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Alfusin, a 10 mg alpha-1-blocker medicine by Cipla. Packed in a blister with 15 cylindrical, white tablets, each containing Alfuzosin. This active ingredient targets Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, offering relief for those in need.


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Alfusin, a 10 mg medicine, falls in the category of alpha-1-blockers. The manufacturer of the medicine Cipla, packs the medicine in a blister pack of 15 tablets. Each tablet is cylindrical in shape and white in color and has 10 mg of active pharmaceutical ingredients. The medicine’s active ingredient is Alfuzosin, which helps people with an issue called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. In this issue, a person notices swelling in their prostate gland. It can cause pain and problems in the flow of urine.

How does Alfusin 10 mg work inside your body?

Alfusin 10 mg contains the active ingredient alfuzosin, which belongs to a class of medications known as alpha-1 blockers. Alpha-1 receptors are found in the prostate gland, the bladder, the neck, and the muscles of the urethra.

Alfuzosin works by relaxing these muscles, which in turn helps to improve urine flow and relieve the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate gland, such as difficulty in passing urine, frequent urination, and nocturia (urination at night). It does so by blocking the alpha-1 receptors in these muscles, leading to their relaxation and allowing urine to flow more freely and easily.

It is important to note that alfuzosin does not shrink the prostate gland but rather helps relieve the symptoms associated with its enlargement. Alfusin 10 mg should be taken as directed by a doctor, and it may take several weeks of treatment to see significant improvement in symptoms.

How to use Alfusin 10 mg?

  • You should always use the medicine without breaking or chewing it. Doing so can decrease the working of the medicine.
  • You should always use the medicine after consuming your food. Use the medicine an hour or two after taking food.
  • To swallow the medicine, using a glassful of water would be better
  • It would be best if you decreased the consumption of junk food.

Dosage Requirement

The physician will decide the dose for you when you visit them to get a prescription. They will check whether you are safe to use the medicine and then provide you with the prescription. It can be either one or two per day based on the issues you have in your body.


An overdose of the medicine can lead to major side effects in your body. Sometimes these side effects can get very serious and deadly for your body. So, you should contact your physician and ask them for help to eliminate the side effects.

Missed dose

If you ever miss the dose of the medicine, you should consume it as soon as possible. Without using the dose, the issue might get serious. To make up for the dose, you should remember that there should be at least 12 hours left for the next dose. If the time is less, you should contact your physician and ask them what you should do.

Side effects of Alfusin 10 mg

  • The medicine might lead to issues like dizziness and headache in your body.
  • People might even notice abdominal pain and diarrhea because of Alfusin.
  • The medicine might even cause infection in your upper respiratory tract.
  • Medicine might even lead to issues like nausea and drowsiness in your body.
  • The medicine can also cause fatigue and muscle pain inside your body.
  • Abdominal complications like vomiting and loss of appetite might also happen in your body.
  • The medicine can also cause dryness in your mouth.
  • You might even notice decreased libido or sexual drive because of the medicine.
  • In some serious cases, a person might faint because of the medicine.
  • Chest pain might also happen when you are using the medicine.
  • Your heartbeat might get irregular when you are using the medicine.
  • Some people might notice allergic reactions when using the medicine.
  • Blurriness in front of your eyes and a vision change will also appear inside your body.

If the side effects in your body get serious, you must contact your physician. They will help you get rid of the side effects.

Preventive Measures

  • Whenever you are visiting the physician, share your complete medical history. Make a list of medicines & supplements you are using & issues you have faced. Hand over that list to the physician, and they will ensure you are safe using the medicine.
  • Whenever you are using the medicine, never use alcohol or marijuana. It can cause side effects like dizziness and lightheadedness.
  • Never operate any vehicle or heavy machinery when using the medicine. The physician asks you to do so because you might notice blurriness in front of your eyes because of the medicine.
  • If you have any kidney or liver problems, don’t take the medicine without the physician’s permission.
  • You should take medicine 1-2 hours after consuming your food.

Drug Interactions

  • Atazanavir
  • Bepridil
  • Boceprevir
  • Cisapride
  • Dronedarone
  • Fluconazole
  • Idelalisib
  • Indinavir
  • Itraconazole

You should always provide the names of medicines you currently use to ensure your safety.

Disease Interactions

  • You should never use the medicine if you have cataract issues.
  • The medicine is unsafe if you have hypotension or low blood pressure issues.
  • People with kidney problems, a.k.a. Renal impairment should never be used in medicine.
  • The medicine is completely unsafe for you if you have QT prolongation issues.

How to store the medicine?

  • The best place to store the medicine is dry and dark. Never choose a place that is damp.
  • Place the medicine in a cool place where the temperature is below 28 degrees. Never put it in the refrigerator.
  • You should keep the medicine away from the reach of your kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What changes are Alfusin 10 mg going to make in your body?

When you use the Alfusin 10 mg medicine, the medicine will only relax the prostate gland’s muscles. It will relax the muscles of the bladder also, due to which your urine starts flowing easily.

  1. What is the best time to use Alfusin 10 mg?

When you visit the physician to get the prescription for the medicine, they will tell you when to use it. It would be best if you stuck to the schedule they provide and tried to use the medicine simultaneously every day. Also, you should use the medicine after consuming your meal with a sufficient time difference.

  1. Is Alfusin medicine going to impact your liver?

The medicine might impact your liver, but the chances are very rare. The issue will happen in the body of those who already have a liver infection. That is why if you are having any liver infection in your body, try not to use the medicine.

  1. Is the medicine going to impact your erection problems also?

In very rare cases, the patients will also notice the problems of priapism, that is, elongated and painful erections. If you notice that your erection which is not going away, you must contact your physician as soon as possible. They will help you get rid of the issue before the issue gets serious in your body.

  1. What preventive measures should one take when using the medicine?

When you are using the medicine, keep in mind that you should never drive or operate any heavy machinery. Also, consume the medicine according to the directions provided by the physician.

  1. Is the Alfusin going to decrease the size of your prostate?

People who are using Alfusin 10 mg medicine will notice relaxation in their prostate gland. Now some people confuse it with a decrease in the size of the prostate gland. The only change the medicine will make is removing the swelling.

  1. How long will the medicine take to act inside your body?

The Alfusin 10 mg medicine starts acting within half an hour inside your body. But you will not notice the results immediately. To notice any visible results, you have to wait for at least 5-6 days. In some serious cases, the medicine might take more time to show its action in your body.

  1. Who should not use the Alfusin 10 mg medicine?

There are several people who are unsafe to use the Alfusin 10 mg medicine-

  • People who have severe liver problems should not use the medicine.
  • If you have low blood pressure, or heart or kidney problems, don’t use the medicine.
  • People using Atazanavir, Bepridil, Boceprevir, Cisapride, etc., should not use the medicine.
  • If you have cataract issues, don’t use the medicine.

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