Vigora Lido Spray

Vigora Lido Spray is a local anaesthetic spray manufactured by Zydus Cadila, an Indian Pharmaceutical Company. The active pharmaceutical ingredient present inside the spray is Lidocaine.


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What is Vigora Lido Spray?

Vigora Lido Spray is a local anaesthetic spray manufactured by Zydus Cadila, an Indian Pharmaceutical Company. The active pharmaceutical ingredient present inside the spray is Lidocaine. The spray consists of 15 grams of liquid containing 9.5% of w/w active pharmaceutical ingredients.

To buy and consume the spray, a person requires a prescription. That is why a person suffering from pain sensations, premature ejaculation, ulcers, etc, issues must visit the physician first. They will understand the issue and provide you with a suitable prescription for the spray.

Uses of Vigora Lido Spray

  • People who have inflammation and pain in the bladder and urethra can get a prescription for the Vigora Lido spray.
  • The spray also helps in small cosmetic surgeries, which makes the insertion of instruments painless. Also, it works as a lubricant for insertion of instruments.
  • People with premature ejaculation can also get a prescription for the spray.
  • If a person has ulcers, they can take help from the spray.

Benefits of using Vigora Lido Spray

  • The spray helps in numbing a particular body part during operation, which makes insertion of material in the body easy. Here, it will work as a lubricant as well as make the process of insertion painless.
  • The spray helps in decreasing the painful sensations in various body parts, providing relief to the person.
  • A person who is suffering from inflammation of the urethra and bladder can also use the spray. It will make the process of peeing and intercourse easy.
  • The spray helps in providing relief from discomfort and irritation caused by ulcers.
  • The sprays also help a person last longer while having intercourse, leading to satisfactory intercourse.
  • The sprays also help in increasing the sexual satisfaction and libido levels in a person’s body.

How does Vigora Lido Spray work?

The working of the spray is pretty simple and completely depends on blocking the sensations from a particular part of the body to the brain. When a person applies the spray to a particular body part, Lidocaine enters the pores of the skin. It will not let any kind of sensation reach the brain by blocking the nerves from sending signals.

If a person is using the medicine for premature ejaculation, the spray will not let the sensations of intercourse reach the brain. Lidocaine will block the sensations generated during intercourse to reach the penis. Due to this, the brain does not generate the orders for ejaculation, helping a person last for longer while having intercourse.

Dosage Requirement

The dose of Vigora Lido Spray that a person should use is either one or two sprays per day. However, the final decision about the dose is made by the physician, who will first need to know the details about the medical history of the person. It will help them decide whether a person is safe to use Lidocaine or not. After that, the physician needs to know the levels of pain or premature ejaculation issues to prescribe the dose of the spray.


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