Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg (200 mdi)

Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg contains Budesonide, which belongs to a medicinal group known as Corticosteroids. People use the medicine to prevent asthma symptoms.


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Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg contains Budesonide, which belongs to a medicinal group known as Corticosteroids. People use the medicine to prevent asthma symptoms. Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that causes airways to become narrowed, swollen, and inflamed.

It even causes excessive mucous secretion in the airways that may make things quite difficult for the air to pass through, leading to unpleasant symptoms such as difficulty breathing, chest pain, cough, or wheezing. It works on the airways and prevents the cells present in the airways from releasing certain chemicals which cause swelling or infection of the airways. With Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg, you cannot stop an asthma attack that has already started.

Though there are some concerns with this medication, a person should consult the doctor first to make the right decision.

Use of Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg

When you use Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg, then that will help in treating asthma and also prevent the occurrence of asthma. However, it does not stop an asthma attack that has already started; instead, it helps prevent future symptoms.

How does Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg work?

The medicine belongs to the drug class known as steroids, which are the types of drugs that work by preventing the release of infectious causing chemicals and substances in the body.

Inhalation forms of Budesonide, such as Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg are the one which is used to prevent asthma attacks. Budesonide is the active ingredient in Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg, and each inhalation delivers about 200 micrograms of the medication into your lungs.

Benefits of Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg

Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg is a combination of the medicine that reduces and prevents infection and swelling in the lungs. It may not stop the asthma attack, but it will prevent it from happening. It also allows the user to carry out daily activities easily and confidently. You should keep taking the medicine regularly as prescribed by the doctor.

Dosage of Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg

Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg is a metered dose inhaler that delivers about 200 micrograms of Budesonide per actuation. It also prevents asthma attacks in children and adults four years or older. To use the inhaler, one must first remove the cap and shake it well. Prime the inhaler by releasing a test spray into the air, keeping it away from your face.

You need to breathe out completely and place the inhaler’s mouthpiece in your mouth. You need to breathe gradually and deeply through your mouth while pressing it down from the top of the inhaler. You must hold your breath for about 10 seconds and breathe slowly.

If you use more than one puff, you should wait at least one minute between the puffs and replace the cap after each use.

  • Overdose

There are few chances of an overdose of Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg as you only press the button when you want to inhale. However, you should visit the doctor if there is any issue or if you may feel any infection or effects.

  • Missed Dose

If you have skipped the medicine dose, you should take this as soon as you remember. However, if it is already time for the next dose, you should skip the missed dose and stay on the regular one. One should never take a double dose because that may cause harm.

Side Effects

  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Headache
  • Depression
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Irritability
  • Euphoria
  • Fungal infection of the oropharynx
  • Abdominal pain
  • Cushing’s syndrome

Precaution and Warning

  • Alcohol

There is no proper information on whether using Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg with alcohol is safe. That is why one must consult with their doctor to get better knowledge about it.

  • Pregnancy

Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg is considered unsafe for people to use during pregnancy. Although, there are limited studies on animals and humans that have shown some harmful effects on the baby. But a doctor can explain the benefits and risks involved in the medicine, so you better consult with the doctor.

  • Breast Feeding

Regarding the use of Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg during breastfeeding, it is considered safe. However, there is only limited information available that represents the risk. But if you consult the doctor, they will give you better advice.

  • Kidney

Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg should be used with caution in patients with serious kidney disease, so you should consult with the doctor properly and get advice from them.

  • Liver

A person facing any liver problem needs to make sure that they are taking proper precautions and should take caution. It will be better to consult with the doctor.

  • Children

Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg should not be given to children (4 years or older) unless the doctor advises.


  • Store Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg at room temperature
  • Keep Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg away from pets and children


  • How do you have to take Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg to experience its results?

To experience the noticeable results, one needs to wait a few days after the therapy as it will take about several weeks to notice the maximum results. You can consult the doctor if you see any improvement in the disease condition while using the medicine for a long time.

  • Can you use Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg when you get an asthma attack?

Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg is only used to prevent and manage asthma symptoms. If your asthma or breathing worsens, you should contact the doctor immediately or go to the hospital immediately. You should also avoid any further worsening of the attack. Meanwhile, you should use the inhaler that contains beta-2 agonists with Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg.

  • Is there any food one should avoid while using Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg?

Usually, one should avoid grapefruit juice because that may alter the effect of Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg.


  • It is highly recommended to consult with your doctor and address any concerns or questions you may have about a specific disease or medication. At Medzpills, we strive to supplement, rather than replace, the essential doctor-patient relationship.
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