Snovitra 60

Snovitra 60 is a Vardenafil-based allopathic medicine that falls in the PDE type5 inhibitor class action. The main reason to use this medicine is to help patients with erectile dysfunction.


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What is Snovitra 60?

Snovitra 60 is a Vardenafil-based allopathic medicine that falls in the PDE type5 inhibitor class action. The main reason to use this medicine is to help patients with erectile dysfunction. It is a male sexual dysfunction in which a male is unable to gain a harder erection, which leads to unsatisfactory intercourse. Due to regular unsatisfactory intercourses, a couple starts losing their sexual satisfaction and libido. The medicine helps a person achieve all of these again.

The medicine is manufactured for RSM Enterprises and packed in a strip of 10 yellow and ovular tablets. Each tablet in the strip consists of 60 mg of Vardenafil. Patients with erectile dysfunction require a prescription to buy and consume the medicine.

Uses of Snovitra 60

  • If a person is suffering from erectile dysfunction, they can get help from the medicine. It is going to suppress the symptoms of erectile dysfunction temporarily so that a person can enjoy intercourse in the way it is meant to be.
  • The medicine also helps patients with PAH (Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension). It is a heart situation where the blood pressure starts increasing abruptly.

Benefits of using Snovitra 60

  • Gaining full control over the blood pressure and maintaining its normal is a benefit of the Snovitra 60 medicine.
  • The medicine helps in increasing the libido levels in the body of both males and females.
  • The medicine also helps in increasing the sexual satisfaction levels among a couple.
  • Getting a harder erection is the most important benefit of using the Snovitra medicine.

How does Snovitra 60 work?

As suggested by the name of the medicine category, the main task of the medicine is to block the actions of the PDE type5. It is a hormone released by the body to make sure that the person’s heart is safe. If the heart is at risk, the PDE type5 enters the blood vessel and attaches there. Here, it will stop the release of cGMP, which is a vasodilator. Due to this, the blood vessels contract, blood cannot reach the penis, and a person suffers from erectile dysfunction.

When a person consumes the medicine, Vardenafil dissolves and enters the blood vessels. The first task it performs is to block the actions of PDE type5 and unblock the release of cGMP. Soon, the blood vessels dilate, and more blood is able to reach the penis. It leads to a harder erection, which is really important for having satisfactory intercourse.

Dosage Requirements

Snovitra 60mg medicine dosage is generally one per day, which is suggested by the manufacturer. However, the final decision on the dose of the medicine is made by the physician. To make this decision, the physician needs to know the details about the medical history and erectile dysfunction levels. The medical history will help them decide whether an erectile dysfunction patient is safe to use the medicine. After figuring out the safety, the physician will consider ED levels to decide whether a person is safe to use the medicine or not. For some serious cases, the dose of the medicine can be even two per day.

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Erectile Dysfunction


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