Budecort Inhaler 100 Mcg (Budesonide)

Budecort inhaler is a fast-action reliever or preventer that helps people with asthma issues.


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Budecort inhaler is a fast-action reliever or preventer that helps people with asthma issues. The inhaler has Budesonide 100 mcg active ingredient. It means that in every metered dose that exits the inhaler when you hit the push button, 100 mcg of the active nutrient is present.

It is a white and pink inhaler that Cipla Ltd. in India manufactures and supplies. You can easily buy medicine from MedzPills if you have a physician-provided prescription.

What is the efficient way of using the Budecort Inhaler?

For using the Budecort inhaler, we suggest you wash the inhaler before using it. Now at the right dose, you should shake the inhaler well and place a nozzle in your mouth. After placing the nozzle properly, press the button on the inhaler.

It will release the liquid in your mouth, which will reach the respiratory system and start showing its action. Within a few days of using it, you will notice great results from the inhaler.

How does the inhaler work to improve the situation?

Budesonide salt is a steroid that helps block the chemical messengers causing inflammation in the system. After the salt is successfully activated, it will open the airways inside the body.

This way, more air will reach to blood, and the oxygen supply will complete easily, giving rise to breathlessness. It also prevents asthma attacks, which can lead to fatality.

Reasons why we need to use the Budecort inhaler

Following are the reasons why a person needs to use the Budecort inhaler-

  • Asthma
  • Problems in breathing and wheezing
  • Excessive coughing that gives rise to pain in the chest
  • COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) obstructs the airflow entering the lungs, which further supplies it to the body.
  • Excessive mucus production does not allow air to reach the lungs and circulate into the blood.

How much Budecort inhaler is sufficient?

It would help if you visited your physician with the issue you are facing and this question. They will suggest to you what dose will be best for your body. It can be either one MDI in a day or two. Based on issue levels, the physician will take this decision and provide you with a prescription.

Missed and overdose

If you ever miss the dose of the Budecort inhaler 100 mcg, then make up for the inhaler dose as soon as possible. If the time left is less, you should not do so; otherwise, the chances of overdose will rise. In this case, you must isolate yourself in a safe environment with no dust.

Also, avoid any physical activity because if you feel breathlessness, it can lead to an asthma attack. After that, take the next dose on time.

If you overdose on the medicine, you should contact your physician and ask for help before anything gets out of control.

What are the side effects of the Budecort inhaler?

People have a myth that when they consume the Budecort inhaler, only good will happen in their bodies. It is not a fact. The inhaler also has its side effects which you will notice in the body when you use it. But not every issue needs to happen in your body as it differs from body to body and environment to environment. The side effects are-

  • When you are using the inhaler, then droplets will enter your mouth. It might enter your food pipe, sometimes causing issues in swallowing food and liquid items.
  • When you are using the medicine, then a headache might also happen. If the headache increases, then it might also lead to an issue of vomiting in the consumer.
  • Due to the medicine, a person might also notice pain in the abdomen, basically the stomach. It happens when droplets reach the stomach and react.
  • Fungal infection might develop when you use the inhaler for longer. We suggest you properly clean the inhaler after every use to stop it.
  • You will also notice an infection in your oropharynx organ. It might be due to bacteria or fungus.
  • People using the inhaler continuously might also notice a few depressing thoughts. We suggest you consult your physician in this case.
  • Pain in joints happens very commonly due to the medicine entering your body.
  • You might also notice an issue of indigestion or an upset stomach when the medicine enters the body.
  • You might notice that your muscle might start twitching due to regular use of the medicine. They also start getting weak due to the inhaler.
  • A person might notice issues of irritation and euphoria side by side when using the medicine too unnecessarily.
  • Your heart might also get affected due to the use of a Budecort inhaler.

Negative interactions of using the Budecort inhaler

The Budecort inhaler has a few negative interactions that you should keep in mind. If you already use the medicines in the list below, don’t use the Budecort inhaler. Also, we suggest that you should not use alcohol when suffering from asthma and use the pump to maintain the safety of your body. The medicines that interact are-

  • You should not take Clarithromycin and Ketoconazole medicine with the Budecort inhaler as they severely interact with the drug.
  • The anti-inflammatory and antihypertensive medicines also negatively interact with the medicine. However, the interaction is in moderation.

How to store the Budecort inhaler to maintain its quality?

There are a few tips that you must always follow when storing the inhaler.

  • The temperature at which you are storing the inhaler must be below 30°C. If the temperature is high, the quality of the liquid in the vial decreases.
  • It would be best if you always wash your inhaler before and after using it. It is a precaution necessary for preventing infections due to fungus and bacteria.
  • Always keep the inhaler in a box or an overly tight container. It will cut off contact from the outer environment and don’t let any infection reach the inhaler.
  • Always store the inhaler in a dry place where direct sunlight doesn’t reach.

Safety advice while using the Budecort inhaler.

When you are using the Budecort inhaler, then you should take a few safety pieces of advice from a physician and follow them. A few important ones are-

  • It would help if you always took advice from the best physician for using the Budecort inhaler when pregnant or breastfeeding. It is important to ensure that your baby doesn’t get harmed in any situation.
  • We advise you to gargle daily with warm water, so you don’t suffer from any fungal or bacterial infection.
  • Some people exhale in the inhaler by mistake or for fun. Doing so can hamper the quality of salt and decrease its quality. That is why I avoid doing any such activity.
  • It would be best if you never stopped using the inhaler abruptly. Always take advice from your physician before changing or stopping your dose completely.
  • If you suffer from an ocular herpes infection, you should not use the Budecort inhaler. It develops chances of damage to the perforation of the cornea, which will hamper your vision ability for a lifetime.
  • People who are suffering from issues of Hyperadrenocorticism, and exposure to high levels of cortisol, should also not use the inhaler. It will increase the chances of harm to the body.

Why choose MedzPills over other generic medicine selling websites?

If people are unable to make up their minds about where to buy the medicine, then they should choose the MedzPills website. It is the best website for buying medicine because-

  • You will only get high-quality medicines from the MedzPills website. If you want, you can also cross-check the genuinity of the drug.
  • All the medicines on the website are cheaper than on other competitive websites. It would help to compare, see the difference, and decide to buy the medicine.
  • When you check the privacy of MedzPills and other websites, you will notice how the website has prioritized your safety. Also, the team is available 24*7 to serve all your medical needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What precautions should I take with people when using the pump?

When using the pump, you can stay between people usually. But you should always maintain distance from people who are suffering from any respiratory disease, measles, chickenpox, etc. kind of issues.

  • Is the medicine going to affect the bones of a person?

Yes, prolonged use of the Budecort inhaler might cause a loss of bone in a person’s body. But it will not happen to everyone. It occurs because medicine decreases the absorption of calcium in the body. It would be best if you met your physician in this case.

  • What will happen if you fail to provide a prescription for the medicine and place the medicine order?

If you fail to provide a prescription and place an order, then we give you a time of 14 days. If you don’t provide a prescription after 14 days, we will cancel your order and not offer you a refund.

  • What is the relation between Budecort inhaler and cough?

If a person suffers from a normal cough, they can not use the Budecort inhaler. But if a person has asthma and suddenly issues of cough rise, then a person should use an inhaler as prevention. It will save the body from asthma attacks.


  • It is highly recommended to consult with your doctor and address any concerns or questions you may have about a specific disease or medication. At Medzpills, we strive to supplement, rather than replace, the essential doctor-patient relationship.
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