Ceebis 20 Mg

Ceebis 20 mg is an allopathic medicine that helps males who have erectile dysfunction. It is a situation in which a male is unable to gain a harder erection due to which a male is unable to have satisfactory intercourse.


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What is Ceebis 20 mg?

Ceebis 20 mg is an allopathic medicine that helps males who have erectile dysfunction. It is a situation in which a male is unable to gain a harder erection due to which a male is unable to have satisfactory intercourse. Due to this, the libido and sexual satisfaction levels of a male and their female partner also decrease. The medicine helps in suppressing the symptoms of the issue.

The medicine Ceebis 20mg is manufactured by Cooper Pharma, who packs them in a blister pack of 20. Each tablet is yellow and consists of 20 mg of Tadalafil. It falls in the PDE type5 inhibitor class action of medicine for which a person requires a legitimate prescription. That is why an ED patient must visit the physician to get the prescription.

Uses of Ceebis 20 mg

  • The main reason why a person uses Ceebis medicine is erectile dysfunction. In this situation, the medicine helps in suppressing the symptoms of the issue temporarily.
  • The medicine also helps the patient with Pulmonary Hypertension. It is a situation in which the blood pressure of a person increases to an unsafe level, leading to various symptoms.

Benefits of using Ceebis 20 mg

  • Gaining a hard erection is the main benefit of using the Ceebis medicine.
  • The medicine consumers will also notice an increase in the libido.
  • People consuming the medicine will also notice an increase in sexual satisfaction levels due to regular satisfactory intercourse sessions.
  • The medicine also controls blood pressure and also helps in improving the symptoms of Pulmonary Hypertension.

How does Ceebis 20 mg work?

The API present inside the medicine is Tadalafil, and its main task is to block the actions of PDE type5. It is a hormone released by the body when the heart is at risk. Due to various habits of a male, like consuming only junk food, not performing plenty of physical activities, living a life full of depression, etc. Due to this, the heart is at huge risk, and the body releases the PDE type5 that enters the blood vessels. Here, it will block the release of cGMP, a vasodilator.

Soon, a male notices that the blood vessels contract, due to which blood is not able to reach an adequate amount when a male is sexually aroused, leading to erectile dysfunction. When a male consumes the medicine, Tadalafil dissolves in the body and enters the blood vessels. Soon, it will block the actions of PDE type5, which reactivates the release of cGMP. Due to this, the blood vessels dilate very soon. When a person is sexually aroused, more blood is able to reach the penis leading to a harder erection.

Dosage Requirement

The dose of medicine that a person needs to consume is either one or two per day. The final decision is taken by the physician, for which they require two important pieces of information that are the medical history of a person and their erectile dysfunction levels. The medical history information helps the physician ensure whether it is safe for a person to use the medicine or not. After that, the physician uses the next information to decide the dose for the patient.

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