Cernos 40 Mg Soft Gelatin Capsule

Cernos 40mg is an allopathic medicine specially designed for males suffering from hypogonadism. It is a hormonal disorder in which the body stops producing enough testosterone when the male is in their prime age or developing age.


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What is Cernos 40 mg?

Cernos 40 mg is an allopathic medicine specially designed for males suffering from hypogonadism. It is a hormonal disorder in which the body stops producing enough testosterone when the male is in their prime age or developing age. Due to this, a person will notice that their time to puberty and masculine growth has slowed down drastically. Moreover, a decrease in testosterone levels also impacts the fertility of males because low T levels mean a decline in sperm production, leading to azoospermia or oligospermia. The main task of the gel is to spike the T-levels in the body, leading to proper growth and development of a male.

The manufacturer of the Cernos is Sun Pharmaceutical Company, a renowned manufacturer from India. They manufacture it in the form of a soft gelatinous capsule, which is oval and golden. One pack sold by Sun Pharma consists of 10 capsules of Cernos, each consisting of 40 mg of testosterone as an active pharmaceutical ingredient. The testosterone present inside the capsule is the same as natural testosterone. If a person has hypogonadism and they are diagnosed with low T levels, it is important for them to visit the physician. It is mandatory because a person is not allowed to buy the medicine until they have a legitimate prescription.

Uses of Cernos 40 mg

  • The only reason why the medicine is manufactured is to help the males suffering from hypogonadism. The medicine mainly helps increase testosterone levels in the blood but on a temporary basis. It means that to maintain a normal testosterone level in the body, a person needs to continue consuming this tablet until the glands start producing normal levels of testosterone required for all major growth and development functions.

Benefits of using Cernos 40 mg

  • The testosterone levels in the body increase because of the Cernos capsule used.
  • The body also experiences an increase in the sperm count, which directly increases a male’s fertility.
  • The capsule ensures that when males hit puberty, their development is not stagnant because of low T levels.
  • A person using the medicine will experience normal masculine growth.
  • Issues like impotence, low libido, tiredness, bone density loss, etc, that are happening in the body because of low testosterone are also improved by this medicine.

How does cernos 40 mg work?

When a person consumes the capsule, the testosterone dissolves inside the body and reaches the blood vessels. Here, it will start performing all the actions that natural testosterone used to perform, removing its deficiency completely. It is suggested to the patient that they consume the medicine simultaneously every day for better results.

Dosage Requirement

The dose of medicine that a person needs to consume to get the best results is either one or two per day. The physician makes the decision about the dose based on the levels of blood testosterone and medical history. First, the physician ensures whether a male is safe to use the medicine. After that, they will check the issue levels to decide the final dose.


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10 capsules in 1 strip


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