website and agree with it. Paying through the website means you have accepted all the terms and conditions of the website and have gone through the privacy policy thoroughly.

Conditions for collecting and sharing customer’s information

        The information we collect from our customers are name, age, phone number, email id, and address. All of this information is used for official purposes.

        No information provided by the customer is provided to any third party service who try to make a sales through contacting them

        All the private information of the customer like card details and OTPs are encrypted by 256 bit and are secured in our servers in order to make the buying process easy. It saves their time while buying the medicines again and again.

        It is the choice of the customer that they want to get registered with the website or not. Without permission no information about the customer will be saved.

        It is not mandatory to sign-up to the portal when you are trying to buy the medicine.

Newsletter sign-up conditions

        If you provide your email id then you get eligible for getting our weekly newsletter.

        Through newsletters, important information is conveyed. New medicine launch information is also conveyed through the newsletter.

        It is not mandatory for you to sign-up for the newsletter. You can opt-out while checking out but then you will miss out on latest offers and information important for you.

        You will not be sent any unauthorized emails by Medspillz and your email information is completely secure with the website.

        On completion of every transaction, an email will be sent to you with the receipt of the medicine and delivery information.

        In case a person does not receive any email then they should check their spam folder and mark the website mail as safe to keep receiving regular updates.

Cookie policy of MedzPills

        There are a few cookies used on the website with the sole purpose of easing your task of buying the medicine. It helps in faster check out by keeping in mind your previous activities on the website.

        If you don’t want to share your activity on the website, you can opt out from accepting the cookies.

        When you make a transaction successfully then vital information will be saved for your faster browsing experience.

Transactions made on the website

        The payments and transactions you make on the website are protected by a SSL gateway which is end to end encrypted. 256-bit security encryption is activated on the website for safety of your information and payment details.

        Whenever you make an online purchase, an OTP will be sent to your registered number to check out that you are buying the medicine or someone else is accessing your ID without permission.

Refund and cancellation policy 

        We have a well defined cancellation policy for the benefit of our customers. When  a customer places an order online then it can also be canceled from our portal.

        The order cancellation will be accepted only if it is done within 7 days after placing the order no matter if it is a domestic order or international.

        Any cancellation made after 7 days will not be accepted and you have to receive the product.

        Exchange of the product can be done if you are willing to or found any issue with the order.

        All the exchange orders will be first verified by our executives and then the exchange will be processed.

        Cash refund is not an option provided by Medzpills. You can either get the refund in your bank account or can accept vouchers from the website which can be used to buy other medicines.

Review policy

        It is a humble request to every customer that they share their buying experience with us. We can showcase your experience which will help others with buying the medicine.

        You can review the medicine after using it, your experience with the website interface,overall buying process and our customer service.

        We only encourage you to share your experience and reviews but it is not mandatory. It is the user’s choice whether they want to share their experience or not.