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Malaria is a parasitic illness caused by bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes carrying a parasite known as plasmodium falciparum. When an infected mosquito bites a healthy person, it transfers the parasite into the body so that person gets infected.

Illness can be identified by various signs such as fever, weakness, vomiting, headache, and fainting. Malarial infection may reoccur with poor treatment. Artesunate 100 mg tablet, is the panacea for treating malarial infection thoroughly.

Artesunate, 100 mg tablets, are manufactured by Enorm Med Pharma, an FDA-certified and globally known name in the pharmaceutical industry. Norsunate 100mg is the brand name of anti-malarial medicine.

This medicine comes in blister packaging, having 4 tablets in one strip. Each tablet consists of 100 mg of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), which is Artesunate. This medicine is consumed globally for the treatment of malaria. There is a lot of important information that you must know before taking this medication, so keep reading ahead.

Artesunate 100 mg details

Working of Artesunate 100 mg tablets

Artesunate is a protein synthesis inhibitor that stops the synthesis of protein in parasites leading to parasitic death.

In detail, after consuming Artesunate, the drug is converted into its active form, dihydroartemisinin (DHA), which generates reactive oxygen species (ROS) and increases oxidative stress on malarial protein, resulting in protein damage by the process of alkylation.

Along with protein damage, it also inhibits the activity of glutathione S-transferase, which is responsible for glutathione synthesis in the parasite. The overall activity of the drug leads to killing the plasmodium parasite and improves patient health from the malarial condition.

Pharmacokinetics of Artesunate

Absorption of Artesunate is rapid through the gastrointestinal route, and the absorption rate was reported to be 3.3 mcg per mL. The distribution of the drug in the body is phenomenal at the rate of 60L. Due to fast distribution, the drug will reach the target site and neutralize the parasite quickly.

More often, metabolism is also fast for this drug through the liver enzyme, which converts the active drug into inactive metabolite for elimination from the body. Elimination is pretended through urine, majorly and minorly through feces.

Interaction of Artesunate 100 mg

  • The artesunate effect was enhanced when consumed with other anti-malarial medicines such as primaquine, tetracycline, and mefloquine.
  • Chloroquine produces an additive effect in neutralizing malarial infection when given along with Artesunate.
  • Artesunate is reported to antagonize the effect of sulfonamides and pyrimethamine.
  • There are no such interactions of the drug with food reported, but it is advised to eat healthy and light food to gain energy because the drug may cause weakness.
  • Alcohol and narcotic substance consumption should be avoided while following the regimen of anti-malarial drugs because such practice may alter the performance of the drug towards disease and may produce a synergic effect to the side effects of the medicine.

The adverse effect of Artesunate 100 mg tablets

Artesunate is a potent prodrug and may cause some adverse effects based on the consumption of the dose. The associated adverse effect are-

  • Hemolytic anemia is identified by a reduction in red blood cells count.
  • Headache, nausea, and vomiting
  • Loss of appetite- reduced hunger due to stomach upset.
  • Dizziness- a sense of weakness
  • Insomnia- a condition of sleeplessness
  • Ototoxicity– accumulation of the drug in ear muscles leads to hearing problems and ringing in the ears
  • Allergic reactions such as rashes, redness on the face, hair loss, itching, and fainting
  • Pneumonia is also reported as an adverse effect in a few patients.

Preventive measures and safety tips

  • Do not consume the medicine during pregnancy, specifically in the first trimester, as it is reported to affect the fetus causing severe deformity of bones and organ dysfunction in developing infants. You can consume the medicine in the second and third trimesters in the shadow of a doctor as per guidance.
  • Lactating women should not consume the medicine without consulting a doctor for malaria treatment, as this drug can secrete through breast milk and reach the baby’s body, causing several side effects.
  • Alcohol should not be consumed while following the regimen of Artesunate 100 mg tablet because alcohol will disturb the pharmacokinetics of the drug, and you might not get desired results. Moreover, you will suffer from severe dizziness and weakness after consuming both products together.
  • Suppose you are presently suffering from anemia or leukemia or have a history of blood disease. In that case, you must consult a registered physician or expert before taking medicine on your own. Such practice may worsen health conditions and even death.
  • You should not break, crush, or chew the tablet while consuming it because it may produce a bitter taste and irritation in the throat and might trigger the signals to the brain for vomiting.
  • Take one tablet or prescribed dose at once by swallowing it with the help of water, milk, or juice as per recommendation by the doctor.
  • Artesunate is reported to cause weakness as a side effect, and to treat that, and you must eat some healthy and fresh food and fruits.
  • Avoid consuming a high dose to get the results faster. Such practice will end in delivering severe side effects rather than positive results.

How to buy Artesunate 100 mg tablets?

You can purchase Artesunate 100 mg tablets from various online and offline stores, but the most loved and highly recommended online store is Medzpills because-

  • This online store deals in only original, genuine, and top-quality medicine. Such top-class medicine you will not be going to find somewhere else. They sell medicine to the customers directly from the manufacturer without the involvement of any third party.
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  • The most loved feature is the delivery of medicine. Your ordered medicines will be delivered to your doorsteps within a few days, and you will get all the medicine in a safer condition without physical damage. You can also avail of free delivery by placing a minimum amount order.
  • 24/7 customer care support is one of the most loved services. You can ask any query anytime by contacting them.
  • Your search data, medical history, and personal details will keep safe and secured under their privacy policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to take Artesunate 100 mg tablet in mild malarial conditions?

Yes, it is entirely safe to consume Artesunate 100 mg tablets. The dose will be the critical factor that must be considered based on the severity of the illness. You must consult a registered doctor for illness diagnosis, and based on diagnostic reports, the doctor will prescribe the dose of medicine you can take on the prescribed schedule.

  • Can I take Artesunate 100 mg tablets for other parasitic infections?

No, Artesunate is developed explicitly for treating malaria and falls under the anti-malarial drug category. It might not show its action in neutralizing another parasitic disease. Hence, you must consult a doctor before taking medicine randomly.

  • What are the general side effects linked with Artesunate 100 mg tablets?

Some general side effects seen on the consumption of Artesunate are headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, reduced level of red blood cells, and loss of appetite. These side effects are temporary and will fade away as the drug starts washing out from the body.

  • Is Artesunate a safe remedy for the treatment of malaria?

Yes, it is an entirely safe remedy and a life-saving medication used to treat malaria at mild to severe levels. This drug is registered in the essential list of medicine of the world health organization (WHO). It is scientifically proven safe and relatively produces minimal side effects in children and adults.

  • Can we use Artesunate 100 mg pills for children suffering from malaria?

It is safe to use for children above 12 years for malaria treatment. You must consult a doctor before giving it to children below 12 years of age suffering from mild to severe conditions of malaria.


  • It is highly recommended to consult with your doctor and address any concerns or questions you may have about a specific disease or medication. At Medzpills, we strive to supplement, rather than replace, the essential doctor-patient relationship.
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