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Testosterone Booster – Natural and Allopathic ways to increase T-levels

When we talk about male sexual disorders, you will hear that the two biggest problems are erectile dysfunction and lower testosterone Booster levels.

Both issues are interrelated because when the testosterone levels in the body drop, it will automatically cause erectile dysfunction. Although there are more reasons behind the ED, which you can read here of which low-T levels are the most prominent.

That is why we are writing this blog for people with low-T levels and ED. You will find details about testosterone boosters here, which can help a person uplift their levels.

The natural and allopathic ways of increasing testosterone levels in the body have been discussed below. So, let’s get started.


Testosterone Booster - Natural and Allopathic ways to increase T-levels

What are Low-T levels?

Low-T levels mean a condition in which the testosterone levels in the blood decrease beyond a healthy amount.

In the human body, 300-1100 ng/dL is the average testosterone level, and when it drops below 300, you have a low-T level issue.

There can be various reasons for low-T levels like injury, drug and alcohol use, medications, hormone disorder, etc. It can harm a male body in many ways, both sexually and other.

In males, it can lead to the development of impotence, erectile dysfunction, and feminine character, which is very important to cure this issue as soon as possible.

There are two ways to approach the problem that are natural and allopathic medicinal. Both of them are discussed in detail below.

Medicinal Ways To Get Rid Of Low T-levels

The medicinal way to treat testosterone levels is therapy. There are five different ways a person can opt for testosterone therapy.

It is a temporary solution that increases testosterone levels in the body for a short period. The five different types of therapy are –

  • Gels are the first way of testosterone therapy in which direct application is required as per prescription. It is the easiest way of getting a testosterone booster in your body.
  • The second way is the oral method. In this, you have to keep medicine in your mouth without swallowing it. The testosterone dissolves and enters your bloodstream.
  • The next method is an injection in which liquid form testosterone is injected under the skin. In most cases, a person has to take the injection in the glutes.
  • The following method is Patch therapy, in which a person has to apply patches on their skin and keep it for a recommended time. The patch will transfer the testosterone in the body through the diffusion process. It is also known as Pellet therapy.
  • The last method is Intranasal therapy, which uses a pump to provide testosterone to your body. You have to use this pump a few times every day.

There are different pros and cons of each method of testosterone therapy. It would help to read about them in a detailed Testosterone blog here.

Natural Supplements For Boosting Testosterone Levels

The next method of treatment of low-T levels is natural. The most significant benefit of using a natural way is that the treatment is free from side effects.

All the ingredients in the natural supplements are plant or animal based, which will help increase T- levels. Those supplements are-


Ashwagandha is a herb that has been helping people maintain healthy testosterone levels for many years. We all know that the precursor of cortisol and testosterone levels are the same in our bodies.

It means that when the level of cortisol increases in the body, then testosterone decreases. Cortisol rises in the body when we are under stress. Now, Ashwagandha is known to have some powerful adaptogenic properties.

It means that it will strengthen our body to resist the development of stress and fight it effectively. Due to this, cortisol levels in the body start decreasing, and the T levels start increasing.

When men of 40-70 years use the Ashwagandha powder available in the market for one month, they show an average increase of 15-20% in the body. It also helps produce the DHEA hormone, which positively produces other hormones in the body.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is beneficial in increasing testosterone levels in overweight men. It contains omega-3, which is very good for a male’s fertility and decreases the risk of prostate cancer. Those who don’t know about prostate cancer should know that it can also lead to a low-T level in the body.


According to some research, a person should take around 400 mg of magnesium per day through food and supplements. It can increase the total testosterone present in your body.


According to physicians, lower levels of Zinc in the body can cause hypogonadism. It means that the testosterone levels also decrease when there is less Zinc in the body.

Those using 50 mg of elemental Zinc per day can maintain a proper testosterone level. If the Zinc level in your diet is low, you can take it in a supplemental form of zinc sulfate.

A 220 mg quantity daily for 3-4 months will show you a rise in your testosterone levels. It would be best if you used it with a proper prescription from the physician.

If they see more requirements, they can also extend the period you can use the supplement.

Saw Palmetto

When the researchers used the supplement on patients with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Enlarged Prostate, they found its effects on serum-free testosterone levels.

A 12-week consumption of the Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) supplement can increase the T levels and also sperm production.

Sperm production increases because of increased T levels in the body.


The Malaysian version of Ginseng is perfect for serum testosterone levels in the body. People with issues of hypogonadism can notice its benefit when taken for four weeks.

We can see the effects of the increase of testosterone on the health of sperm and improved muscle strength in the male body.

If females also use a limited amount, their muscle strength also improves.


It is traditionally used by males suffering from infertility problems due to low testosterone levels. To get benefits from spinach, a person can consume the extracts of spinach for a few days and notice the benefits.

Vitamin D3

It is the essential supplement every man should use to maintain a healthy testosterone level. When people with low testosterone levels start using Vitamin D3 supplements, they notice that their body’s bioactive and free testosterone levels start to increase.

Along with increased testosterone levels, the Vitamin helps boost the person’s immune system and improve glucose metabolism.

Other Effective Changes That Act As Testosterone Booster

Apart from medicines and supplements, a few lifestyle changes can also improve T levels in the body. You should go through them and apply those changes as soon as possible.


Involving exercise in your day-to-day activity can be a great way to increase the testosterone levels in your body. We can notice that due to the absence of physical activities in the day, a person is gaining fat and moving towards obesity.

This obesity can lead to a decrease in testosterone manufacturing in the body. But if you exercise regularly and lift the weight, it will boost your T-levels.

The best exercise you can perform to increase testosterone is resistance training and high-intensity interval training. Both are most effective, although they all show a bit of a rise in T-levels. Also, it helps consume more calories from your body which is good for weight loss also.

Cut Off- Alcohol

If you are using excessive alcohol then your testosterone levels decrease. According to research, alcohol drops testosterone levels in the body within 30 minutes. It happens because, due to alcohol, the testis of a male stops functioning properly.

You should completely cut off consumption when suffering from low-T levels. Once the level improves, then you can use alcohol in moderation if you want a healthy testosterone level in your body.

Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

We have noticed that nowadays people are eating junk food more than ever. It means that more unhealthy fats are entering your body. Now what you also eat matters in case of testosterone production.

That is why a decrease in T-levels indicates that you need to change your habits now. You should consult your physician about a healthy diet beneficial for testosterone production.

You should take more protein than carbs and fats to get over the low-T levels. Also, be careful about what fats you cut off from your diet. If you cut-off healthy fats by mistake, it can also become an issue. That is why a whole, healthy, and balanced diet is what you need.

Stress And Sleep

These 2S are very important for your T-levels. If you take the stress and let it affect your body poorly, your testosterone levels decrease.

The same happens if you don’t sleep properly because insufficient and inferior sleep can disrupt the whole hormone production process.

That is why you should check stress levels properly and have a sound sleep every day if you want proper testosterone levels in your body.

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