User Review For Cenforce 100 mg

User Review For Cenforce 100 mg

After doing a detailed study of the reviews, we have found that 80% of people using the Cenforce medicine are happy with the working of the medicine.

Of the remaining 20%, 13% of people said that the medicine is not working for their body because they require a higher dosage of the Sildenafil Citrate salt. The rest 7% of people had a negative experience with it the medicine.

There were 523 reviews on the website, and the average rating that the medicine got out of 10 was 8.7.

Below are the reviews people have left on our website.

Cenforce 100- The best medicine for older adults seeking a great intercourse life

By- John, May 12, 2021 Rating- 10/10

I am a 61-year-old man living in Colorado; my wife is 56. After we entered our 50s, our intercourse life tanked. Although we cherish each other’s company and want to satisfy each other, my body does not support me. It was happening because of the problem of erectile dysfunction that I had.

Whenever I try to have intercourse with my wife, I ejaculate soon, leaving her unsatisfied, so we eventually stopped it. But one day, my wife and I were talking, and she started remembering when we had a great and passionate sexual life. She was not complaining, but I understood the pain in her voice and her willingness to have a great sexual life.

The next time I visited my physician for a regular check-up, I shared the problem with him and asked for a solution. He has helped me by providing me with a prescription for Cenforce 100 mg and Sildenafil medicine because my testosterone levels were fine.

On January 10, 2021, I ordered my first dose of cenforce 100 and used it properly per the instructions. The results generated were instant and unbelievable. My wife and I were very happy seeing my erections back. The past four months of medicine consumption have been great for us. We can enjoy our sexual life properly now. All I need to do is bring out a pill and use it before having intercourse.

Cenforce 100: Brought my sexual life back that I lost to my habits.

By- Nick, January 10, 2022 Rating- 9.5/10


I am a 30-year-old guy working a high-pressure job in an MNC in New York. Since leaving college, I remember spending my lids in a cubicle office. The pressure for a job is very high, so I commonly stay stressed out.

Moreover, after I started the job, I could not take care of my health. Junk food, smoking cigarettes, alcohol, and doing pot occasionally had become a great part of my lifestyle. This lifestyle eventually started affecting my sexual health when I turned 26.

I started noticing that the erections I was getting were not firm, and I wascannot stay erect for a longer time. The situation keeps getting worse, and this causes a distance in my relationship. The effect on my sexual abilities started affecting my relationship with the love of my life.

Then in the year 2021, I decided to bring a change. I talked to my partner. Shared my problems and feelings with her and consulted a physician. She accompanied me and helped me in boosting my confidence throughout. The physician diagnosed me with the issue of erectile dysfunction.

The physician suggested I eliminate my habits as soon as possible; otherwise, I won’t be able to enjoy my intercourse life. Along with that, he suggested Cenforce 100 mg. I started making changes as per the physician and started using the medicine.

The medicine showed its action within half an hour, and I had the best intercourse of my life. In the active time of 4 hours, I have done three rounds of penetration intercourse. IT felt like all the relationship differences faded away with one medicine dose.

One year after my first dose of Cenforce 100 mg, I live a sexually satisfied and healthy life. Soon the physician will bring me down to a 50 mg Sildenafil dose seeing the improvement in my overall health. Very happy with the results I am getting.


Cenforce 100 mg: Helped me get my sexual life back after a year of stroke.

Review by Mark, November 15, 2021 Ratings- 10/10


In June 2020, I had a very bad stroke. My family just got devastated, thinking that the doctors won’t be able to save me. After five days and two operations and implants, the physicians successfully saved my life. But this heart stroke has changed my whole life.

For the next six months, I must be very careful about my activities. I was not allowed to participate in any activities that could directly harm my heart, meaning intense workout sessions, intercourse, running, etc., were not an option.

Now, after a dry spell of 6 months when I tried to have intercourse, I was unable to erect properly. When I saw my physician, he diagnosed me with ED, which is common.

In this case, the physician checked my heart health. When he found it was good, he prescribed I use Cenforce 100 mg to bring back the sexual spark in my life. Since then, I have been using the medicine to get amazing results with exercise and watching the food I consume. The medicine now turns me into a raging bull, and I can notice the effects of medicine for 7-8 hours in my body.


Cenforce 100 mg- Saved my relationship from breaking due to ED and obesity.

Review by Tony, September 18, 2020 Rating- 8.5/10


I am an average guy in my late 30s and have had a relationship with my wife for the past ten years. In 2012, we married after dating for two years and were emotionally and physically happy. But the problem started in 2016.

I have started gaining weight due to long hours of sitting and my inability to do physical activity. Due to this, my sexual life started turning bland. For a whole year, my wife was happy with how I was, but it eventually started affecting me when I could not satisfy her sexually.

Our relationship hit rock bottom in the year 2018 when she was unable to continue the relationship due to sexual dissatisfaction. The emotional connection between us was also fading. Then I decided that I must see a physician before it completely faded away.

He put me on a diet and exercised with 100 mg of Cenforce medicine daily. Within the next month, our sexual life was sorted out. I could sexually satisfy my wife with long-hour intercourse when we were in a mood.

After that, we worked on the emotional differences, and life returned on a proper track. Still, I want to improve my body and give back to my wife, the man he used to love. I continued the schedule the physician provided me with, and within eight months, I got the body back that I had during my marriage.

Until today, I have been using the Cenforce medicine but have decreased the dose to 50 mg after proper consultation with the physician.

Cenforce 100 mg- Results are amazing but carry a few side effects also

Review by Steve, April 20, 2021 Rating- 7/10


I have been continuously using the medicine for three years and want to say that the medicine works as promised by the manufacturer. I have seen that my potential to have intercourse has increased after using the medicine, and it completely makes me forget that I have erectile dysfunction. In my body, the salt suppresses the issue for around 6 hours. During this period, I can even have back-to-back rounds of intercourse with my partner. Some rounds even last a couple of hours, and my partner finds it amazing.

I am overall happy with the working of the medicine, but there are side effects of the medicine also. Although, with the advice of a physician, I have applied tips that suppress the side effects, a few still happen sometimes. For work, I would like to give a 100 rating to the medicine because it brought back my sexual life, but because of the side effects, I want to take away a few points.

Cenforce 100 mg- The best way out of erectile dysfunction

Review by Mark, July 12, 2020, Rating -9/10


I have been suffering from erectile dysfunction for five years and was enthusiastic about using medicines. I was scared of the side effects that might happen, so I started using the penile pump. It worked well for a few days, but then I was not satisfied with the results.

I have changed different brands of pumps, but none of them worked well in the long run. After persuasion by my partner and physician, I was consumed by medicine in 2018 for the first time, and the results were mindblowing. I did not expect the medicine to suppress the issue within half an hour. Moreover, the side effects on my body are minimal because I follow instructions properly.

Since then, I have been using the Cenforce 100 SIldenafil to suppress my ED and getting great results. Not even a single day has the medicine unsatisfied me.


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