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Fildena Double 200 mg- A Strong Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction Patients

Fildena Double 200 mg is a powerful medicine that helps erectile dysfunction patients. It is a generic Viagra medicine that consists of 200 mg of Sildenafil citrate. The medicine will help suppress the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, which are softer erections and premature ejaculation.

The softer erections mean that you either have very softer erections or do not have them at all. On the other hand, premature ejaculation means that you ejaculate very quickly when having intercourse.

Both issues lead to sexual dissatisfaction, for which people consume the medicine. The medicine is going to suppress both symptoms for some hours so that you can enjoy your intercourse.

The medicine is manufactured by Fortune Pharmaceuticals, which packs the medicine in a strip of 10 tablets. It is a black tablet with a triangular shape that has 200 mg of Sildenafil citrate present in it. The medicine is FDA-approved, and you can only buy it if you have a prescription.

Uses of Fildena Double 200 mg

  • The medicine helps erectile dysfunction patients.
  • You can also use the medicine for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia issues.
  • You can also use the medicine if you have lower libido levels.
  • The medicine will also help you if you have Pulmonary Arterial Hyperplasia issues.

Fildena Double 200 mg details

How to use the medicine?

  • You should always use the medicine as a whole.
  • Always take medicine with a glassful of water.
  • Take medicine half an hour before you want to have sex.
  • Consume the medicine before you consume your meal for best working.
  • You should never consume junk food when you are using medicine.

The appropriate dose for you

The physician will decide the best dose for you, but before that, they will ensure your safety. For that, they first need to know your medical history. After that, the physician will decide whether you need one dose per day or two. After that, the physician is going to provide you with the prescription.

What to do in case of a missed or overdose?

If you ever miss the dose of the medicine, you have to make up for the dose. For making up, there must be at least 12 hours left for the next dose. If you don’t want to have sex or have less time on your hand, you can miss the dose.

In case of a medicine overdose, you only need to observe the side effects in your body. If they are out of control, you must always contact your physician. They will help you get rid of the side effects.

Side effects

  • The medicine is going to cause nausea and headache in your body.
  • The medicine can even lead to blurriness in front of your eyes and loss of vision.
  • The medicine can also cause a sore throat and a runny nose.
  • The ringing of the ears is another issue that might appear in your body.
  • The medicine can also cause pain in your abdominal area.
  • Dizziness and drowsiness can also happen commonly because of the medicine.
  • The medicine can also cause an increase in your heartbeat and blood pressure.
  • You might notice issues like vomiting and diarrhea because of the medicine.
  • The medicine can also cause pain and soreness in your muscles.
  • You might even notice tiredness and weakness in your body.
  • Sometimes the medicine causes elongated erections, which can be very painful.

Preventive measures

  • When you visit your physician for the first time, share all the important information with them about your medical history. They process this information to check whether you can safely use the medicine.
  • You can not consume alcohol, marijuana, or tobacco with the medicine.
  • You should never consume grapefruit juice with the medicine.
  • After taking medicine, you should not drive or operate heavy machinery.
  • You should not take medicine if you have any heart problems.
  • The medicine is unsafe for consumption if you use nitrate-based or alpha-blockers medicine.
  • You should skip the medicine if you have a fever or high blood pressure.
  • If you have to visit the dentist, skip using the medicine.

Which is the best place to buy the Fildena Double 200 mg medicine?

If you are looking for the best website for buying the Fildena Double 200 mg medicine, choose MedzPills. The reasons why you should give priority to this website are-

  • The website is always going to provide you with the best quality medicine. All the manufacturers in the list of dealers are legit and recognized by the FDA.
  • The website is also going to be light on your pocket. It will ensure you get the best price by offering upfront discounts.
  • The website also cares about your privacy and has strict policies. They never share your information with anyone; if you find them doing so, you have the right to take legal action.
  • The website also has a 24/7 customer support portal. You can send a message with your issue, and they will revert back with a solution within a couple of hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who makes sure that the Fildena is safe for you or not?

The physician is going to make all sorts of decisions that are related to your Fildena consumption. They will also ensure that you are safe to use the medicine. To know this, they will require complete information about your medical history.

  • What information to share with the physician when visiting them?

Whenever you visit the physician for the first time about your erectile dysfunction issue, share the following information.

    • You should share the details about the erectile dysfunction issue with your physician.
    • Share with them the list of all the medicines and supplements you use.
    • Tell them about all the issues you have been suffering from.
  • How long does the medicine take to show its action?

The medicine has Sildenafil citrate salt present in it. It takes around 20-25 minutes on average. The time is less in the case of people who have lower levels of issues. Also, to get the results, you must be involved in sexually arousing activities.

  • Can you consume cigarettes after using the medicine?

Smoking cigarettes is going to fill your blood vessels with smoke and tobacco. If you consume the medicine in this situation, the action produced by the medicine is not great. The blood flow is obstructed, so you should give up smoking when consuming the medicine.

  • What are the uses of the Fildena Double 200 mg Black medicine?

    • The medicine helps people who have erectile dysfunction issues.
    • The medicine can also help people who have Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia issues.
    • You can also take the help of the medicine if you have a lower libido level.
    • You can also consume the medicine if you have Pulmonary Arterial Hyperplasia issues.
  • What is the best time to consume the Fildena Double 200 mg Black medicine?

The best time to consume the Fildena Double medicine is half an hour before you decide to have intercourse. This time depends completely on the time that the medicine will take to show action in your body. You can also change this time if the tablet takes less time to show action in your body.

  • Is the medicine going to increase your sexual drive?

The medicine nowhere helps a person in increasing their sexual drive. The medicine only helps a person get rid of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, which are premature ejaculation and softer erections for some time. Due to this, a person is only able to have satisfactory intercourse.

  • Why can you not consume Fildena Double 200 mg Black and nitrate-based medicines together?

The task of the medicine’s PDE type 5 inhibitor class action is to dilate the blood vessel, which actually lowers the blood vessels. The same is the task of nitrate-based medicine. That is why when you consume both medicines together, the blood vessels will decrease beyond normal, which can even lead to the death of a person.

Other Strength of Fildena Double 200mg

Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate

Delivery Time:

6 To 15 days


Erectile Dysfunction


Fortune Healthcare Pvt Ltd


10 Tablets/Capsules in a Strip




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