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Of all the infections that happen in the body of the person, viral infections are the most deadly. The number of fatalities in the case of viral infections is very high due to which people are always scared of such issues. One such issue which is on a rise currently is the covid-19 virus.

There are different variations of the virus to which there was no medication available in the world. But now we can cure the issue with the help of Fabiflu 400 mg consumption. In the following blog, you will find all the important details about this medicine.

About Fabiflu 400 mg

The fabiflu is an oral medication that is made of the Favipiravir salt. In this antiviral tablet strip, each tablet consists of 400 mg of active salt. The main task of this medicine is to stop the virus in the body. For getting this medicine you will need a prescription as per the rules of the FDA and Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.

The manufacturer packs the medicine in a strip of 24 tablets which you can only buy if you have a prescription. For that, you should discuss the issue with the physician and get the prescription.

What are the uses of Fabiflu 400 mg?

When a person consumes the medicine then they are going to notice a decline in viral infections. We can use the medicine for viral infections like covid-19.

A person is going to notice the effects of the medicine only when the issue is in its initial stages. The medicine will also help when the issue is in its middle phase. But once the issue surpasses the middle phase and becomes serious then this medicine will not provide any benefit.

For how long and in what dose should one take a Fabiflu 400 Tablet?

For knowing the dose of the medicine you need to visit the physician. They are the ones who will take this decision and write a prescription for you. When you visit them then you should talk about the issue you are suffering from and also portray the levels of issue.

Now based on that the physician will decide on one dose or two in a day. Based on that, the physician will also tell you how long you need to take the medicine. In a few cases, people might also need to take the medicine for a few months too. If the level of issue is lower the physician also suggests Fabiflu 200 to some people.

Fabiflu favipiravir tablet working

The working of the Fabiflu 400 mg is very simple. The task of medicine is to stop the multiplication of the virus. For this task, the salt will interact with the virus and destroy its multiplication mechanism. Due to this, they are unable to attach to human cells and convert human DNA into half human half virus DNA. This will lead to a decline in the number of viruses in the body and lead to an eventual removal.

Favipiravir side effects

The side effects which will happen when you take Fabiflu 400 mg medicine are-

  • Decrease in blood sugar
  • Decrease in white blood cells
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Body pain
  • Dizziness and nausea

Fabiflu 400 Tablet Special instructions

The special instructions you should follow when you are consuming the Fabiflu 400 mg medicine are-

  • You should discuss all your allergies, and past and current issues with the physician. They will see whether you are safe to take the medicine or not.
  • You should not take the medicine if you have a heart issue.
  • People who have issues with diabetes should not take the issue.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding then taking the medicine can be really serious for your kid.
  • You should focus on storing the medicine properly. It should not be in direct contact with sunlight and the temperature should not be above 30 degrees.
  • The medicine can cause issues in the kidney due to which you should not take the medicine if you have an existing kidney issue.
  • After you have taken the medicine, try to rest and avoid the action of driving completely.


  • Can I take a Fabiflu 400 mg tablet on my own?

No, a person can not take the Fabiflu 400 mg tablets on their own. They will require the supervision of the physician before taking the medicine. That is why whenever you notice symptoms of any viral infection then you should first visit the physician.

  • Can Fabiflu 400 Tablets be taken by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, the medicine can cause potential issues in infant kids when a pregnant or breastfeeding woman uses the medicine. That is why physicians do not allow such people to take the medicine.

  • Who should not take the Fabiflu 400 Tablet?

People who are suffering from heart disease, lower sugar levels, and kidney infections should not take the medicine strictly. Apart from that, females who are going through the pregnancy phase and have a kid to breastfeed should not take the medicine.

  • When is the best time to start treatment with Fabiflu 400 Tablet?

The best time to start the treatment of the fabiflu 400 tablet is when the issue is in its initial stages. Once the issue moves toward the serious phase, then it is not a good time to take the medicine. At this phase, the medicine will stop working. That is why we suggest you consult the physician in the initial stages when you are suffering from the issue.

  • What is the right dosage of fabiflu 400 mg for covid?

The right dosage of Fabiflu for Omicron which is a coronavirus variant or some other variant will depend on the issue you are feeling. The physician is going to check you up and then decide how much medicine will be best for you. All you need to do is follow the instructions that the physician provides to you.


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