Natural and Allopathic ways to Increase Testosterone levels

Testosterone Booster - Natural and Allopathic ways

 Symptoms of low testosterone levels include not being able to have babies and acting like a girl. Medicinal ways to increase testosterone include applying the gel, taking medicine orally, getting an injection, using patches, and using a pump.

 Natural supplements like Ashwagandha, Fish Oil, Magnesium, Zinc, Saw Palmetto, Ginseng, Spinach, and Vitamin D3 can also help increase testosterone. In addition to supplements, lifestyle changes such as exercise, cutting off alcohol, and eating a healthy, balanced diet can help increase testosterone levels.

What are Low Testosterone levels and their symptoms?

Low T levels mean your body has insufficient testosterone. This can cause negative effects such as infertility and emotional changes.

There are two ways to fix it – natural ways and medicine.

Symptoms of low testosterone levels.

1. Decrease in libido

2. Erectile dysfunction

3. Loss of muscle mass

4. Increase in body fat

5. Hair loss

6. Fatigue

7. Decrease in bone density

8. Mood changes

9. Decreased sperm count

10. Depression

Medicinal Ways To Get Rid Of Low T-levels

Testosterone therapy helps people feel better. There are five ways to do it. 

  • One way is to put gel on your skin. 
  • Another way is to put medicine in your mouth without swallowing it. 
  • The third way is to receive an injection in your buttock.
  • The fourth way is to put patches on your skin. 
  • The last way is to use a pump to get testosterone. 

Each way has good and bad things about it.

Natural Supplements For Boosting Testosterone Levels

There are natural ways to help with low T-levels. These natural supplements are derived from plants and animals and can help improve your condition with minimal side effects.


Ashwagandha is a special herb that helps people keep their testosterone levels healthy. It does this by reducing stress in the body and making cortisol go down.

 If people use Ashwagandha powder for one month, their testosterone levels will increase by 15-20%. It also helps make a hormone called DHEA, which helps other hormones.

Fish Oil

Fish oil can help overweight men increase their testosterone levels. It has omega-3, which helps with fertility and makes it less likely to get prostate cancer. Prostate cancer can cause a low-T level.


According to some research, a person should take around 400 mg of magnesium daily through food and supplements. It can increase the total testosterone present in your body.


According to physicians, lower levels of Zinc in the body can cause hypogonadism. It means that testosterone levels also decrease when less Zinc is in the body.

Those using 50 mg of elemental Zinc per day can maintain a proper testosterone level. If the Zinc level in your diet is low, you can take it in a supplemental form of zinc sulfate.

If they see more requirements, they can also extend the period you can use the supplement.

Saw Palmetto

When the researchers used the supplement on patients with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Enlarged Prostate, they found its effects on serum-free testosterone levels.

A 12-week consumption of the Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) supplement can increase T levels and also sperm production.

Sperm production increases because of increased T levels in the body.


The Malaysian version of Ginseng is perfect for serum testosterone levels in the body. People with issues of hypogonadism can notice its benefit when taken for four weeks.

We can see the effects of the increase of testosterone on the health of sperm and improve muscle strength in the male body.

If females also use a limited amount, their muscle strength also improves.


It is traditionally used by males suffering from infertility problems due to low testosterone levels. To get benefits from spinach, a person can consume the extracts of spinach for a few days and notice the benefits.

Vitamin D3

It is the essential supplement every man should use to maintain a healthy testosterone level. When people with low testosterone levels start using Vitamin D3 supplements, they notice that their body’s bioactive and free testosterone levels start to increase.

Along with increased testosterone levels, the Vitamin helps boost the person’s immune system and improve glucose metabolism.

Other Effective Changes That Act As Testosterone Booster

Apart from medicines and supplements, a few lifestyle changes can also improve T levels in the body. You should go through them and apply those changes as soon as possible.


Exercise is a good way to help your body make more testosterone. This is important because if you don’t exercise, you might get fat, and then your body won’t make as much testosterone. To support your body in producing more testosterone, engage in resistance training and high-intensity interval training. These exercises will help you lose weight too!

Cut Off- Alcohol

If you are using excessive alcohol, then your testosterone levels decrease. According to research, alcohol drops testosterone levels in the body within 30 minutes. It happens because, due to alcohol, the testis of a male stops functioning properly.

You should completely cut off consumption when suffering from low-T levels. Once the level improves, then you can use alcohol in moderation if you want a healthy testosterone level in your body.

Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

People are eating too much junk food, which can make their testosterone levels go down. To fix this, they should talk to their doctor and get a healthy diet with more protein than carbs and fats. 

They should also be careful not to cut off the healthy fats. Eating a whole, healthy, and balanced diet will help them get better.

Stress And Sleep

Your T-levels are very important. Too much stress and not enough sleep can make them go down. 

To keep your T-levels healthy, try to relax and get a good night’s sleep every day.

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