Tadapox (Tadalafil/Dapoxetine)

Tadapox is a dual-action medicine that consists of 2 active pharmaceutical ingredients, Tadalafil and Dapoxetine. Due to both of these ingredients, the medicine falls into two categories: PDE type5 inhibitor and SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor).


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What is Tadapox?

Tadapox is a dual-action medicine that consists of 2 active pharmaceutical ingredients, Tadalafil and Dapoxetine. Due to both of these ingredients, the medicine falls into two categories: PDE type5 inhibitor and SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor). Both medicines help with two major male sexual issues, which are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. ED is a situation in which a male is unable to gain a harder erection, and PE is a situation in which a person is unable to hold their erection for longer. Due to both these issues, a person notices a decline in sexual satisfaction and libido levels.

Tadapox is a yellow-coloured, biconvex tablet manufactured by RSM Enterprises. They pack the medicine in a strip of 10 tablets, each consisting of 80mg of active pharmaceutical ingredients, which are 20mg of Tadalafil and 60mg of Dapoxetine. Both the active ingredients inside the medicine are prescription-based. So, if a person ever notices any symptoms of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, they must visit the physician and discuss the issue to get a prescription.

Tadapox quick information
Active Ingredient: Tadalafil
Prescription Required? Yes, Prescription Is compulsory.
FDA Pregnancy Category: Category B
Habit Forming: Not habit-forming
Chemical Class: Carboline Derivative
Action Class: PDE-5 inhibitors
Sleepiness: Does not cause sleepiness
Schedule: Schedule H Medicine
Expires on or after: May, 2024

Uses of Tadapox

  • Erectile dysfunction is the first reason due to which a physician prescribes the medicine.
  • Premature ejaculation is another reason why the physician prescribes the medicine.
  • In some rare cases, the physician might also prescribe the medicine to patients with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Benefits of Tadapox

  • Harder erection is the first benefit of Tadapox.
  • An increase in sexual satisfaction levels is another benefit of Tadapox .
  • An increase in libido levels is also a benefit of this medicine.
  • Staying erect for longer is also a benefit of consuming Tadapox medicine.
  • Controlling the blood pressure of a person is also a benefit of this medicine.

How does Tadapox work?

Tadapox medicine works in two different places and times in the body of a person. First of all, Tadalafil acts inside the body of a person. The medicine dissolves, and Tadalafil enters the blood vessels. There it will block all the actions of PDE type5. It will lead to the activation of cGMP, which is a vasodilator. Soon, you will notice that the blood vessels start dilating, and a person gets a harder erection whenever they are sexually aroused.

When you are having intercourse, the Dapoxetine dissolves and enters the nervous system. There it stops serotonin from dissolving at the synapse. It increases the levels of serotonin inside the brain, due to which it is unable to send signals to the penis for ejaculation. It helps the erection to stay active for longer.

Dosage Requirements

The dosage of the medicine that a person needs to consume to get the best results from the medicine is decided by the physician. Generally, the dose is one per day an hour before intercourse, but it might vary based on the levels of issues of ED and PE. The physician also needs to know details about the medical history and list of medicines of a person. It will help them ensure whether a male is safe to use the medicine or not.

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  • Medzpills aims to provide consumers with reliable, trustworthy, and expert-reviewed information. This article has been reviewed by Parry Stone, an expert in the field. However, it is important to note that the information presented should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical professional. The information provided serves only as a source of knowledge and may not cover all aspects of health conditions, lab tests, medications, potential side effects, drug interactions, warnings, alerts, and more. It is highly recommended to consult with your doctor and address any concerns or questions you may have about a specific disease or medication. At Medzpills, we strive to supplement, rather than replace, the essential doctor-patient relationship.
Active Ingredient

Tadalafil + Dapoxetine

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Erectile dysfunction with premature ejaculation


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