Tadora 20mg (Tadalafil)

Tadora 20mg is an allopathic medicine that is specially made to help males who have erectile dysfunction issues. It is a male sexual issue in which a person is unable to have a harder erection which leads to issues like a decrease in sexual satisfaction and libido levels.


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What is Tadora 20mg?

Tadora 20mg is an allopathic medicine that is specially made to help males who have erectile dysfunction issues. It is a male sexual issue in which a person is unable to have a harder erection which leads to issues like a decrease in sexual satisfaction and libido levels. All these issues also impact the life of the female partners, and they also notice a decline in sexual satisfaction levels. The medicine falls in the PDE type 5 inhibitor class action of medicine because the active pharmaceutical ingredient present inside the medicine is Tadalafil.

The manufacturer of the medicine is German Remedies Pvt Ltd., which packs the medicine in a strip of 4 tablets. Each tablet inside the strip is yellow in color, oval in shape and consists of 20mg of Tadalafil. The medicine is prescription-based, and a person cannot consume the medicine if the physician does provide you with the prescription for it.

Tadora 20mg quick information
Active Ingredient: Tadalafil
Prescription Required? Yes, Prescription Is compulsory.
FDA Pregnancy Category: Category B
Habit Forming: Not habit-forming
Chemical Class: Carboline Derivative
Action Class: PDE-5 inhibitors
Sleepiness: Does not cause sleepiness
Schedule: Schedule H Medicine
Expires on or after: May, 2024

Tadora 20 mg information

Uses of Tadora 20mg

  • The first and main use of the Tadora 20mg medicine is for erectile dysfunction. The medicine helps patients in gaining a harder erection and their satisfaction levels back.
  • The next use of the medicine is Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. It is an issue in which the blood pressure inside the body of a person increases and can turn out to be serious.

Benefits of using Tadora 20mg

  • Getting a harder erection is the first benefit of the medicine Tadora 20mg.
  • An increase in libido levels is also a benefit of the Tadora 20mg medicine.
  • Tadora 20mg medicine will also help in controlling the blood pressure of the patient.
  • An increase in sexual satisfaction levels is also a benefit of Tadora 20mg medicine.

How does Tadora 20mg work?

As we have discussed above, Tadora 20mg medicine’s task is to suppress PDE type5. This is a hormone that is released by the body of a male when the heart is at risk. This hormone enters the blood vessel and attaches there. Here it is going to block the release of cGMP, which is a vasodilator. Due to this action, the blood vessels start dilating, and enough blood is unable to reach the penis. It leads to a softer erection which indirectly means erectile dysfunction.

When a male consumes the medicine, the tablet dissolves within 40-45 minutes, and Tadalafil enters the blood vessels. This ingredient directly blocks the PDE type5, which will lead to a rise in the levels of cGMP again. It is a vasodilator that will help in dilating the blood vessels. When a male is sexually aroused, the blood starts flowing towards the penis, leading to a harder erection. This erection will help a male in increasing their sexual experience, and the effects of the medicine will last for at least 20-24 hours on average.

Tips for using Tadora 20 mg medicine

  • You should always use the medicine as a whole. Never break or chew the medicine if you want the best results from the medicine.
  • You should consume the medicine at least one hour before you want to have sex. It will help you get the best results.
  • You can use the medicine before or after consuming a meal as per your choice.
  • While healthy food choices may support overall health, there is no direct relationship between food intake and the effectiveness of the medicine.

Dose Requirement

The physician is going to decide the dose that you should consume. They will make this decision by checking the levels of issues you have in your body. After that, they will write a prescription based on which you can buy the medicine.

  • Missed dose

If you ever miss the dose of the medicine, you should make up for the dose. It will help you in getting results. To make up for the dose, there must be at least 12 hours left for the next dose.

  • Overdose

An overdose of the medicine can be bad for your body. That is why you must contact your physician after consuming an overdose. They will help you get rid of the issues.

Side Effects of Tadora 20mg

Educate yourself about possible side effects that may arise, such as chill, flushing, or upset stomach, so you are prepared to address them if they occur.

Potential Side Effects of Tadora 20mg Requiring Immediate Attention:

If you are taking Tadora 20mg medicine and experience any of the following symptoms, it’s crucial to stop the medication and seek immediate medical assistance:

  1. Priapism: This condition involves a painful and prolonged erection.
  2. Sudden Vision/Hearing Loss
  3. Allergic Reactions: Look out for signs such as rash, swelling, or breathing difficulties.
  4. Chest Pain and Cardiovascular Issues
  5. Severe Hypotension: This indicates an abnormally low blood pressure.
  6. Severe Headache and Nausea
  7. Shortness of Breath
  8. Swelling of Extremities

Tadora 20mg: Common and Less Severe Side Effects

While the following side effects are typically less severe, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare provider to address them effectively. These common side effects may include:

  • – Mild to moderate headache
  • – Flushing, which can manifest as a feeling of warmth or redness in the face, neck, or chest
  • – Mild stomach discomfort or indigestion
  • – Muscle pain, often referred to as myalgia
  • – Back pain
  • – Stuffy or runny nose
  • – Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • – Minor changes in vision, such as blurred vision or a blue-green tinge to objects
  • – Flu-like symptoms

How do you ensure safety while using Tadora 20mg?

There are various conditions under which a person might be unsafe to use the medicine. That is why, to ensure the safety of consuming the medicine, a person should follow the below-mentioned precautions-

  1. It is mandatory for a person to visit the physician before consuming Tadora 20mg. They will make sure whether a person is safe to use the medicine or not by checking the medical history. After that, they will consider the ED levels to provide the dose.
  2. It is important that a person should know complete details about the side effects. It would be better for a person to discuss the details with the physician. It will help a person stay prepared.
  3. A person should always follow the medicine prescription no matter what happens. It is important because an appropriate dose is necessary for decreasing any health risk.
  4. One should know complete details about the medicine interactions to ensure safety. Medicines like nitrate-based, alpha-blockers and some OTC might interact with Tadalafil negatively. That is why it is important for a person to have complete details about the interactions.
  5. Storing the medicine is important for maintaining the quality of the medicine. One should always choose a dark and dry place to store Tadora 20mg.


Following are Various interactions that can occur when Tadora 20mg is combined with different drugs and substances.

  1. Nitrates: Nitrates are medications commonly prescribed to prevent chest pain(angina). When combined with Tadora 20mg, a severe drop in BP(blood pressure) may occur, leading to dizziness.
    Examples of common nitrates that interact with Tadora 20mg are provided below.
  • Isosorbide mononitrate
  • Isosorbide dinitrate (Isordil )
  • Nitro-Dur (Nitroglycerin)
  1. Protease Inhibitors: Protease inhibitors, commonly used for viral infections such as HCV and human immunodeficiency virus, can increase the risk of side effects when combined with Tadora 20mg.
    Examples of common protease Inhibitors that interact with Tadora 20mg are provided below.
  • Ritonavir
  • Indinavir
  • Saquinavir
  • Viracept
  • Reyataz
  1. Alpha Blockers: Alpha blockers are commonly employed to regulate high blood pressure (BP). When taken concurrently with Tadora 20mg, these medications work in tandem to further decrease BP by inducing muscle relaxation. The result of this combined approach is a noteworthy reduction in blood pressure.
    Examples of common alpha blockers that interact with Tadora 20mg are provided below.
  • Cardura
  • Prazosin
  • Terazosin
  • Silodosin
  1. Anti-Infective Medications: Similar to protease inhibitors, certain anti-infective medications can interact with Tadora 20mg, potentially amplifying side effects.
  2. Alcohol: Alcohol, like Tadora 20mg, can relax blood vessels, leading to a drop in blood pressure.
  3. Grapefruit: Grapefruit and grapefruit juice can interfere with the metabolism of Tadora 20mg, leading to an increase in its concentration in the body.

Preventive measures

  • You should always share your medical history with the physician. They need to know this information to ensure your safety.
  • You should stop consuming alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and grapefruit juice with the medicine.
  • Never consume the medicine if you are a heart patient or using alpha-blockers or nitrate-based medicines.
  • If you have to visit your dentist or have any treatment undergoing, don’t use the medicine.
  • You should skip using the medicine if you have a fever or high blood pressure.
  • If you have used the medicine, skip activities like driving or operating heavy machinery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to work?

Tadora medicine consists of tadalafil salt as its primary ingredient. It means that the medicine will only take 40-45 minutes to show its action in your body, which will induce an erection. One interesting fact about the medicine is that it will only show its action if you get involved in sexually arousing activities.

  • Who is the manufacturer of Tadora 20 mg?

German Remedies Pvt Ltd, an Indian pharmaceutical company, manufactures the Vigore Force medicine.

  • What to do if there are any side effects?

If side effects are appearing in your body because of the Tadora 20 mg medicine, you should check the method of consumption of your medicine. Make changes if there is any issue, and you will see a betterment in your situation.

If your situation is still the same, you probably need a change in your dose. Your physician is going to help you in changing the dose of your medicine.

  • Can I take Tadora 20 mg of medicine as often as I want?

No, a person should only stick to the schedule that a physician provides for consuming the medicine. It is necessary because if you start taking medicine as often as you want, your body will start showing side effects.

These side effects can be serious at times because this action causes a severe overdose of salt in your body.

  • When should I take the Tadora 20 mg Tablet?

If you are thinking of consuming the Tadora 20 mg tablet, the best time would be one hour before you decide to have intercourse.

It will ensure that the medicine works properly and induce actions when it’s time for sex. You can also adjust this time based on the time that medicine takes to show its action in your body.

  • What if you forget to take Tadora 20 mg tablet?

If you ever forget to take the Tadora 20 mg medicine, you will not get sufficient results to have satisfactory intercourse with sexual arousal.

To make up for the dose, you should see that there should be at least 12 hours left for the next dose. If the time you have in hand is less or you are looking to skip intercourse, skip the medicine.

  • Who can use Tadora 20 mg tablets?

People with issues like erectile dysfunction, lower libido levels, pulmonary arterial hypertension, and benign prostatic hyperplasia can use the medicine. For buying and using the medicine it is important for a person to get a prescription first and visit the physician.

  • Is smoking safe after taking a Tadora 20 mg tablet?

Smoking is completely unsafe for those consuming Tadora 20 mg medicine or suffering from erectile dysfunction. The reason behind this is smoking is the main cause behind the happening of erectile dysfunction in humans, and it will not let the medicine work.

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MedzPills is dedicated to providing visitors with accurate and reliable health information. This article has been carefully reviewed by an expert, Parry Stone. However, it’s important to understand that this information is not a substitute for advice from a qualified medical professional. Our information is meant to be a helpful resource, but it might not cover every aspect of health conditions, lab tests, medications, potential side effects, drug interactions, warnings, or alerts. It’s strongly recommended that you consult your doctor for any specific questions or concerns about a particular illness or medication. At MedzPills, our goal is to complement, rather than replace, the important doctor-patient relationship.

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