Reasons Why Erectile Patients Must Talk To Their Physician

Reasons Why Erectile Patients Must Talk To Their Physician

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem in males in which symptoms of softer erections and premature ejaculation start. Due to these primary symptoms, secondary issues like low libido levels and sexual dissatisfaction start arising in people’s bodies.

The problem of erectile dysfunction starts happening in the body occasionally when a person is stressed out, tired, consuming alcohol or taking medicine, decreasing their wish to have intercourse.

But when this issue starts happening regularly, it can be a problem. In this case, most people don’t act appropriately when it happens. On the other hand, some people start taking medicines alone, which is the wrong approach.

When you diagnose that you have erectile dysfunction, you should go and talk to your physician. They will help you figure out the best way to handle the situation and how you can cure the issue in the long term while keeping your sexual life intact.

Help You In Knowing The Root Cause

Erectile dysfunction happens in your body due to reason. An average person doesn’t have the kind of expertise that can help them figure out the exact reason behind the issue.

We suggest you go to the physician and talk to them about the issue. They are going to help you find out of hundreds of possible reasons, what can be the one which is causing ED in your body.

When you know the root cause, you can act toward the issue from that perspective. Read the detailed blog here to learn more details about how ED happens in your body.

Helps In Improving Sex Life

A person’s most prominent issue when suffering from erectile dysfunction is that their sex life completely disrupts. It causes dissatisfaction among the couple, not just sexually but emotionally also.

That is why the physician is the first person you should always visit. They are going to help you out with the ways through which you can improve your sexual life. They will suggest how you can apply various methods to improve your sexual life in the state of ED.

Check For Any Underlying Health Hazard

Sometimes the issue you are suffering from is not just erectile dysfunction. It indicates a significant health hazard that might happen in your body.

For example, erectile dysfunction in your body might indicate that you might have a heart disorder or type 2 diabetes mellitus. That is why when you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, visit your physician and ask them to do a complete body check-up.

This way the physician will see that no serious health issue in your body has not been diagnosed yet. If they can diagnose an issue, you should be thankful that you have come to know about the problem before becoming severe.

Now you can take steps to get rid of the problem. To know what ED might indicate, read the full blog here.

Help You With Any Mental Health Problems

Sometimes erectile dysfunction is not because of your body but your brain. Sometimes, issues like stress, depression, past incidents, low-self esteem (confidence), etc start causing erectile dysfunction in the body.

The physician is going to help you with a series of consultations by providing your solutions and alleviating a string of positive thoughts in your mind.

This way, you will start handling your mental problems better and easily overcome erectile dysfunction.

They Will Provide You With Medicine Prescription

When you know that you have ED and have the reason, it will take some time to treat it properly. Until then, you can not afford to have sexual dissatisfaction in your body.

In such a situation, a person should take the help of PDE type5 inhibitor class action medicines. There are four medicines in this category by the name of Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), Vardenafil (Levitra), and Avanafil (Stendra) which are prescription based.

The physician will play a vital role in providing a prescription because without that, and you can not get medicine from any website or land-based pharmacy.

You must discuss your complete medical history with the physician to get the prescription. They will check that you are safe to use the medicine or not and then provide you with a prescription for the drug.

Know What Your Physician Might Look Out For

When you have figured out that you have ED, then the first thing you should do is make an appointment with the physician. For that, you can just state the reason as male sexual wellness concerns while booking an appointment.

Now on your first visit to the physician, they are about to ask you a series of questions for which you must be prepared. Those questions are –

  • When have you first noticed the symptoms of erectile dysfunction?
  • How fast is the growth of erectile dysfunction symptoms in your body?
  • Is it now happening randomly or every time you start having intercourse?
  • Is there any circumstance under which the issue arises?
  • The next question the physician will ask is what is your alcohol consumption and smoking frequency?
  • They will also ask you questions about any illegal substance you are taking like cocaine, marijuana, opioids, etc.
  • The physician then enquires about your relationship with your partner. You should share if there is any relationship distress you are going through.
  • The physician will ask about any particular issue after which the problem started happening. They will have a few questions about your work life and if you are going through any stressful time in your life.
  • The physician will also ask you questions about your current health status and any past medical issue you have been through.
  • The final question that a physician might have will be regarding the medicines you are currently using. You should add all allopathic medication, supplements, multivitamins, minerals, etc., to this list. It is to check that any medication they suggest does not interact with your current medicines negatively.

You should answer these questions with complete transparency. Some people find it weird to share all this sensitive information on a first visit and lie due to which the physician is unable to treat them well.

Also, we suggest that you take your partner with you when visiting the physician. It will help them know the situation and you will feel support for your situation.

Questions You Should Ask When Visiting The Physician

After you have gone through a list of questions that a physician might ask and prepared yourself, it’s time to know what you should ask the physician.

You should always prepare a list of questions you should ask your physician when visiting them for the first time. It will help you understand the situation you are under in a better way.

  • You should start by asking the reasons for your erectile dysfunction.
  • You can also ask how long the symptoms of ED can stay in my body. Sometimes ED happens due to some other ongoing treatment, and when the treatment stops, the symptoms also go away, like in the case of radiation therapy.
  • You should ask them questions about the treatment options that are available for you. Ask them about both permanent and temporary solutions.
  • Then you should ask questions about the solutions you should do if the solution you are applying doesn’t work.
  • You should ask the physician about any other specialist opinion and whether consultancy is required or not.
  • You should ask this question in case of ED due to serious health hazards, mental health issues or relationship problems.
  • Ask the physician in detail about any important lifestyle changes when going through ED. Sometimes the lifestyle of a person is the underlying reason for ED. If you change your lifestyle and continue it for a few months, your ED will cure.

When visiting the physician, they will do some tests to check the levels. They will perform physical exams of your penis and lower abdomen to confirm the issue. After that, they will send your urine and blood samples to the lab for testing.

If they find any abnormality in samples or chances of a more significant issue, the physician can also order some advanced tests.


At first, every person with ED will feel awkward talking to the physician. They will think about resolving the issue, which will be a very wrong step. The reason behind this is that if you don’t visit the physician or take any expert advice, then chances are high that the problem becomes worse.

About 70% of people who visit the physician when they first notice the symptom of erectile dysfunction can get over the issue within six months. Also, they can have a great sex life.

Reports say that almost 95% of ED patients end up seeing a physician, whether in the first month, after a year or after ten years. So, that is why you should visit them asap. Maybe starting the conversation at first will be like a nightmare, but it will all be worth it in the end.


At Medzpills, it is our mission to provide consumers with the best possible, scientifically-backed, and expert-reviewed information. Parry Stone, an expert in the field has reviewed this article, but we caution you that it should not be treated as a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical professional. It is a source of knowledge, potentially helpful in understanding health conditions, lab tests, medications, side effects, drug interactions, warnings, alerts, and more. To ensure the best experience and outcome, we strongly encourage you to consult with your doctor and discuss any concerns or questions you have about a particular disease or medication. Our services are meant to supplement, not replace, the invaluable relationship between doctor and patient.

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