Seroflo 125 Inhaler

Seroflo Inhaler 125 is used by patients suffering from respiratory issues like Asthma and COPD. People can also use the medicine to avert the danger of asthma attack. The active pharmaceutical ingredient present inside the medicine is Salmeterol and Fluticasone Propionate. The manufacturer of this inhaler is Cipla.


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The medicine has two different salts present in it that are Salmeterol and Fluticasone propionate. The first salt is present in a 25 mcg amount, and the second in 125 mcg in one spray. In one inhaler, you will find a quantity sufficient for 120 sprays in the body.

Cipla Ltd is an inhaler manufacturer that you can easily buy from the Medzpills website.

Reasons why asthma happens in your body

Following are the reasons why a person suffers from the issue of asthma-

  • The most common issues due to which asthma happens in the person’s body are airborne diseases due to pollen, spores, etc.
  • The issue of asthma might also happen due to respiratory issues.
  • Air pollutants can also cause asthma.
  • A person who smokes cigarettes regularly might also suffer from issues of asthma.

Seroflo 125 Inhaler

How to use the Seroflo Inhaler 125mcg?

To consume the Seroflo Inhaler 125 mcg, you should follow the tips below-

  • Before using the inhaler, you should first clean it properly.
  • You should first use the pump in the air away from your face. After that, you should insert the nozzle into your mouth.
  • You should only spray a limited amount of salt in your body using the pump.
  • After using the inhaler, it would be best to rinse your mouth properly. It will protect your body from any kind of infection.

Entail the process of working

When you consume the Seroflo Inhaler 125 mcg medicine, two salts will dissolve in your body.

The first salt is Salmeterol which helps the body by dilating the bronchioles. This way, the wide air passage opens so that a person does not have difficulty breathing.

The next salt is a steroid that helps a person block chemical messengers. A few messengers in our body might lead to inflammation of respiratory system airways. This will also help in opening the airways helping a person breathe properly.

When a person suffers from asthma, their airways get blocked, which opens when a person uses the pump.

What is the best dose?

You need to visit your physician to get the answer to this question. They will check the level of the issue you are suffering from. They will ask you how much of an issue you face while breathing. Based on that, they will decide you need to use the pump once, twice, or thrice.

What to do if I miss the Seroflo Inhaler 125mcg dose?

If you miss the dose of the inhaler, then you will notice problems while breathing. The airways start to contract, and you might also notice an issue of coughing rise in the body.

In this case, you should use the inhaler as soon as possible; otherwise, the chances of an asthma attack might develop. But if it is almost time for your next dose, you should skip it. During this period, you should rest and not be involved in any intense physical activity.

What steps should you take after taking an overdose of Seroflo Inhaler ?

If you consume an overdose of the inhaler, then you might notice various issues in your body. There are huge chances of bacterial and fungal infections that happen in your body due to an overdose. Moreover, a person might even faint due to salt overdose in the body.

Side Effects that might occur in your body

When you use the inhaler, there might be a few side effects on your body. These side effects can be serious also, that is why you should report them to the physician-

  • Fungal infections
  • Bacterial infections
  • Sore throat and nausea
  • Vomiting and cough
  • Increased rate of heart in your body
  • Heaviness in your voice

Safety advice following when you are using the Seroflo Inhaler

A few safety pieces of advice that you must take care of when taking the Seroflo Inhaler 125 mcg are-

  • After every use of the inhaler, you should wash it properly. It will save the development of fungus or bacteria on inhalers.
  • You should never take alcohol while using the inhaler.
  • Using the inhaler while pregnant is not a good option as it can harm your child. But if you are breastfeeding, then the inhaler is safe to use.
  • Take the Seroflo inhaler at the same time every day without missing it.
  • You should gargle every day to prevent bacterial or fungal infections.

Why should you choose MedzPills for buying Seroflo Inhaler 125mcg?

When you cannot decide which website is best for buying the Seroflo Inhaler 125 mcg, you should check out the MedzPills website. The reasons why it is the best website in the category are-

  • You can get a pump from this website at the cheapest cost. No other website can compete with the pricing of MedzPills.
  • There is no question about the quality of medicine you get from this website. You will always get the original pump that Cipla manufactures, and you can check it from the batch number and manufacturing information on the box.
  • The information that people provide on the website is precious to them. This website ensures that all the websites you provide to them are safe and secure. They don’t share your information for marketing and promotion with other entities. If you still find that the website is sharing your information, then you have the right to take legal action against them.
  • When you buy from this website, then you will get 24*7 customer support. They help you resolve the issues you are facing within the least possible time, which makes your buying process smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can not consume the Seroflo Inhaler 125 mcg medicine?

There is a whole list of medicines that interact with the medicine negatively. Those medicines are macrolide antibiotics and azole antifungal drugs. If you are already taking these medicines, don’t take the Seroflo Inhaler 125mcg medicine.

  • How to store the Seroflo Inhaler  to maintain its quality?

To maintain the quality of Seroflo Inhaler 125mcg, you should wash it every time you use it. You must store the medicine at a temperature below 25 degrees Celsius. Also, you should store it at a proper height where kids can not reach the inhaler or direct sunlight.

  • Is the Seroflo Inhaler 125 mcg in resolving issues of chronic allergies also?

Yes, the inhalers have also helped people who are suffering from allergies other than asthma and COPD. These allergies can be due to some kind of fungus and bacteria that cause issues with breathing. In such a case, you should consult the physician first and then take the inhaler medicine.

  • Should we consume the Seroflo on an empty stomach?

Many researchers have done tests and asked people suffering from asthma when they take the Seroflo Inhaler 125mcg dose. According to statistics, most people don’t care when using the inhaler.

Only a few like to use the inhaler after consuming their meal. If we consider the saying of physicians, then they also suggest that you can take the Seroflo Inhaler 125mcg anytime and in any situation. All they need to do is take the inhaler at the same time.

  • Can I stop the Seroflo Inhaler 125mcg consumption when the issue resolves?

If we talk about the issues of asthma, then it does not easily resolve. Still, if you get over the issue permanently by improving your health and lifestyle, then you can not stop the consumption of Seroflo Inhaler 125mcg at once.

You should consult the physician when the issue improves. The physician will start decreasing the dose daily and stop your dose completely. If you stop the medicine consumption abruptly, it can harm your body, and you can notice some withdrawal symptoms.

  • What if I don’t take the Seroflo Inhaler 125mcg medicine daily?

When you are suffering from asthma and COPD, you will notice issues with the common activity of breathing. So, if you don’t take the inhaler daily, you will keep facing this issue.

For normal breathing, you should always consume the Seroflo Inhaler 125mcg daily. The physician will decide the dose you need to take regularly.

  • Is the medicine habit-forming?

The medicine contains two salts, of which the Fluticasone Propionate is a steroid. Due to this, people think that this inhaler will cause a habit when you consume it. But this is not true.

When you consume the medicine, then it will not form any habits. No matter how long you consume the medicine, you will not form any habit of this medicine.


  • It is highly recommended to consult with your doctor and address any concerns or questions you may have about a specific disease or medication. At Medzpills, we strive to supplement, rather than replace, the essential doctor-patient relationship.
Active Ingredient

Salmeterol / Fluticasone propionate

Delivery Time:

6 To 15 days


Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)


Cipla Limited


120 MDI in 1 inhaler


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