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About Trajenta 5 mg medicine

Trajenta 5 mg is an oral medication that physicians suggest to people suffering from diabetes mellitus type 2. The primary salt that is present in this medicine is LINAGLIPTIN. In each tablet, there is 5 mg of active ingredient present. The manufacturer of the Trajenta 5 mg medicine is BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM INDIA PVT LTD.

According to the FDA, based on the kind of diabetes, the physician will suggest the medicine with other diabetes medicines and insulin.

When visiting your physician, you should ask them to help you with the medicine schedule. After that, you should always follow the schedule they provide you with. Every day you must take medicine simultaneously as it is better for working.

What are Trajenta 5 mg uses?

The use of the Trajenta 5 mg medicine is to control the issues of type 2 diabetes.

Trajenta dose

The physician is going to decide how much dose your body needs to lower the blood sugar levels. They will check the position of your sugar levels and then prescribe you a dose.

Typically one dose in a day is sufficient for controlling, but some people even need two. After getting the prescription, you should buy the medicine online from MedzPills.

Sometimes a person misses the dose of the medicine, due to which they might suffer from various issues. That is why they should make up for the medicine dose asap. But take care that you don’t take two doses on the same day to make up the dose.

Trajenta 5 mg

How does the Trajenta 5 mg medicine work?

The medicine’s main work is to help control the issue of type 2 diabetes mellitus. For that, the medicine will help the pancreas to release insulin hormone.

After that, the medicine is going to help in the proper absorption of insulin so that the sugar breaks down properly and is stored in our bodies.

If the body is unable to produce insulin, then we need to take insulin also, and then the medicine helps in the proper processing of that insulin to bring down the blood sugar levels.

How to consume the Trajenta 5 mg medicine?

You should consume the Trajenta 5 mg medicine in the following way. If you follow all the steps below, then the working potential of the medicine improves.

  • You should consume the medicine with a glassful of water. It will make medicine swallowing easy.
  • Don’t break or chew the medicine if you want the medicine to work to its full potential.
  • You can take medicine before and after the meal as you want. But we suggest taking it around half an hour after your meal.
  • With medicine, it is necessary that you perform proper exercise also.

Trajenta 5 mg side effects

There are some side effects that will happen in your body when you are taking the Trajenta 5 mg medicine. These side effects can become serious anytime. So, if you feel any such thing happening in your body that is out of control, then contact your physician. Those side effects are-

  • When a person consumes the medicine regularly, then it might decrease the levels of blood sugar. In this case, a person starts feeling lightheadedness and mouth dryness. Eat something sweet immediately when you feel that this issue is happening.
  • Due to the medicine, a person might face the issue of sore throat, cough, and swelling in the nasal passage.
  • The pancreas of the person consuming the medicine also swells up due to the medicine consumption.
  • The issue of diarrhea and vomiting happens very commonly due to Trajenta consumption.
  • People might notice common issues are headaches and nausea also due to the medicine.
  • Your blood lipase and amylase levels also increase due to the consumption of Trajenta 5 mg medicine.
  • There is a high risk of upper lung infection due to medicine consumption.
  • Stomach upset and issues of gas is also very common issue due to Trajenta 5 mg medicine.
  • Due to medicine consumption, a person might also suffer from issues of general weakness.
  • A person might also notice issues of unnecessary tiredness due to Trajenta consumption.
  • A person might also go through the issues of indigestion.

Trajenta 5 mg Important Precautions and Warnings

When taking the Trajenta 5 mg medicine, you should keep in mind the following precautionary measures. It will be good for your safety and working of the medicine-

  • It is a prescription-based medicine, and you should discuss every single detail with your physician before starting this medicine course. They will check that you don’t have any allergy or issue that interacts with the medicine negatively and harm your body.
  • One should not consume alcohol and marijuana when taking Trajenta medicine. This combination can be very harmful to your body.
  • The medicine can be unsafe in cases of pregnancy and breastfeeding also. Without asking the physician, you should not take medicine.
  • If you are already suffering from any kidney disorder, then the medicine can be harmful to your body.
  • You should not take medicine if you are already taking Amiloride, Betamethasone, or Chlorthalidone.
  • You should take medicine at the same time every day without missing a day.
  • We suggest you also keep something sweet with you. It will help in case of hypoglycemia due to medicine which means lowering blood sugar levels.

Trajenta 5 mg storage

You should take care of the following instructions when it comes to storage of the medicine

  • You should not store the above 25 degrees temperature. It can decline the working potential of Trajenta.
  • Children should not reach the medicine in any case
  • The place you choose should be dry and have no access to direct sunlight.

From where should we buy trajenta 5 mg medicine

There are many online websites selling the Trajenta 5 mg medicine. But a few of them are offering them at a higher price, and others don’t sell genuine medicines.

On the other hand, some websites are directly involved in fraudulent activities. That is why we suggest you check the MedzPills website for all your medical needs once. The reasons for doing so are-

  • In the case of diabetes, one can not take even a 1% risk of quality of medicine. That is why always buy from MedzPills because they sell the Boehringer Ingelheim India Pvt. Ltd manufactured original medicines only. You have the option to cross-check it also through batch number and manufacturing information on the back of the box.
  • The price of the medicine that MedzPills offers is unbeatable. No one offers discount coupons and offers on medicine as they do. Moreover, for the members, the website has special discount offers.
  • We have a privacy policy on our website, which ensures that all the information you provide will be secured by us. We don’t hold any rights to share your information with anyone. Also, on the website, you will find all the advanced safety measures applied properly. This will stop the cyber attacks on the website, saving you payment information.


Is Trajenta bad for kidneys?

Trajenta medicine is not bad for the kidneys of the person. According to the FDA, there are no side effects on the kidneys of the medicine. But, higher levels of sugar have a very bad impact on the kidney.

If you don’t treat the sugar for a longer period, then there are chances of kidney failure also.

How Much Does Trajenta Cost Vs. Januvia?

There is not much difference between the costs of Trajenta and Januvia. Sometimes, when the Trajenta 5 mg medicine is not available then, the physicians suggest the Januvia 50 mg medicine.

What is the most important information I should know about TRAJENTA?

The most important information about Trajenta medicine is that when you consume the medicine, then you should also do proper exercise. Also, take proper care of your diet when consuming the medicine.

Due to medicine consumption, severe side effects, like hypoglycemia and urinary tract infection, happen in the body. In any such situation, you should discuss the issue with your physician in detail.

Does Trajenta (linagliptin) make you gain weight?

If a person is only consuming Trajenta 5 mg medicine, then there are no chances of gaining weight. But the physicians suggest the Trajenta medicine with other diabetes medicine. In this case, the chances of weight gain are higher. Also, people who are suffering from issues of diabetes notice a slight change in their weight.

What is type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is a type of diabetes in which the body is either unable to produce insulin to process the sugar or resists insulin absorption in the body. Either way, the body cannot break down sugar into smaller storable forms, increasing blood sugar levels.

What is Trajenta 5 mg price?

Trajenta 5 mg medicine is available all over the globe at around $40 for 30 pills. But the price of medicine varies from time to time. Various factors affect the price of the medicine, like offers, availability, etc.

Active Ingredient


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Type 2 diabetes


Boehringer Ingelheim India Pvt Ltd


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