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Vidalista 10 mg- Drug That Brings Back Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual satisfaction is a state in which a person is happy with the sexual activity he/she is performing. This situation looks like very common and people think that if a person is not satisfied sexually then what difference does it makes. Such people should know that if the person is not satisfied sexually then it can affect every other aspect of their life. Now when we look at reasons that why a person becomes sexually dissatisfied then erectile dysfunction is the most common reason.

But people don’t have to face sexual dissatisfaction anymore due to this reason. One can even experience sexual satisfaction when suffering from the issue of Erectile Dysfunction with the help of Vidalista 10 mg tablet. In the further part we will be discussing the details about this medicine which you must go through.

What is Vidalista 10 mg?

The medicine Vidalista 10 mg is an oral medication which falls under the category of PDE type 5 inhibition class action of medicine. The active ingredient of the medicine Vidalista 10 mg is Tadalafil and Centurion Pharmaceuticals manufacture this medicine. The medicine is a generic version of Cialis which is FDA approved and is considered as one of the best medicines in the category.

What are the uses of Vidalista 10 mg?

Following are the reasons due to which a person uses the Vidalista 10 mg medicine-

  • The medicine helps human being in providing sexual satisfaction when suffering from the issue of ED. It happens because the medicine helps in temporary suppression of PDE in the body.
  • The Vidalista 10 mg also helps a person in curing the issue of benign prostatic hyperplasia. In this issue, swelling happens on the prostate gland but the medicine helps in its removal.
  • When a male is suffering from ED then their libido level also suppresses and they are no longer able to form the mood to have sexual intercourse. But with the medicine they get back in the mood to have intercourse.
  • People should keep in mind that the medicine also helps in controlling the issue of Pulmonary Arterial Hyperplasia.

How much Vidalista should a normal human being take?

If you are a normal person with normal levels of ED and have no allergies to the medicine then you must consume no more than one dose in a day. But on the other hand if you are suffering from higher levels of issues or maybe the issue is persistent in your body from a longer period then you might need more than one tablet dose in a day or the heavier dose as Vidalista 20 mg or Vidalista 60 mg.

Differentiate- Vidalista vs Cialis

There can be two categories on the basis of which, a person can differentiate between Vidalista and Cialis.

  • The first category is the cost of the medicine. The Cialis is the first original Tadalafil based medicine (Generic Cialis 60 mg) due to which it is somehow costly. But on the other hand the Vidalista 10 mg is a generic medicine. It means that it is cheaper.
  • The next difference is in the packing of the medicine. The Vidalista medicine is packed into a strip of 10 tablets in a box whereas the Cialis only has 2 tablets in a strip and there are two strips in the box of Cialis 10 mg.

How does the Vidalista 10 mg work?

The Vidalista 10 mg enters the body and moves to the lower abdomen area where it has to show its action. Here the medicine is going to move inside the blood vessels where PDE is present and block the activities it is performing. Due to this the blood supply to the penis gets normal as the blood vessels start dilating. As the person is involved in arousing activities, harder erection happens.

Now, the medicine has to help out in getting rid of the issues of premature ejaculation. For that the medicine is going to take help of cGMP. The cGMP is a vasodilator and also helps in blocking blood in penis. Due to this blood blocking we can notice that the erection lasts for more than expected. This way the medicine tackles the issue of premature ejaculation.

Discuss the side effects of Vidalista 10 mg

  • Headache and nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Cloudiness in front of eyes
  • Muscle pain
  • Elongated erections


The active ingredient tadalafil helps in keeping a person hard by blocking the blood which has entered the penis once during the coitus. Due to this, the human being does not lose the erection they have gained.

According to the stats the Vidalista 10 mg has lasted for a maximum of 36 hours in the body of the consumer. In common people, medicine lasts for 20-24 hours on an average. But one should note that in this period also the person cums and regains the erection.

According to the stats the Vidalista 10 mg has lasted for a maximum of 36 hours in the body of the consumer. In common people, medicine lasts for 20-24 hours on an average. But one should note that in this period also the person cums and regains the erection.

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