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Avaforce 50mg is an Avanafil-filled medicine for males who have erectile dysfunction issues. The manufacturer of the medicine is Centurion Laboratories and it is provided only to people who have a prescription for it. Each tablet of Avaforce consists of 50 mg of Avanafil.


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About Avaforce 50 mg Tablets

Avaforce 50 mg is an Avanafil-based tablet available in the market for helping people suffering from erectile dysfunction issues. It is a blue pill that consists of 50 mg of Avanafil salt each and comes in a pack of four.

An interesting fact about Avanafil salt is that it only takes 20-25 minutes for some people to experience its effects to activate and show results. In the body of some people, the results might occur within half an hour .

The results that Avanafil 50 mg generates last for 4-5 hours on average in a person’s body. The salt falls under the PDE type5 inhibitor class, a prescription-based medicine category.

Avaforce 50 quick information
Active Ingredient: Avanafil
Prescription Required? Yes, Prescription Is compulsory.
FDA Pregnancy Category: Category B
Habit Forming: Not habit-forming
Chemical Class: Pyrimidine Carboxamide
Action Class: PDE-5 inhibitors
Sleepiness: Does not cause sleepiness
Schedule: Schedule H Medicine
Expires on or after: August, 2025

AVAFORCE 50 HOW TO TAKE ,indication , Warnings and Precautions

Does the medicine help only in case of erectile dysfunction?

The medicine is not only going to help a person with the issue of erectile dysfunction. There are a few other issues that are resolved with this medicine-

  • The medicine helps a person improve their libido levels . This will increase the willingness to have physical activity.
  • The medicine also helps a person eliminate the issue of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia . In this issue, the drug helps improve the prostate gland’s swelling .
  • The medicine also helps a person when suffering from the issue of Pulmonary Hypertension.

Side Effects from Avaforce 50 mg

  • Hives
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Flushing
  • Pain during erection
  • Vision changes
  • Ringing in your ears
  • Sudden hearing loss
  • Back pain
  • Bronchitis

Important preventive measures

When you are taking the medicine Avaforce 50 mg, then you should keep the following preventive measures in mind-

  • Discuss every single detail of the issue with your physician always.
  • You should not take alcohol or other substances with the Avaforce 50 mg medicine.
  • Don’t drive after taking medicine.

Overview of Avaforce 50 mg Manufacturer:

Manufacturer Overview: Since its inception in 2006, Centurion Laboratories has been dedicated to healthcare excellence as a prominent pharmaceutical manufacturer. The company, holding certifications including NSIC D&B D-U-N-S No. (65-056-7063), is a front-runner in pharmaceutical innovation. Specializing in Allopathic Medicines, Erectile Dysfunction Medicines, Antiseptic Ointments, Antibacterials, Antibiotics, Anti T.B. Medicines, and Cardiovascular Medicines, Centurion Laboratories has gained trust across diverse healthcare domains. Situated in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, the company operates from a cutting-edge facility boasting a dedicated Research & Development Department.

  • Location: G-6, B. I. D. C. Industrial Estate, Gorwa,, Vadodara- 390 016, Gujarat, India
  • Manufacturer Website: centurionlaboratories.com
  • Email: contact@centurionlaboratories.com

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