Skincare with Tretinoin: Moisturizer and Sunscreen Compatibility

Who does not want to have smooth and clear skin? Everyone does!
But how is that possible?
Most people ask these things, but one can have younger skin only if facing a proper skincare routine. It helps in preserving your youthfulness as much as it is possible. Regarding skincare, Tretinoin is one of the great options you can have.

The product has some powerful active ingredients that help you fight wrinkles, fine lines, and acne so you can have better skin. It will help you eliminate all the imperfections that become a problem. But what exactly is Tretinoin, how does it work, and what skincare should a person add to their daily routine that gives them beautiful skin? Know all about it from here!

Tretinoin: How it works and benefits

Tretinoin (A Ret Gel) is the type of medicine people usually use to treat pimples or acne on their faces. It is quite useful when your skin is damaged by the sun. However, it cannot erase deep wrinkles but does help in improving the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines on the surface.

The medication is also known as Retinoic acid and comes with the generic name for Vitamin A. You may find that the medicine is sold under several different brand names. One of those brand names is Retin-A, but you should not confuse that with Retinol.

It might sound unreasonable, but Tretinoin does work by causing some irritation on your skin. With this, you can speed up the life cycle of skin cells. It does help the cells to divide faster and die faster so that new and healthier cells can occur.

Using this in a skin care program works well, including how you treat your skin from the sun.

When you use Tretinoin then, that will help in offering you several great benefits and improve your skin.

  • It helps reduce the fine lines and dark spots on your face.
  • If you want to improve the texture of your skin, then Tretinoin is quite helpful.
  • Get rid of acne
  • Reduce the frequency of acne

Tretinoin, or Retinoids, helps stimulate the skin cells’ generation, which means they grow and divide quickly. It even speeds up the removal of dead skin cells and keeps the pores clear of some bacteria and other irritants.

When you use Tretinoin, that may help offer several benefits, but that does not mean it has no side effects. Some of the side effects which it may cause are-

  • The skin may get dry, red, or peeling skin.
  • You might feel your skin warm whenever you touch it.
  • Itching or burning near the affected area after applying it
  • Skin lightening at the affected area

If someone uses Tretinoin, that will make the outer layer of their skin thin, which means that people will now be more vulnerable to sun damage. That is why people using Tretinoin are not advised to expose to the sun for a long time.

Several healthcare professionals may advise using retinoids to wear sunscreen whenever they go outside.

When you use oral Tretinoin, then Tretinoin may cause the side effects mentioned below-

  • Headache
  • Bone pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Chest discomfort
  • Fever
  • Bone pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Depression symptoms

If you are using oral Tretinoin, then there are chances it may lead to some When you use oral Tretinoin, then it may lead to some genetic problems. As a consequence, doctors do not advise this medicine to a pregnant woman or who is planning to become pregnant.

Understanding the importance of moisturizers and sunscreens in a skincare routine

For a person who wants to look young but spends too much time outside in the sun, it becomes essential to use moisturizers and sunscreen. Even if you are doing any makeup or not, you should still use these two things to make your skin healthy.

Moisturizer is what keeps your skin hydrated. Oil glands keep your skin healthy, but as people age, they lose their power, creating less oil. When you use moisturizer, then that will help you with several things, such as-

  • Decrease the skin issues
  • Make you look and feel younger
  • It even helps you in fighting wrinkles.

People’s skin is exposed to so many pollutants in the environment. But with the use of moisturizer, you can keep your skin hydrated and will keep them stay healthier.

Applying sunscreens is like a foundation to your skincare routine. Some of the benefits which you can experience from applying it daily are-

  • Lowers the chances of skin cancer skin
  • Best way to prevent the aging signs
  • It helps in maintaining the even skin tone
  • It even exfoliates the skin burner so easily

If you are considering getting a moisturizer or sunscreen, then it becomes essential for you to choose the right option. There are three types of moisturizers Occlusives, Emollients, and Humectants. When it comes to different types of sunscreens, include chemical and physical.

There are different types of moisturizers and sunscreen, but you need to get one according to your skin type. If you have normal skin, you should use a high-quality screen or moisturizer that protects you against different skin problems.

Plus, you need to check the ingredients in the product and ensure you are getting the one that is perfect for you and does not cause any harm to it.

Can Tretinoin be used with moisturizers?

When you use Tretinoin, then that may make your skin dry. That is why if people choose moisturizers, that will help them maintain skin hydration. It also helps in preventing discomfort and other unwanted effects that may happen.

Tretinoin is an effective medicine that one can choose, which helps the user treat acne, sun-damaged skin, and fine wrinkles. But you need to use Tretinoin in the right way possible, which helps in improving the skin type.

Several dermatologists also advise people to use moisturizers to keep the side effects of Tretinoin low.

If you have decided to use a moisturizer, it becomes essential to look for the perfect one. There are several different types of moisturizers, but not every moisturizer suits your skin. So, it will be better if you take some time and research the different moisturizer that is right for your skin.

If you use Tretinoin with moisturizer, you must follow the proper procedure. At first, you need to wait about 20-30 minutes before applying for this medicine. One must ensure that their skin is completely dry. If you apply Tretinoin on wet skin, then it may irritate you. Once you apply Tretinoin, apply the moisturizing directly, minimizing the irritation.

Can Tretinoin be used with sunscreens?

If you want Tretinoin to work properly, use sunscreen or a sun-blocking location with an SPF or sun protection factor of at least 15. You should also wear protective hats and clothing and frequently apply lotions, moisturizers, or creams.

It may be clear from above that if someone uses Tretinoin, they should use sunscreen. But sometimes, sunscreen does not work properly, and it is advised to refrain from using it. In this situation, a person should look for some alternative solution that will be suitable and work effectively.

Tretinoin does help in increasing the skin level sensitivity to sunlight and UV Lights. One should also avoid spending some time in direct sunlight. It would help if you used Tretinoin at night, then sunscreen or slather, which will protect your light-sensitive skin during the day.

Tips for optimizing your skincare routine with Tretinoin

Using Tretinoin as a skincare routine does help in providing you with the clear skin you deserve. It even helps tune over the skin and offers skin tone and texture. It comes in the tretinoin acne cream and also for anti-aging. It increases the production of skin collagen, making the outer layer of the skin more compact, which gives you younger-looking skin.

First, it is essential to consult with the doctor, who will ensure the medicine is working properly. During the first three weeks, while using Tretinoin, you may feel some irritation. The acne may get worse before things get better. But you should avoid washing the skin you have treated with Tretinoin for about 1 hour after applying it.

One should also avoid using tropical medicine on the affected area just 1 hour before or after using Tretinoin. Otherwise, this may need to be fixed. Some of the things which you should avoid are-

  • Another tropical acne skin product contains some peeling agents.
  • Hair products that may irritate, such as hair removal products or permanents.
  • Products that may cause sun sensitivity include limes or spices.
  • Products which are quite drying or abrasive such as some soaps, skin cleansers, and cosmetic
  • The product that contains alcohol in large quantities, such as shaving cream or after-shave location

If you want to use Tretinoin, then it becomes essential to visit the doctor and tell them about your medical history because they can tell you the dose and duration of medicine. The product does contain some inactive ingredients that can cause allergic reactions or other problems. Your pharmacist will also help you in getting a better solution. With this medicine, you may become more sensitive to the sunlight, so limit your time in the sun. Also, avoid tanning booths and sunlamps.

Before you apply this medication, wash the skin with a cleanser or mild soap and use warm water with your fingertip. Pat dry gently and do not scrub your face with the washcloth or sponge. Moreover, you have to wait about 20-30 minutes before applying Tretinoin on your face and ensure your skin is entirely dry.

When you start using Tretinoin, first apply moisturizer directly after applying this medication which minimizes the potential irritation. When your skin adjusts, then leave the medicine about 20 minutes before, and that will be followed up with the moisturizer. The moisturizer packs a powerful punch without pores clogging.


Tretinoin is one of the effective products that help reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your face, improving the skin’s appearance. But along with Tretinoin, it is also essential for a person to use moisturizers and sunscreen because that helps you make your skin look much younger, and you will face fewer skin problems.

Optimizing the skincare routine with Tretinoin makes your skin glow so much. It is a great option as it treats acne, improves skin texture and appearance, and reduces wrinkles on your face.



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