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Vigore Force- A High-Quality Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction Patients

Vigore Force is a special product by Zydus Cadila Pharmaceuticals, which is helping erectile dysfunction patients globally in achieving sexual satisfaction. The medicine consists of two different salts it that are Sildenafil citrate and Dapoxetine.

The Sildenafil citrate salt falls under the medicine’s PDE type 5 inhibitor class action, and the Dapoxetine falls under the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor class. The main task of medicine is to suppress the symptoms of the issue to gain sexual satisfaction.

The Sildenafil citrate salt helps suppress both the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, which are premature ejaculation and softer erections. On the other hand, dapoxetine salt can only help with the issues of premature ejaculation. To use the medicine, a person first needs a prescription. The manufacturer packs the medicine in a strip of 4 tablets.

These tablets are blue & squarish in shape, having 80 mg of active ingredients. Of this, 80 mg, 50 mg is Sildenafil citrate, and 30 mg is dapoxetine. Both the salts in the medicine are FDA-approved and safe to use in various situations, which we will discuss later in this blog.

How to use the medicine?

  • The first tip for using this medicine is to consume it as a whole. Never make any mistake by biting or chewing the medicine because it will not show any action.
  • You should never consume junk food when using this medicine. Fats in junk food can slow down the working of the medicine.
  • You should always consume the medicine half an hour before you decide to have intercourse.
  • After consuming the medicine, it is mandatory to involve in sexually arousing activities.

Vigore Force details

How does the medicine act?

The medicine starts acting in your body by first dissolving the Sildenafil citrate salt. The salt will enter inside the blood vessels and block the actions of pde type 5. You will notice a rise in the levels of cGMP in the blood vessels, which will dilate them.

With sexual arousal, the dilated blood vessels will carry more blood toward the penis, which will induce a harder erection. The salt also helps a little bit with the issues of premature ejaculation by blocking the blood that has entered the penis. It will help you last longer during intercourse.

When you are having intercourse the second salt will activate and reach the synapse of the neurons. It stops the serotonin from absorbing at the synapse, due to which the information flow gets interrupted. Due to this, the brain cannot send signals to the penis for ejaculation, and you will last longer than expected.

Who can use the Vigore force medicine?

  • People who have erectile dysfunction can take the help of this medicine. The medicine dissolves in your body and suppresses the symptoms that this issue causes. Due to this, a person can have satisfactory intercourse for 5 to 6 hours on average.
  • The medicine also helps benign prostatic hyperplasia patients. The medicine helps resolve the issues of swelling and pain in the prostate gland.
  • You can also use this medicine if you have lower libido levels. The medicine will help you maintain a healthy level of libido.
  • You can also use this medicine if you are facing issues of depression and anxiety.
  • People with pulmonary hypertension can also take medicine to control the symptoms.

Dose Requirement

The physician is going to decide the doors of medicine that you require. It can be either one or two every day based on the levels of issues you have in your body. But before prescribing the dose, they will also check whether you are safe to use the medicine.

  • Missed dose

If you have missed the dose of the medicine, make up for it if you want the best results. To make up for the dose, there should be at least 12 hours or more left for the next dose. If you want to skip intercourse, you should also skip the dose.

  • Overdose

In case of a medication overdose, check how your body is reacting. If it shows any major issues, contact your physician. They will help you get rid of the issues.

Preventive Measures

  • Share all vital information with the physician to ensure your safety.
  • Never consume alcohol and marijuana when using the medicine.
  • You should never drive or operate heavy machinery when taking medicine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to work?

The medicine will only take 20-25 minutes to show its action in your body. Also, the results will only appear in your body when you are sexually aroused.

  • Who is the manufacturer of Vigore Force?

The manufacturer of the Vigore Force medicine is Zydus Cadila, a renowned global pharma company. All the medicines they manufacture are FDA approved and are of very high quality.

  • What to do if there are any side effects?

If the medicine is causing any side effects in your body, watch out for the pattern of medicine consumption you are following. In most cases, if there is a problem in the pattern is correct, you should visit the physician and ask them to revise your dose. They will perform a check-up again and then again prescribe you a dose.

  • Can I take Vigore Force medicine as often as I want?

If you ever start using the medicine as often as you want, you might face major issues because it causes an overdose of salt. That is why we suggest everyone stick to the schedule that their physician has provided to them. It will help you get the best results with zero to minimal side effects.

  • When should I take the Vigore Force Tablet?

If you are using the medicine for erectile dysfunction and want to be fully prepared before you want to have sex, consume the medicine half hour before intercourse. You can also adjust this time if the medicine takes less time to show action in your body based on issue levels.

  • What if you forget to take a vigore force tablet?

If you ever forget to use the Vigore force tablet, don’t panic because it is not a big deal. Many people who are not willing to have intercourse miss the medicine intentionally. But if you want to have sex and miss the tablet by mistake, make up for it. You only need to check that there are at least 12 hours left for the next dose in this case. If the time is less, don’t make up for the missed dose and focus on the next.

  • Who can use the Vigore Force tablet?

There are a bunch of issues with which the Vigore Force Tablet helps. A list of those issues has been discussed below-

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Lower libido
  • Pulmonary arterial hypertension
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

You will require a prescription to consume the tablet, no matter your issue.

  • Is smoking safe after taking a Vigore Force tablet?

No, smoking is not safe before or after taking medicine. The reason behind this is when you smoke a cigarette, smoke and tobacco deposit in the blood vessels. When you use the medicine, the vessels dilate, but due to the smoke, you won’t be able to notice any major changes. In some cases, the medicine cannot show action due to smoking. That is why you should give up smoking as soon as possible.

Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate / Dapoxetine

Delivery Time:

6 To 15 days


Erectile Dysfunction


German Remedies Pvt Ltd


4 Tablets in Strip


Sildenafil Citrate (50mg) + Dapoxetine (30mg)


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