Scabies- A Detailed conversation about this seven-year itch

When it comes to health then we human beings commonly focus on the issues that are life-threatening. But there are other issues that happen in the human body that might not be fatal but can lead to various issues in the body.

One such issue which we are about to discuss here is scabies. It is a dangerous issue related to the skin of human beings. If we speak in the same language then it is an issue in which the skin of a person starts developing itching issues.

The itching gives rise to the urge of scratching the body, especially in places where the roundworm infestation is high. The issue we are discussing happens due to a roundworm or parasite in the body named Sarcoptes scabies.

The issue of scabies is contagious and can spread even through touch. There are a few facts that prove that the issue is very contagious. When a person suffers from the issue then the physician suggests treatment for all the family members and people who commonly come in your contact.

The issue of scabies is affecting people worldwide. According to an estimate, there are 300 million cases of scabies every year globally. It shows that such small itch issues can also be so serious.  Due to this, we need to provide proper attention to this issue also.

In this blog, you will find the details about scabies, and the reasons for this. Changes it makes in the body, its treatment with the help of Ivermectin for humans, and many more. So, let’s deep dive and start the discussion about Scabies.            

Diagnose of Scabies

In order to diagnose scabies, your physician is going to check your skin. The first sign of the development of scabies is the presence of burrows in the skin. They will examine it with a lens.

If they find the presence of the burrows then they will take out scrapping of your skin. Now this scrapping will be examined under the microscope.

On examination, they will find either mites or eggs of mites on skin. If they are not present under your skin then you are safe. If they diagnose the eggs or mites then you have scabies and now have to undergo the treatment suggested for the issue.

Enlist the reasons that cause scabies

Following are the reasons why scabies commonly happens in your body. Those reasons are-

  •   A person can get scabies by coming in close contact with people who are already suffering from the issue.
  • If you are using the same bedding used by scabies-infected people then you might also suffer from the issue.

Human contact is the only way because if the mites do not get skin contact for 2-3 days then they die automatically. The life cycle of mites is simple. They simply enter your body and females leave the eggs below your skin and their waste.

With the help of these issues, scabies spread like fire in the body causing severe issues.

Changes in the body that happens due to scabies

With the onset of scabies, your body is going to show you the following changes –

●        The first symptom of the scabies issue is itching. Due to this issue a person might even have problems sleeping at night. The issue increases with every passing day.

Rashes happen on the skin in the form of bumps or borrows. It might look like a small pimple in the starting but start developing scaly patches with time.

●        People often scratch the skin due to scabies. This can lead to issues of sores in the body.

●         Some people start developing severe symptoms like the formation of thick crusts. It happens only in the case of some limited scabies forms.

Normally these symptoms appear in places covered by jewelry, armpits, limbs, around the nails, between the fingers, and the foot sole, interior spaces of the body, etc.

Is there a way to get rid of Scabies instantly?

There is no possible way of getting rid of scabies instantly. You have to go through a complete treatment phase for scabies.

Now the period of this scabies treatment will be decided by the fact that how long you have been suffering from the issue. The shorter the period of infestation, the shorter will be the period of treatment.

If we consider an average then the scabies treatment lasts for at least 4-6 weeks. Before that, you can not possibly treat scabies. In some people’s bodies, the treatment continues after the mites are successfully removed from the body.

Consequences of untreated Scabies

You won’t believe the fact that if your scabies remains untreated then it can lead to heart and kidney diseases. Moreover, they can be so fatal that you can even die if you don’t take care of the issue in a few weeks.

The reason why it becomes fatal is that the mites which enter and grow in the body actually weaken our immune system. Now due to the weak immune system the chances of bacterial infection increase manifolds.

When two diseases happen in the body together then the body is unable to handle which brings you one step forward towards fatality. Moreover the longer the mite stays in your body, the more damage it will cause.

That is why as soon as you suspect scabies, start maintaining distance from everyone and also see your physician.

Tests you can do yourself to see whether you are suffering from scabies

There are no tests as such in the world that you can personally use to detect scabies. The only thing you can do is an experiment that will give some clarity to you whether you are suffering from scabies or not.

Also the test we will be discussing is not very reliable. That is why visiting the physician is very much suggested. The name of the test is an Ink test for scabies. In this test, you have to take a marker that is wide and washable. Now you have to use it to draw a circle around the bump or borrow it. After that, you have to take an alcohol wipe and try to wipe away the ink.

If there is a mite inside your body then you can notice a small tip of ink visible at the end of the borrow. This is a way to show that the mite might be present in your body. You can also use a magnifying glass to see if there is any moving mite inside that bump or borrow.

These tests can be done at home but it neither ensures that you are suffering from scabies nor tells you that you are safe. It is just a probability on which you can not completely depend.

Role physician plays in the treatment of Scabies

Physicians play a very important role when it comes to the issue of scabies. First of all, you will not be able to figure out the fact that the issue you are suffering from is scabies or normal rash initially. It is only the diagnosis that physicians do that will help you know if the issue you are facing is scabies or not.

Apart from that if you don’t visit the physician then there is no way you can get the medicines that help with the issue of Scabies like Ivermectin and soaps because they are sold with prescriptions only.

Also visiting a physician is important because they will ensure that scabies or other infection does not enter your body. They are going to do it with the help of medications.

The physician will also check your family and acquaintances to see that the issue is limited to your body or has infected them also.

That is why if you suspect that your body is suffering from scabies by doing initial checks at home then visit your physician as soon as possible. They will help you get out of it as soon as possible.

Physicians trusted soaps for scabies

As we know that scabies is a skin-related issue and in such a situation using normal soaps is not an option. It can react with the body and can give rise to issues further. For the case of scabies two medicated soaps are available on the market. Both the soaps are-

●        Scabizma

It is a product of Bioford Remedies Pvt. Ltd. The medicated salt that is present in the soap is Permethrin and its composition in the soap is 1% w/w. The soap kills the small roundworms and the eggs they have laid on the skin.

You have to ask your physician about the application of the soap and how many times it is suggested. You have to keep in mind that before using the soap you have to clean your skin properly and cool it down. Eight hours after the application of this medicine, you should wash your body properly.

It will destroy the roundworm on the upper skin. In a few cases even after the worms are removed and dead, the allergy still persists. It can cause itching. That is why you should ask the physician properly before stopping the medicine consumption.

●        Scrabic-

Scrabic medicine is a formulation of Leeford healthcare ltd. which has three main constituents. The first one is permethrin the amount of which is 1% w/w. The second is Centrimide whose quantity is 0.5% w/w and the last element is menthol which is present in 1%w/w amount.

he main difference between the two soaps is that this soap helps in providing a cooling effect after application. This is going to be a plus point when you are fighting extreme itching. Rest the method of application is the same and it would be best if you consult your physician beforehand about every aspect of this soap.

Is scabies a deadly disease?

Most people might have a question by now in their mind is scabies a deadly issue? To clarify it, here is a statement. The deaths of patients suffering from the scabies issue are very rare.

It is possible only when either a person is unable to get treatment or ignores the issue thinking of it as a normal itching and redness issue which goes away with time. In all such cases, the scabies number increase in the body by millions, and secondary sepsis happens. Due to this mortality of a patient can happen easily.

There is one more situation that can happen here. When a person is suffering from the issue of scabies then their immune system is very weak. Now during this phase, the body is also prone to other issues like bacterial infections which directly affect the vital organs of the body.

If such infections happen then the chances of mortality also increases. Otherwise, if a person diagnoses the issue timely and gets proper treatment then there are almost zero chances of mortality.                                                                                                                                                   

Ivermectin – Best Scabies treatment

If someone is looking for the best way through which they can treat scabies then it’s Ivermectin. It is an anthelmintics class action of medicine that is provided to those who have a prescription from a registered physician. There are basically 3 salt variants of Ivermectin available in the market-

●        Ivermectin 3 mg

The dose of Ivermectin in human beings is based on weight. In the case of scabies 200mg/kg is the highest amount that a person can consume in a single dose. It means that if a person’s weight is 30 kg then the dose they can take in one sitting is 6 mg that is 2 tablets of Ivermectin 3 mg. The medicine is suggested to those who are at the initial stage of the issue.

●        Ivermectin 6 mg

Those who have been suffering from the issue for several months now are suggested to consume a stronger dose of Ivermectin 6 mg at once. This medicine suggestion is given by physicians to those also who have more weight so that their dose consumption becomes easy as compared to 3 mg.

●        Ivermectin 12 mg

As discussed above the issue is also known as a 7-year itch which means that it can persist in the body for a very long period. Now the higher the period, the higher will be the level of infestation which will require a higher dose automatically.

When a person has to consume a dose of 12 mg of Ivermectin or higher at a time for more than once a day then this dose potency is suggested. People also buy hydroxychloroquine (HCQS) 200 mg, amoxicillin 500 mg (Cipmox), Azipro 500 MG – Azithromycin along with ivermectin.

Now the amount of dose that a person has to consume to get rid of the issue does not only depend on the age of the person. The level of infestation also plays a very important role and for that physician will help you out.

They will run the diagnostic tests we have discussed below and then suggest a dose. There are a few things that a person needs to keep in mind about Ivermectin medicine.

●        The medicine consumption in the body of children who weigh less than 15 kg is not allowed. If the medicine consumption is still done then negative effects will appear soon.

●        Adults taking the medicine might also suffer a few side effects like nausea, dizziness, headache, etc which are mild. In case any serious side effects occur, a person can consult their physician.

●        Women who are under nursing conditions like pregnancy and breastfeeding should not take the medicine. It can directly harm their baby and give them diseases prior to their birth.

●        One should avoid the consumption of a few materials like alcohol, marijuana, etc. They are highly toxic and can give rise to side effects.

Ivermectin is a medicine that is used to treat a wide variety of issues caused by roundworms like filariasis, pink-eye issue, etc. The medicine is also a part of the Ziverdo medicine kit which contains three medicines basically that are Ivermectin 6 mg, Doxycycline 100 mg, and Zinc acetate 50 mg. The kit has a total of 27 elements and treats bacterial and roundworm infections.


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